Adapted from the novel L'Argent by Émile Zola, the film portrays the world of banking and the stock market in Paris in the 1920s.

The business tycoon Nicolas Saccard is nearly ruined by his rival Gunderman, when he tries to raise capital for his company. To push up the price of his stock, Saccard plans a publicity ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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L'argent torrent reviews

Deven W (mx) wrote: I like it guilty pleasure

Ben B (ca) wrote: Funny concept. Nielsen does okay.

Aaron E (fr) wrote: If you do it like this movie, maybe the dark one has stolen your soul. This movie was imaginative, funny, and beautiful. But more than that.... It was ahead of its time. It warned of the coming of drone warfare. It also warned that if we set our sites on war, then war is what we will get.This movie was truly prophetic.

Jey A (au) wrote: Sounds all sorts of no. >_>"

Bill F (au) wrote: I think this is the Best "Invasion of the Body Snatcher" Movies. In fact, I will watch it over and over when it's on Cable. I think the original comes in 2nd for me. Love Nicole Kidman in this Movie.

Aaron J (us) wrote: This movie was unexpectedly chilling. The plot is what messed this movie from being something original. How many times have you seen this: Girl undergoes some traumatic experience, she goes out looking for the answers to why it happened, and then we find out she is the killer. Many, many times i must say. The most recent of this particular type of plot formation would be "The Uninvited." The beginning was intriguing, the middle lost its flame, and the end was just one big cliche after another. For this not being a major production, it was pretty decent with some cheap thrills and one-sided character. Overall only good for a rainy day nothing else is on type viewing.

Al M (ag) wrote: In many ways, Mamma Roma plays like an exemplar of the neorealist movement, and it essential is, but Pasolini employs some of the neorealist stylistics for completely different reasons. But I won't go into that in this review. Mamma Roma is a truly stellar film on all levels from the writing to the direction to the superb performance by Anna Magnani. Throughout most of the film, Mamma Roma seems much more upbeat and hopeful than older neorealist fare. Ultimately, I would place it more in line with the still somewhat optimistic films of Vittorio de Sica than with the harshly realistic and almost apocalyptic films of Rossellini's post-war period. In essence, Mamma Roma is about unconditional love, the effects of the lives we choose, and the unavoidable gravity of situations, that is, the peer and environmental pressures to which one must inevitably succumb. A film about the best in humankind while also being about the fundamentally tragic nature of the universe. Pasolini's film is as tender and humorous as it is naturalistic and existential. It is a profound film that will leave no audience unmoved.

Mike M (ca) wrote: Classic screwball comedy with some hints of surrealism.

Matthew B (gb) wrote: Kyle: "Have you seen my daughter?"Captain Rich: "Um... miss. You came on board, with only yourself."The story is about a woman and her child are flying back from Berlin when her daughter suddenly disappears and no one even remembers seeing her aboard the plane. I got to say that this whole film feels like a Alfred Hitchcock movie. With it's suspense and Mystery, just like a Hitchcock. film. I mean if Alfred Hitchcock was still alive today, he might have directed his movie. Would he have done it better?, yes because we are talking about the master of suspense. Jodie Foster was just pure excellent in this role as the scared mother who will do anything to get her daughter back no matter what, and she did a fantastic job at it. The directing in this movie I thought was pretty well done. Through out this movie it had that dark, cold tone that worked for a movie like this. It worked in this movie because children today are going still missing and sometimes I will read the paper and read the latest news about these horrible, cold and gritty stories about children going missing and being found dead, and this movie cough that feeling that I have when something like this happens. My only nick picks with the movie was the ending to the film. I'm not going to give away the ending, but what I can say is the movie turned into a cliche action film towards they end; losing all the suspense for me. But overall Flightplan is a great suspenseful movie with excellent acting and the movie is unpredictable.

Alex K (us) wrote: 1931's Frankenstein Is One Of My Favorite Films.

CJ H (ru) wrote: Man on a Ledge has a intriguing premise and the movie start fairly good. As the film treads along though, it falls apart and leaves you wondering what happened.