Kutty story revolving around a very energetic young man who lives life on his own terms.

Kutty story revolving around a very energetic young man who lives life on his own terms. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jayakrishnan R (br) wrote: 45%Saw this on 14/6/16It's undenyable that the film showcases a more realistic and authentic view of vampires, but like most of the Jim Jarmusch films, this one is also boring and slow paced. One more sad thing is that though realistic, the life of vampires is ultimately not worth it and one would feel happy that they can die and not be like these vamps.

Shantel D (ag) wrote: I did not expect this at all.... I actually really liked it.

WakeWRC89 (br) wrote: Absolutely ridiculous. Should be a little kids movie. Joke. Switched off after 45 mins.

Aleksander W (jp) wrote: I recommend this movie for all Lovecraft lovers. It is not the best horror you can see, but the feeling is very Lovecraftian. "Dagon" is dark, "heavy", wet and sombre all the time. Unfortunately, it contains just too much run&hide motives, for half an hour the main character is just trying to escape from the fish-like villagers. But most of the time, you really want to watch this movie. Especially the ending is very well crafted, I'd say that it's happy ending, some kind of "and they lived happily ever after"... but nothing like the Hollywood would invent ;)

Pooja U (es) wrote: Undeservingly underrated..poetry on cinematic canvas..

Simon D (br) wrote: This is a very bad film, for so many reasons. I think that those responsible for making this figured that there are enough customers out there who will just be happy to see nudity and that'll be enough for them. Perhaps they're right but they gotta understand that there is a different market for people like that. Try and make a film like this for the mainstream and you are gonna get crucified, which they did. I just wanna give a few examples of how bad this was. An early scene shows the main actre... no, cast member playing a fruit machine by staring about 2 foot higher than where the reels were. So obvious it was cringeworthy directing. The same person kept on being told what a great dancer she was yet, compared with the other dancers, she glided across the stage as gracefully as a pathetic bimbo trying to run away from a mouse whilst wearing high heels for the very first time. There was one dance routine that lasted all of 20 seconds and was repeated in every dance scene throughout her entire career. I'm no expert but I'm sure she wasn't supposed to look like a drunk exhibitionist cousin at a wedding but she did. This is not to mention how offensive this film is to women, it would not have been possible to glamourise the unfortunate world of lap-dancing and stripping any more. I'm sure that Vegas do not really have productions like this; it is just some perv's fantasy put into film.

Colin A (us) wrote: I don't care what anybody says, this is a damn good movie!!

Ceara R (it) wrote: A silent film with terrible visuals. That should immediately tell you all you need to know. And I don't mean the visuals are too "offensive" or "shocking." I mean, you can't see what is going on throughout most of the film. It is too grainy, too monochromatic, and too dark in some places. Silent films rely SOLELY on visuals in order to tell the story. And this movie, in particular, is EVEN MORE reliant on visuals because it is meant to shock the audience with violent, gut-wrenching gore and disturbing actions. When you can't see what is going on, the movie loses its ability to hold your attention because your ONLY means of connecting with the film is weak at best.And that's not even to mention the length. The film is FAR too long, spending untold amounts of time focused on inconsequential things like water dripping or shadows moving. Plus, the assaults on the two main characters are dragged out for an obscene amount of time, which wouldn't be a problem if we could SEE what is going on. But, as I said, the film is too grainy and too monochromatic. There is little to no gray to separate things based on shade, so many objects blend together so that you can't see what is what.Overall, the film felt like something a college student would throw together in an attempt to make something "profound." But there is nothing profound about a film that is too grainy to even see.

Tyler M (gb) wrote: How can u not like this movie? It's stupid but funny. Plus hello. She's the girl in the movie Angus. This is a good film. Watched it when I was a kid. Liked it then and I like it now.

David C (de) wrote: The most poorly lit movie I have ever seen


Early B (au) wrote: Ah, the English countryside: tea shops, clotted cream, old peculiar, the wind blowing through the wheat and blood spilling in the streets. At least that's how it comes across in Alex Chandon's Inbred; a thoroughly enjoyable slice of gore-clotted fun. When two social workers take their ward of young offenders for a weekend in the remote village of Mortlock, they find themselves caught up in the machinations of pub landlord/part-time black and white minstrel, Jim, played with bawdy delight by Seamus O'Neill. There's an anarchic quality to Inbred that reminds us a lot of Peter Jackson's Bad Taste. Like the New Zealand gorefest, Inbred's budget is limited, but used wisely to ensure there's a heavy mixture of gore and laughter. Also, like Jackson, Chandon is one sick puppy. Realising deaths by horse, landmines and ferrets, he doesn't just challenge the barriers of good taste, he throws them to the ground, urinates on them and sends pictures to their relatives. His army of Mortlock locals are a mish mash of Eden Lake's murderous teens and the insular inhabitants of Innsmouth. There is nothing subtle about this gang, and once Jim sets up one of his torture shows for the benefit of others, any subtlety that's left throws itself out of the window. Their casual nature to the violence they put their victims through during these 'shows' is made more unnerving by the showbiz attitude that comes with it. Donning mask and makeup, Jim and his cohorts prance around the stage, playing up to the crowd like a fetid Bruce Forsyth, whilst unleashing the most horrific acts upon the weakest of flesh. It's a dichotomy that runs throughout the film - the diseased and the delightful. During a key scene towards the end, Jim places a bet with his bumpkins on when one of their sacrificial lambs will finally bite the dust. There's a temptation to compare this to the killers in Michael Heneke's Funny Games; calling the audience to task for wanting to see such brutality. Whether this is intentional on Chandon's part is hard to say. Maybe we're just overanalyzing a film where someone dies being force-fed slurry. You will either hate this film or love it, but you will not come out of the screening calling it simply all right. Inbred is a film of grotesques, with humour as a black as a diseased lung and we loved it.

Andrew L (fr) wrote: Slightly contrived, but Williams dominates with a convincing, and uncomfortably realistic, lead performance. The deliberately desaturated palette, and artifice of the main set, weakens a film that just doesn't need to resort to such crude directorial techniques to tell its story.

Maarrk H (ag) wrote: It's interesting to note how comfortable Malle seems within the privileged milieu of 'Les Amants' (given his own privileged upbringing), but more-so how quickly his heroine (and muse at the time of filming) Moreau gives it all up for the sake of new, exciting, blinding love. As they drive off into the sunset, she's not even entirely sure she's right ... but, as she learns herself, one has to persue (potential, true, real) happiness lest it slip through one's fingers.

Jay L (jp) wrote: "Im makin a citizens arrest.." A damn good late 60s crime thriller that radiates with old school features throughout. It has that 1960s ambiance to it, its a highly entertaining and furiously action packed and hardboiled supply of pure manliness from Director Don Siegel (Dirty Harry, Escape From Alcatraz, Two Mules For Sister Sara). Coogans Bluff is also quite violent for the time and features some top of the line action sequences, seriously snappy humor and dialogue, rock-solid direction and pure masculinity. A hard-edged late 60's crime thriller that's as good as they came back then, its one of those films that continues to stand the test of time, decades later Coogan's Bluff still remains one of THE elite crime thrillers along with The Dirty Harry films. Coogan's Bluff was the big brother of the hardboiled and supremely gritty Dirty Harry films, it all started from this one folks. Clint Eastwood does what he does best, he gives an excellent performance throughout, nobody can do it quite like Eastwood. It also features supporting roles from Lee J. Cobb, Susan Clark, Tisha Sterling, Don Straud and Betty Field. The cast is huge, the acting is great and the film is an all around classic.