Misery money-lender Arpagone is looking to arrange three weddings simultaneously - to cut down on costs. One for himself and the others for his two children. Of course he doesn't approve of the choices his son and daughter have made and conspires to arrange more well to do spouses against their will. However, fate will prove itself to be on the side of true love, not of the greedy.

Misery money-lender Arpagone is looking to arrange three weddings simultaneously - to cut down on costs. One for himself and the others for his two children. Of course he doesn't approve of... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


L'avaro torrent reviews

Wesley M (mx) wrote: This movie is kinda hilariousin my opinion pigeon toady is hilarious and this movie theirs a character named junior that makes fun of situations that usually happens in a animated kids movie.

Steven K (ru) wrote: I stumbled across this on Time Warner On Demand and decided to check it out. Maybe I was just nostalgic to hear a little "Karma Chameleon" or "Do You Really Want to Hurt Me." It soon became apparent that wasn't going to happen, at least to any extent. Instead, the movie focuses on Boy George's early years and gradual rise to stardom. It was mildly interesting, yet all too familiar. Parental disapproval? Check. Underdog ego-blows? Check. Doomed romances with cute drummers and assorted musicians? Check. Rock star debauchery and drug use? Check. Wish I'd just watched a few of their old music videos and missed this movie blind. Sad to see such an account of a fabulous gay character go straight to video.

Troy H (ag) wrote: Really wonderful movie of such love and valor. Loved it watching the relationship blossom and yet pull out of reach, just leaving you to desire their coming together against all odds just as much as they wanted. Well done , well enjoyed, and well cherished. Had to buy it for my collection,and will share it with friends and family.

Brian S (us) wrote: Looking for an ultra-low budget flick in which the same actors play a variety of roles by donning wigs and facial hair? Do you bust out laughing at the sight of somebody puking after drinking a bunch of beer? Can you just not get enough of people walking around with stiff legs, covered in fake blood and biting one person after another on the shoulder? Then this is the flick for you!If you're looking for something entertaining to someone who isn't a drunken fraternity brother under the age of 22, though, pass this one by. Poor acting, barely any story, juvenile humor, awful everything. Phew. I would imagine this is a lot like "Shawn of the Dead" as directed by Tom Green.

David S (it) wrote: The Smurfs is a terrible re-imagining of the iconic little blue characters. Every aspect of this movie is a train-wreck from beginning to end. The acting is terrible, the story is predictable and basic, the product placement is shamelessly obvious and deterring to the already lack-luster story, and the dialogue is simple and boring. The humour is dreadful and non-existent, whilst the cheap CGI makes the already poorly written movie hard to watch and entertain. There is nothing to enjoy with this atrocious excuse of a movie.

jwasu r (jp) wrote: one of the best mumblecore films that I have seen. middle of the road hipsters unite.

Bryan G (au) wrote: [font=Courier New][i]Kai Doh Maru[/i] is a wonderful exercise in style. The film boasts some of the most vivid and beautiful images you will ever see in any anime. But while the look is fantastic, the feel is less than stellar. I would like to say I could recommend this film. But looks aren?t really enough. The movie feels like an entire season of an anime series condensed into 45 minutes. The movie quickly jumps from one scene to the next, without ever giving you the chance to savor much of it. And just when you think it is going to start picking up, it ends. The action in the film is pretty nice. It has that old Kung Fu flick feel to it, and really helps the end of the film to be enjoyable. Some of it is unexpected, but that is what really works. If there were only more of this, the film would have been a lot better. This movie is short, so this review is going to be short as well. I only paid $5 for this a used DVD of this movie. Which is about what I would have paid if I rented it. Renting is what I would say to do if you were interested in seeing this. It has style, it has flair? but just not enough. What a let down![/font]

Mark S (gb) wrote: Lol their crazy voices. Would be even better in French.This is definitely a movie where you can read three of their stories in the time it takes to watch one.

Vinnie G (de) wrote: An incredible and epic depiction of a reclusive artist and the painting that has been his obsession for over a decade, "La Belle Noiseuse". The film stars Michel Piccoli who plays Edouard Frenhofer, a well known painter who spends most of his days in his chateau, living an almost reclusive existence. His wife Liz, played by Jane Birkin, was his original muse and modelled for "La Belle Noiseuse" ten years before - a project that we see at the beginning of the film, is all but abandoned. Edouard has grown tired and despondant about his work and claims it doesn't hold his interest like it once did. One evening, Frenhofer's agent, Porbus (played by Gilles Arbona), introduces the beautiful Marianne (played by Emmanuelle Beart) to his client with the intention of reigniting his artistic fire, in hopes that he'll recommence work on his unfinished masterpiece. Jacques Rivette's film is almost hypnotising as it shows the audience the painful and beautiful moments that go into creating a painting that is portrayed as the ultimate psychological - rather than artistic - achievement for Frenhofer. It cleverly plays this out alongside Marianne's often misguided perception of the artist and herself in the role as Frenhofer's model. It's impeccably shot and at 4 hours in length, it's a gift that we're allowed enough time to drift into every scene of the film effortlessly. The film is edited in such a fluid and graceful way, that the pace allows us to casually weave in and out of these characters movements, however seemingly mundane. So intimate is this transition, you can almost taste the coffee, smell the paint on canvas and feel the Roussillon sunshine on your face.

Cody C (ca) wrote: Melville's masterpiece. One of the best films ever made, maybe one of the best films about religion. And love, as well. Belmondo is better than I've ever seen him. God, this movie is good. Pun intended. If you thought 'Doubt' was a good movie about religion, this makes Doubt look like a 1-star movie. I'm serious. Ughhhhh this is sooooooo gooooooooood.

Les E (de) wrote: A great movie. Huston brings the very best out of both stars. A simple but honest story.

Richy K (mx) wrote: 100% Fun And Absolutely Hilarious. Don't Hesitate Go for it. No Wonder Why This Movie Got A Great Cult Following. Awesome Movie.

Tobby O (mx) wrote: Superb actions by all of em. I love this movie.