L'amore di Màrja

L'amore di Màrja

In the 1970s, Marja, the 20-year-old daughter of a Finnish mother and an Italian father, was a hippie. During a march for peace she got to know Fortunato, a young Sicilian, and fell in love...

In the 1970s, Marja, the 20-year-old daughter of a Finnish mother and an Italian father, was a hippie. During a march for peace she got to know Fortunato, a young Sicilian, and fell in love... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matthew K (jp) wrote: Before I start writing, I love terrible movies. I love them! If they are so terrible that they make me laugh/entertained for over 90 minutes, then I am a happy chap, and wouldn't have the heart to even give it 1/2 a star. BUT, nothing, NOTHING had prepared me for this... and yea, it was bad in a funny way, for a while, before there were scenes which were too rediculous, and honestly made me feel a little more ill than entertained, that this can honestly be rated lower than bad. Rated lower than terrible. Rated lower than fucking awful. I mean, plotholes dont even start to get into why this movie is bad (and believe me, there is a LOT of plotholes). In fact, there is so much fundimental problems that its hard to believe that this got MADE! AND THEN, I thought, WHO in the right mind would EVER watch this!!! And then I realised, suckers who love really, REALLY bad movies. Anybody like me, bad-move-lovers, please allow me to warn you that this is like NOTHING you have seen, or anything that you would EVER expect in terms of downright terrible. If I could, I would have given this 0 stars out of 5 because of just how offensively terrible that this is, it is a subtle benign cancer that is just sitting in the history of cinema, and you will be wishing it was as easily removed from your memory. Hopefully, you will be more cautious than me before viewing this film. May god have mercy on anybody else who does. It is truly one of the worst films I have ever had the unfortunate experience of seeing, if it is not THE worst. 0.5/5

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Sana B (gb) wrote: I really enjoyed this movie. Selma Blair fits into her role so perfectly and Max dons the robber character seamlessly. The aspect of the movie which makes it appealing is that a lot of people can empathise with the main characters - the lost, lonely, lovelorn girl - whose life was ruined by a sick mother and an escapist father - a girl who has spent her time counting every dollar her father ever spent on her. Or Max, the 'good' thief, who, for all his crimes is a pretty cool guy underneath it all, wih childhood dreams, football, fish and chips. The supporting characters were perfect too. The plot is admittedly slightly contrived but believable all the same due to the characters making it fit so well. Selma changes from a depressed, possibly alcoholic, self-harming on occasion (though it is to be noted that only one scene shows this and there is no blood so it's not graphic at all) young woman to somebody in whose eyes hope can be seen. Max finds love (but not the soppy kind you normally see. This one seems to be true love.) The soundtrack is beautiful It's got some action, a little non soppy romantic, with small bits of comedy, some depressing moments, but has an overall hopeful tone. I don't want to make it seem like a depressing movie - it's the opposite. It's like life. My favourite scenes were the scene where they're sitting by the water just chilling out and the other one is when Selma is standing on the bridge which is on the port and she spends the night reflecting on her life. I loved the soundtrack. Many considered it to be simply 'noise' but I think the darkness of it, tinged with possible happiness to come really brings the movie to life. I especially love the way 'Camilia - Streets' fitted into the scene when they're running. The director knew what they were doing. As I said before, I loved this movie.

Shahab S (nl) wrote: Nice...But for my own,I won't ever do such a trade...it's horrible...I mean I hope I don't...:)

Lee M (au) wrote: Between an 8/10 and 9/10, this is sumptuous, passionate, visceral, visually beautiful, powerful, and poignant melodrama -- Chinese style.

Brian V (gb) wrote: Great television, very original and fun. The humor approach and creative directing helps one to easily overlook the plot holes. I would love to see a season two.