Charly wishes a bicycle with all his heart for Christmas. Therefore his disappointment is bigger, when his father presents him a self-built plane...

Charly wishes a bicycle with all his heart for Christmas. Therefore his disappointment is bigger, when his father presents him a self-built plane... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lanky Man P (ru) wrote: Typical Horrorfest. Typical horror film where tourists end up running into psychos.

Anne M (nl) wrote: This movie features a character won the autistic spectrum which is a disability that affects me personally (although my son is at the other end of the spectrum than Sigourney Weaver's character). Unlike most movies, this film doesn't just use the autistic person as a cheap plot device but actually is a relatively respectful and accurate portrayal (I usually groan when I hear there is a character with autism in a movie for these reason.) Apparently the screen writer has a child with autism.The story is compelling although perhaps tied up too neatly at the end and not entirely plausible (but then movies aren't real life).The performances are excellent in the film; Sigourney Waver is very convincing and I really enjoyed the work of Alan Rickman and Emily Hampshire as well. The only issue I have in the character Carrie Ann Moss plays athough I think that this is more an issue with the writing than the acting. (Her character feels contrived like she merely exists to show how Alan Rickman's charactter thaws - a fact which is shown with some very obvious symbolism.)However over all, I found this movie a sweet and moving independent film.

Raj S (br) wrote: "Everything will be OK tomorrow."- IT ALL ENDS HERE - Climatic last installment for the best crime trilogy ever

Joshua S (ag) wrote: a phenominal teenage flick.... best director and best films of all time

Dann M (br) wrote: Pamela Anderson is Barb Wire in this trashy, exploitation thriller. Based on a Dark Horse comic, Barb Wire is a rogue bounty hunter and club owner who walks a thin line between the competing factions of America's Second Civil War, but she's eventually pushed too far. The story couldn't be more trite, but Anderson actually does a fair job portraying Wire. However, she doesn't have much of a supporting cast backing her up, and the writing doesn't help any. Barb Wire is an entertaining B-movie, but the poor filmmaking makes a mess out of the material.

Carlos R (au) wrote: Yes irts' a good movie

Curtis B (mx) wrote: Great to see one of my favorite actors and one of the most underrated actors, Ed norton, play a different role. De Niro, however was very bland. I liked the idea of the story but it could've been more fully developed. The score was incredible but the editing was lacking: some scenes seemed irrelevant, while important transitional scenes were missing.

Jessica H (ru) wrote: They should leave the move business to the professionals.

Nathaniel B (fr) wrote: A horror movie that's not scary. I had high hopes for this after watching the trailer. A star-studded cast wouldn't have been able to make this a decent movie.