A female fashion model Anni Stark (played by Tiina Björkman) takes leave from the fashion business and goes to Finland's Lappland (a wilderness region in Northern Finland, better known as ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:86 minutes
  • Release:1988
  • Language:Finnish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:moon,   snow,   murder,  

A female fashion model Anni Stark (played by Tiina Björkman) takes leave from the fashion business and goes to Finland's Lappland (a wilderness region in Northern Finland, better known as ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Steve B (gb) wrote: Iceberg Slim is a film worth seeing. It is a portrait of a man, who ambled into brilliance from a place of darkness. Hinojosa shows us a man who had a powerful effect on many writers, actors and comedians, who read his experiential narratives of violence, brutality, guilt and regret.

Michael F (es) wrote: A great documentary for anyone interested in film history or learning about 20th century fringe culture. Some of it was too gory for me, but it comes with the territory of exploring exploitation films. Overall, well-made and engaging.

Moksh J (au) wrote: First it all, do not read this movie as Lions, there are not jungle lions, it is Loins of Punjab presents! It is like any other ABCD (American Born Confused Desi) movie and perfectly blends in this category. What I loved in the movie is as to how people are dying to participate and create a name for themselves and to what extent they would go to win, but in the end, the purest of all hearts wins the prestigious award. You always want a reaction from the audience as to how they would react, after the movie. This was my first movie, when we had to react as the director asked the whole audience. The background to this is a whole lot of Indians are participating in the singing competition where the prize is $25000. Most of the contestants are Indians, except one, he participates to impress his Indian girlfriend. He had practices only one song, and didnt know that he would make to the next round, in the next round he sings in Indian National Anthem, Jana Gana Mana... and the director informs us to stand a little advance as the respect that we do give to the anthem. This was completely mind blowing cause you have never asked to do something in the theatre in most non-personal manner. The characters in the movie are very very stereotypical that you would see, the objectives, the cunningness, the stupidity all just to win the trophy. To name some of them Shabana Azmi, we though she is a vamp, she done her role pretty well; Ayesha Dharker, she is nice and subtle; Darshan Jariwall as the head of Patel family and the accent that everyone uses - brilliant.

Lui F (ca) wrote: Interesting treatment of how exes act after the breakup, but these women on the verge of a nervous breakdown are someway over. Sofia is the one of the most annoying women in a movie - what means Anala Couceyro did great.

Ken M (gb) wrote: Very entertaining psychological thriller.

Hehhehe H (kr) wrote: Overshown, Overglorified, Over Rated, Avoid At All Costs

John T (ca) wrote: More a comedy than a action flick. It's about a girl protecting a dragon egg and an army trying to kill it and the dragon. It was cute.

Dustin C (kr) wrote: First hour is pretty boring, last hour is a lot better!!

Aednat K (nl) wrote: Had heart but no romance and kinda boring

Do you even Jay C (jp) wrote: Hey, Cinderella, go find yourself a fella! You're on the clock bitch and midnight is coming.Only good line. Everything else? 3hrs too long.

David G (mx) wrote: A strong send-off to an elite cast of characters with a fun story and a character driven mystery that's one of the best in the franchise.

Dewey F (fr) wrote: " Rock & Roll ! "The Beastmaster chases down his long lost evil brother who, with the aid of a witch, has discovered a way to travel to parallel universes (modern day L.A.), where they plan to bring back the "neutron detonator" and rule the world. This ones got quite a few more laughs in it compared to the first Beastmaster, watching Dar fumble his way through the busy streets of L.A. is very amusing. At one point when Jackie is driving Dar around in her daddys beamer, she turns on the radio to a rock station. Dar describes his frist Rock & Roll experience as being similar to an earthquake. Excellent sequel!

Matthew H (fr) wrote: Unfortunately, Twilight Zone: The Movie sucks. Unlike the very good TV show, the movie is boring, bland, and soulless. It has no gravitas or sense of conviction.

Ryan S (gb) wrote: This is some of the best symbolism I've ever seen in a movie. The more you dissect scenes the stronger it becomes. Luke is Jesus. Last Supper, Judas, Satan all symbolized as it leads up to the ultimate death of the one they all look up to and followed. I will watch it again to pick up on even more symbols, so well done.

Benjamin M (es) wrote: Nice little crime/drama of the 50s with the stunning Kim Novak.

Mike B (de) wrote: Big cast, but does not work. Numerous problems with the story kill this attempt.

Private U (ag) wrote: Terrible. This film has taken all the charm out of the original series. It was horribly loud and the story line with an army of killer robots made my young boy who loves postman pat so scared he cried in the cinema and we had to leave early. Avoid!!!!!!!

Michael L (it) wrote: There is a germ of a good movie here, but this isn't a good film. Too much cliche in the plot (It's the father figure! The old cop dies! His friend accidentally announces that he knew where they were hiding out when he shouldn't have known that!), some stylized sequences that fall flat, and a mumbling flat performance (particularly in the later part of the film) from Phoenix.