L'amante tutta da scoprire

L'amante tutta da scoprire

Erika (Nadia Cassini) and George (Francisco Cecilio), are two crooks hired by a rich lady (Maria Luisa San Jose) to get rid of her philandering husband (Yorgo Voyagis).

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Jimi H (br) wrote: Pretty good movie following on from the previous 2 movies; though not as good as either of the predecessors which both had large elements of shock and some originality it was certainly watchable and coherent. Maybe time to end this franchise given the Purge is to be abolished?

Matthew B (it) wrote: I first sawed the short film Get a Horse when I went to see Frozen in the cinema and while I sawed better short films that year if it's animated or not, not saying it's Get a Horse is bad you can clearly see by my rating I'm being far here. I liked the start with the black and white color that give people and me a feeling of nostalgic even those who haven't even see the old version got that feeling. Then afterwards it turned into normal color and the characters jump out of the screen in 3D animation, that is the part when it fell down hill from there.

Hina A (au) wrote: is there a lower star rating? nope...well...yeah...it is probably exactly what you'd expect

Cece Z (de) wrote: Loved this movie. So moving and sad. True love story.

Zachary D (es) wrote: A somewhat meandering meditation that still manages to enchant through its pretty cinematography and quiet performances. Juliette Binoche is hotter as a brunette, by the way.

kyo 9 (au) wrote: Wow.. Iceland people really likes to party a lot.. The attitude to drink booz all the time makes me wonder how can they be nominated as one of the safest country in the world.. ;)

Private U (gb) wrote: An amazing, hilarious, and beautifully acted arthouse film. I've watched this five times now and I'll never be sick of it.

Ethan P (jp) wrote: Gwyneth Paltrow and Judi Dench both give great performances and while the love scenes are very intimate and the performance at the end is grand, I felt like this movie was sillier than it should've been and I didn't think Joseph Fiennes was the right actor for the role.

Mike B (ag) wrote: Sometimes a film is unfairly maligned. This is not one of those times. Truly unredeemable; that Howard the Duck serves only as a permanent insult to anyone who ever moved to LA with a dream.

Tico P (ca) wrote: I saw this odd little film a decade ago and haven't seen it since. I do recall being impressed, entertained, and on the edge of my seat. Here we go again, as I'll explain what I remember of the story. Plot: Peter Weller (ROBOCOP) is left alone as his wife and son go away for a vacation leaving him alone in the comfort of their home. This is convenient since he could need the peace and quiet, and will have plenty of time to complete a project in the works, earning him a promotion. Suddenly strange sounds start coming from within the walls and basement. Foolishly he assumes it faulty plumbing, but soon learns otherwise. He has a gigantic "Rattus Norvegicus" problem, and will use any extreme measures imaginable to defeat and kill the huge rat. He becomes obsessed, consuming all of his spare time setting up booby traps all over his nice New York home. Killing the rodent is no simple task, and the entire house is destroyed in the process. The gigantic rodent shows signs of intelligence, defeating every desperate attempt of capture / extermination. Now it's a battle of wits... I don't know if I'd like the film now as I did a decade ago, but really want to see it again. I laughed a lot watching this and accepted it for what it was: A film about a man losing it, VS a big ass rat. As I said, I was impressed and really liked the simplicity of the story and the intensity of the rat problem. It is fun seeing Peter Weller become obsessed as he slowly goes mad, and he puts on a fine credible performance. It has some nice touches of history in it as well. He undergoes some good old detective work through research, and we learn a bit more than common knowledge about the history of rodents through the ages. This was directed by George P. Cosmatos, who also did the film TOMBSTONE and COBRA in the 80's. Since it's been a decade ago I saw this, I will not recommend the film. Opinions and second viewings often seem to change over the years, and in my case hope it will not with this one. But I do plan getting this in the near future, and so can you if interested. It has been released on DVD and can be found on Amazon dirt cheap. Of Unknown Origin makes a good companion to WILLARD or BEN.

Stephen E (ag) wrote: It was an ambitious (yet slightly self-indulgent) decision by Bob Fosse to make a movie based on his own life, let alone his death. This curious fact alone is reason enough to give "All That Jazz" a watch -- on top of its cynical themes, excellent performances, phenomenal editing and unbelievably harsh ending. In the end, the whole thing comes together quite superbly. And who knew that life within a hospital could be so darn interesting?

JeanMarie L (es) wrote: Un Sherlock Holmes contre Jack l'ventreur bas sur la thorie de Stephen Knight. a aurait pu tre intressant... c'est malheureusement mou du genou et film comme un tlfilm de la BBC!

John A (kr) wrote: Still not seen it yet!

Lee M (au) wrote: There are some nervous insertions of redundant comic relief, but not enough to shatter the prevailing mood: brilliant sunlight illuminating all the unmomentous ins and outs of a human passion.

Jeremy S (au) wrote: A great film a classic in alot of ways which flys under the radar a very very good spoof movie

Karen G (it) wrote: Actually a pretty darn good film noir with suspense and rising stars. I always enjoyed watching Lee Van Cleef and this is earliest film I had seem for him.

Greg N (es) wrote: Too nuanced to be truly enjoyable. Performances were great. I hated the ending, and I am never that kind of movie watcher. This story is better suited for a subscription TV drama.

Gav R (ag) wrote: it's just original and brilliant

Peter S (fr) wrote: Predictable and poorly written. McCarthy and Bullock save the film from being a complete disaster.