Kuxa Kanema - O Nascimento do Cinema

Kuxa Kanema - O Nascimento do Cinema


Kuxa Kanema: The Birth of Cinema is a 2003 documentary by Margarida Cardoso on the National Institute of Cinema (INC), created by President Samora Machel following the 1975 independence of Mozambique. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jake J (br) wrote: A very fine tale, about a guy named Howard "whatever" Hughes, who is just like Trump, on their own values, and of course an all star cast, including Warren Beatty's current spouse Annette Bening, which is a +1, and a very grand welcome back to Warren Beatty!

Brandon W (br) wrote: Life Itself is a very fascinating documentary that made me respect Roger Ebert as a critic and a person. I actually never heard of Roger Ebert before and when I turned into a movie critic, he wasn't one of my influences as I've never read a review by him. Only time I ever heard of him was from the Nostalgia Critic who is actually one of my influences which he is influenced by Ebert. When seeing from this film, I can see what his life and critic life is like and that I can see why other critics get their influences from him. He gives a lot of depth into what he says and he's also very interesting about the things he talks about. His past life is interesting, and I think the best part of the documentary is when it talks about Siskel and Ebert as they really change history in terms of film critics. Seeing clips from their show really got me invested and can see how it got very successful. Seeing from the condition, it really is sad about how much they had to go through, and when Ebert get depressed, he gets really depressed that he just want it to be over which you can tell and feel really sorry for him. He does crack some jokes that are really funny which is a good thing that he hasn't lost his sense of humor. People might probably see Life Itself as Roger Ebert's farewell, which I totally understand and it's fitting hoe one of his last years, is being in a movie that Roger Ebert does what he loves best which is to review them.

Shriram R (nl) wrote: An ordinary man from the slums enters an underworld gang and becomes the most feared underworld don.

Wes S (ca) wrote: It was a lot better than I thought it would be, but it's not as great as the first one. The characters aren't too bad and there is some decent humor, but not like it was in the first film. A lot of the acting is pretty bad and and some of the dialog is corny, but it has some good monster scenes. Most the CGI is terrible though.

Elaine Cristina J (jp) wrote: Dracula Untold is a good film because it shows the good side of Dracula, he turned into Dracula to protect his family and his people

Bruno V (es) wrote: Cool action/suspense - movie , not a boring moment , great explosions and a jumee Natalie Portman !

Alex Z (br) wrote: Extremely dissapointed. Being a big Rolling Stones fan, this really had nothing to do about the Stones but primarily focused on Brian Jones....which is ok i suppose. But damn, this movie wasn't done right. Most parts were boring and unecessary....too much nudity in the movie also made this become a huge turnoff. Although it was meant to be like that, it still was very unpleasent. Other then that, it showed what it was like for Brian Jones (and the Stones) during their young careers and mostly near the time of Brian's murder. The end was probably the most interesting part. Although this does have alot of info, pass on this one because music fans and Stone fans will be dissapointed

Graeme H (br) wrote: A film directed by Gary Marshall, my mother's favourite director, and starring Kate Hudson. Though John Corbett is always relaxing to watch, what a dull, gear-grinding film.

Leonard D (mx) wrote: Hasn't aged very well, but is still a good comedy!

Eliabeth N (mx) wrote: Ok the most crazy and unbelievable animal film ever made perhaps, but that is part of the charm - cute little dog and dolphine become friends and bring two people together (with the help of the kids they both have) Great family entertainment, and personally as a HUGE 'Roswell' fan it was nice to see a younger Majandra Delfino (Maria) and Miko Hughes (Nicholas - aka the little evil dude) in a film together.

SHOOSH (ag) wrote: my uncle likes that movie

Hendrik J (es) wrote: There is just nothing you can say about this film, but wonderful. A continually more depressing film (dont take me wrong, those three hours you are absolutley glued to the screen) but Im not one to cry at films. I may find them sad and all, but this film made me cry so heartbreaking the story of an old father whos lost his life saving up to travel first to Denmark and then to America in search of a better life for himself and his young son. See this because this is a masterpiece, so epic and sad (actually I do admit the part where the landlady got back at her husband that one was uplifting).

Steven G (de) wrote: Works best when it focuses on the way social class affects how teenagers in high school treat each other. But the characters are interesting, the soundtrack is killer, and a feel-good vibe permeates the movie, making most of the flaws irrelevant.

Eddie R (nl) wrote: Enjoyable and interesting little documentary-esque like film that covers all the classic horror and suspense films from the 80's, 70's, 60's and then some. And you can't go wrong with Donald Pleasence either.

Craig T (mx) wrote: A decent, if a bit too talky, Hitchcock picture. The ending is a bit abrupt and the plot hinges on everyone making things very difficult for themselves, but it's an enjoyable potboiler.

Carlos I (it) wrote: Not quite sure where all the bad reviews are coming from. Sure it's not a remarkable or groundbreaking film, but Brody and Christensen are great in it. Their characters feel very real. That's more than I can say for A LOT of films. I was entertained.

Armando P (de) wrote: Tim Burton delivers a funny macabre and imaginative movie.

Jamie C (jp) wrote: Brilliant smart funny film, Donkey makes the movie what it is, Tried something very different and it ends up being a classic and will for many years.