A comedy about changes in the life of Israeli family after they get a cable TV with a lot of channels. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Kvalim torrent reviews

Grant S (gb) wrote: A wasted opportunity. The stories of Tim and Jeff Buckley are both tragic ones: massive talents cut short in their primes. Here was an opportunity to tell their stories in an interesting yet sensitive manner (and throw in some good music to boot!).The good music is certainly there, but the interesting story is not. This movie just seems to meander aimlessly, and end up not really making a point. Many scenes just seem like padding, not really developing the characters or plot and just taking up time.There is a degree of sensitivity, but maybe too much. It all just seems so pretentious and punch-pulling.

Dean M (au) wrote: Very disturbing in it's portrayal of human nature. The older I get the more I see people from my life in horror movies like this. And as disturbing as it is, the real people are worse. The worst sin is "A lie of omission". something I see everywhere, people capable of atrocities because they think they are too perfect to do anything bad.

Yokie B (gb) wrote: VERY Indie. None the less, absolutely AMAZING. About two guys from very different backgrounds who struggle with their increasingly obvious love for each other. Great film, even if you're straight :p

Jason S (ag) wrote: another good chevy chase movie his youngest kid thinks he's a dracula haha

dilodillondil d (au) wrote: A huge Letdown the first was so much better.But it was a huge step up for 3 6/10

Jon H (gb) wrote: Okay film seems more contemporary in the wake of films like Taken and Man On Fire.

Tim R (jp) wrote: Classic John Hughes movie!

Andrew L (ag) wrote: But if you don't die in the plane explosion -- doesn't that mean you weren't meant to die? Therefore Death won't be stalking you. Which in turn means this film is rather pointless

Thomas Q (br) wrote: Extremely hilarious, though the plot was nonsensical

jay n (br) wrote: What a waste of a talented cast.