Kyô no Kira kun

Kyô no Kira kun


Ninon Okamura and Yuiji Kira live next door to each other| but they have not talked with each other at school. Ninon Okamura learns from her parents that Yuji only
has a year to live. One day| Yuiji Kira tells Ninon Okamura that he doesn't want to die and he doesn't to be alone. Ninon Okamura tells him that she will be by his
side until he dies. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Edin S (fr) wrote: Brutalno! Obavezno pogledati!

Wesley W (gb) wrote: A total snoozefest from start to finish that has boring performances, forgettable dialogue, absolutely no memorable moments at all, and most of all no laughs. I decided to pause the movie and take a nap twice because of how boring it really was. Everybody looked bored as hell to be in it and when the film tries to deliver laughs it just comes off as pointless and dumb and forgettable as much as possible. By the time the election starts you do not end up caring about any of the characters and that means you don't care who wins.

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richshane38 (nl) wrote: An important film to watch about the first years of AIDS crisis.

Rob A (us) wrote: Not nearly as good as the 1990 classic "The Krays". Really. Go check that one out!! This one was OK.

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