L.A. Takedown

L.A. Takedown

Michael Mann's (HEAT, MIAMI VICE) gutsy telefilm tells the tale of two skilled professionals--one a cop, the other a criminal--who aren't as different as they think.Vincent Hanna (Scott Plank) is an intense cop on the trail of ruthless armed robber Patric McLaren (Alex McArthur). After a botched heist, the two men confront each via a full scale battle on the seedy streets of Los Angeles.

Tough Los Angeles cop Vincent Hanna takes on a gang of professional bank robbers led by the precise, enigmatic Patrick McLaren. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


L.A. Takedown torrent reviews

Dawid B (nl) wrote: Made me smile the whole movie, seeing idols still going strong! I think it's the best one so far and hope for no. 4 :D

Guilherme N (ca) wrote: It's not completely bad but something went wrong with this movie

Liel P (ru) wrote: A gorgeous and poetic film.

Guillaume L (br) wrote: Des images parfois somptueuses et de belles idees et metaphores liees au fait que les heros soient des marionnettes. Helas le scenario est previsible au possible car il ne fait que resservir toutes les grosses ficelles des contes lambdas... Dommage, cela nous empeche de totalement decoller... 4 etoiles pour l'entreprise malgre tout !

Sasha C (fr) wrote: it was ok. Too short, & not enough plot background

Lauren B (es) wrote: I haven't seen this since I was 10, but it was an awesome movie then, which led to eventually buring the tape out..

Rich M (de) wrote: 130th Movie of 2011 Someone put this on blu ray, alright?

Bob W (br) wrote: Cute idyllic yarn to fulfill Foster's run with Disney. Quite a contrast from the role she played the year before in Scorcese's Taxi Driver, eh? Still she has a bit of the bad girl in her here too as she pretneds to be a long lost granddaughter in order to discover where hidden treasure is and hesit it. Trouble is, she, like the viewer, fall in love with setting, lifestyle, family and new way of life. Too bad she grows up to work with Hannibal Lecter...

Nels W (jp) wrote: Not quite as literary as the short story that inspired it, but definitely achieves what it was aiming for. A bit slow sometimes and pretty straightforward in terms of plot and character arc, but the performances by everyone are very good and the cinematography keeps it visually interesting enough to keep going.

Roshan P (us) wrote: Not really sure what I just watched.

Lau H (gb) wrote: This movie does what it does best - non stop over the top action entertainment.

Oj H (mx) wrote: It worked for what it was. Good popcorn movie. Great visuals. Acting was fine(Theron killed it[in a good way]!!!). But there wasn't much else there... it fell flat but I went in already expecting that.