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Deena D (ca) wrote: Ain't wow, cheesy kind of movie, 1/5

Greg R (ru) wrote: Visually beautiful, exciting for a majority of the time, yet there are a bunch of flaws.

AJ M (fr) wrote: What a pleasant surprise

Charles F (ag) wrote: You could do worse and that's a fact. Sure this movie has its flaws, including what has to be one the worst scare tactics for a character's entrance in the history of the genre, but the lead actress holds her own and there are a few twists to this sequel that make this a progressive film franchise.

Johnson Y (ru) wrote: A point for the chicks

Jacob L (ru) wrote: I am absolutely blown away on how this simple concept of being stranded on a deserted island was developed into such an intelligent, emotionally gut-wrenching masterpiece, especially when basically only One actor(Tom Hanks) has to pull the movie along. Tom Hanks as always puts a lot of his own emotions into his characters and this is one of those performances that really shines. You laugh with the character, you grieve with the character when at the end things have moved on without him but he still keeps going. All this emotion is reflected onto his audience which is something really quite special. I loved the imagery of this movie, I loved the dialogue of this movie, I love the acting in this movie, and even though the ending is a bit sad it still ends with a sense of joy as Hanks smile fades to black. I enjoyed every little solitary thing about this movie and am honored to give this a 5/5 rating.

Ingmar A (br) wrote: Crass, absurd, naive, kind of stupid, but bloody good B-grade fun!

James C (gb) wrote: Beautifully charming film from writer/director/star Jacques Tati in his second appearance as M. Hulot. Tati is the "uncle" of a boy who lives in an ultra modern Paris home. The visual & sound gags are delightful as M. Hulot causes disruption and chaos within the modern home, at the factory or even on the street. Film is mostly visual and dialog is almost insignificant. A delight and a classic!

John Y (us) wrote: Great film about the early midwest.

Aaron M (us) wrote: This take on the PC game isn't exactly true to its median. It's nice and gory with plenty of action. However it's far too cheesy and some of the acting on display is beyond a joke. The finale is quite laughable too to but the build up is more barable for sure. I wouldn't put yourself out to watch this rubbish.

Grant K (ru) wrote: Washington and Grier are game, and Robinson is a comic force to behold, (and he's truly the only reason to check out this otherwise trite and formulaic mess), but that doesn't make up for a completely unoriginal, dumb, banal script that plays like a 3rd rate "Meet the Parents." Still, Robinson's hilarious performance is enough to warrant a view on Netflix.