L'Auberge Espagnole

L'Auberge Espagnole

A strait-laced French student moves into an apartment in Barcelona with a cast of six other characters from all over Europe. Together, they speak the international language of love and friendship.

A strait-laced French student moves into an apartment in Barcelona with a cast of six other characters from all over Europe. Together, they speak the international language of love and friendship. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Amanda B (es) wrote: started off slow but finally got to what i knew the movie was about. There were sad parts of course. At one point i thought things were going to take a different path, but not everything can end perfect. 2 thumbs up

Kristin R (us) wrote: A great look at the pressure that parents put on their kids when it comes to the whole college application process, and that ultimately, it should be about what their children want. A good message about being yourself, and knowing what you want out of life. It wasn't brilliant, but it wasn't awful either.

Toby E (ag) wrote: Drifts from one 'scene' to another as much as the characters drift around London.

Vicki W (ru) wrote: OK..., that WAS scary.

Erik D (mx) wrote: Had to see it just because of Kristy Swanson!

Sajib K (ca) wrote: Can a raincoat be the medium of unsopken truth between two soul-mates? Perhaps !! Old flame reignites when Mannu, a small town unemployed man comes to Kolkata to seek job and also his village sweerheart Neeru, now married in Kolkata. He visits her house in a rain-soaked afternoon. Long-supressed words erupt as they also recall their sweet memories. But they discover something that........ Superb camera work, soothing background music, sincere acting, satisfying story line (although a bit dragging at some moments) - this is surely a toast to your emotions. True love can exist even amidst incelement situations.

Jim L (br) wrote: These kinds of movies make me wonder what filmmakers are thinking. Why would you waste good money or time in making a movie that was so bad? The baseball parts were the only redeeming value to this movie.

Jason M (gb) wrote: I love this movie and would buy it if i could find it somewhere. This movie rocks.

PierLuigi F (it) wrote: Old 80's fairytale (with Alan Parson Soundtrack ) but loved it :) and kids agree !

Matt G (jp) wrote: "Mediocrities everywhere: I absolve you." Much more than a biopic, this is the story of a man's jealousy turning to an outright war with God. Technically, it's impeccable; the costumes, sets, and cinematography are incredible, especially the opera scenes. The music is, expectedly, perfect, but the way it's used is uniquely fabulous. Maybe most surprising is how shockingly LOL it is between its layered drama. A beloved classic that I completely belove.

Sonya W (br) wrote: I saw this a looong time ago...need to see it again.

Heekiah J (br) wrote: Shop Girl gets this better but looked at years later this is a pretty accurate look at a May/December.

Grant H (mx) wrote: Incredible movie. Featuring a story rife with thought-provoking themes, intense action and emotional plotting, this film is supported by breathtaking direction, stylish editing and set pieces, including the long-take sequences, as well as stellar performances from its cast, especially Owen and Caine.

Margarita S (ca) wrote: Oh, these two... Love the chemistry. Love the humour. Love the script. A super fun, light romantic comedy.

Wes S (au) wrote: Pretty low budget, it tries to play along with some classic dinosaur films, but it ends up looking terrible. The dinosaur is good old stop-motion and puppetry, but it doesn't look too good. Dull characters, crazy moments, and a lot of painful attempts at being something that it's not.

Josh J (it) wrote: I loved it as a kid. But it doesn't hold up so well.

Logan M (mx) wrote: One of my favorite Sammy Jackson movies. So many emotional peaks and valleys. The movie is placed where most movies only imply to go. I'd love to see a reboot of the 'H' character in a bigger budget and better supporting cast. Micheal sheen plays the role of his career. Stephen root also brings his A game. The rest of the cast is utterly cogs in their machine. Makes me wish Michael sheen would take on more calculating roles, he proves more than capable in this forgotten gem.

Brian C (fr) wrote: Wonderful fun.Witchboard has a person using a ouija board on her own and gets taken over by an evil spirit. The story is very good, the deaths are well done and even though the acting is a bit off at times, it is thoroughly enjoyable.

Jonathan B (es) wrote: Tom Hanks plays the lawyer who, after defending a Russian spy is tasked with leading the negotiations to secure the release of a captured U2 pilot. Set at the height of the cold war, as the Berlin wall was going up, Bridge of spies is based on real events following the capture by the USSR of American pilot Gary Powers. At time of huge mistrust and paranoia between the governments of the USA, USSR and GDR, Hanks' character, James Donovan strives to maintain his belief is truth and justice for all. As you would expect, this is a perfect role for an actor like Hanks who quietly and self-assuredly leads a very strong cast. I particularly enjoyed his scenes with Mark Rylance who is one of just a few actors that can match Hanks when it comes to doing so much by saying so little. You really sense that both actors enjoyed working with each other here. Steven Spielberg doesn't complicate what is, at heart, quite a straightforward story but does manage to give an accurate period feel. A flavour of the atmosphere in the US at the time is provided by small details, such as the scene at the school of Donovan's children where they watch "Duck and Cover" information movies. We also get a taste of the panic that gripped Berlin as the city was divided. However, the focus of the movie is the character of Donovan himself as he uses his gentle but determined powers of persuasion to save the lives of several men.

Robert G (ag) wrote: Although it trails away from the original book, it's still very entertaining and charming.