Kutsidazu bidea, Ixabel

Kutsidazu bidea, Ixabel

Comedy feature film

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Kutsidazu bidea, Ixabel torrent reviews

Etienne D (ru) wrote: ZzzzZZZZZzzzzzZzzzzz

Olly H (jp) wrote: ruhige romanze, die leuten gefallen drfte die best exotic marigold hotel oder hnliches mgen

Joy E (fr) wrote: I found it eerie enough yet confusing

Janna L (kr) wrote: i can't believe i've never seen this either.

Evan P (ca) wrote: If not for Tommy Lee Jones and Samuel L. Jackson, both of whom were convincing, this film would be nearly unwatchable. Particularly painful to watch is the sneeringly unrealistic portrayal of the Marine prosecutor, who seems unhinged rather than professional.

Shaun B (us) wrote: Interesting film about alternate lives.

Valton A (ca) wrote: One of my favs..that YOU probably haven't seen. Lou Gossett, Jr., James Woods, Bruce Dern, Oliver Platt, and a YOUNG Heather Graham make for a good movie! "Never con a con man"...

Benedict J (nl) wrote: If you like the 80s because movies had identity-less, inanimate objects being treated like they had personalities, you've scored big-time with the glowing ball that everyone talks to like its a person.Solarbabies is like a fuzzy-felts version of Lost Boys crossed with Mad Max. A surprising appearance from Alexei Sayle.

Bryn S (gb) wrote: Really good work. I did not expect her to show her boobs.

Sam M (jp) wrote: One of the must-see 70s crime flicks.