L'ennemi intime

L'ennemi intime

A drama following a French platoon during Algeria's war of independence.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:111 minutes
  • Release:2007
  • Language:French,Arabic,Kabyle
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:medal,   mountain,   torture,  

A drama following a French platoon during Algeria's war of independence. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Federico Z (fr) wrote: Cunto dao puede causar la televisin? Un documental revelador sobre la posmoderna "revolucin cultural" de Berlusconi en Italia: por un lado, la destruccin de la palabra, de lo pblico, de lo colectivo, del pensamiento, de la produccin, de lo real; por el otro lado, la santificacin de la imagen, del individualismo, de la moda, del exitismo, del sexismo, de la superficialidad en su mxima expresin. Una seal de alerta para hacernos reflexionar sobre el poder destructivo de la pantalla sin contenido. Aterradora.

Josanne E (de) wrote: i luv puppies.....so this is definately a YES!!!

Jacob P (ag) wrote: With a very few scares, this film fails to meet it's goal for being a scary flick.

Bronson C (br) wrote: One of the best martial arts films no one ever heard of!! WHAT!!? Are you kidding me!!? Michael Jai White has to be the MOST underrated martial artist/action star out there!! Get with it, Hollywood!! Blood and Bone is the BEST martial arts film I've seen since Bruce Lee. Yes! This man is that good. And I find it a tragedy that Hollywood producers hasn't picked White up as a major player in the Action genre. Watch this film!! You will NOT be disappointed! Truth!

Phil G (jp) wrote: Great, just watch out for the rubber.

Peter E (br) wrote: Flawed, but stylish, mangaesque and very entertaining. What I like most with this film is that Christophe Gans and Mark Dacascos show their real talent for the first time. Two really underrated guys.

Mikel K (ru) wrote: Magnificent Chabrol thriller - perhaps one of his best films.

Chris W (au) wrote: This is the third (fourth if you count Brides of Dracula) film in Hammer's series of films concerning pop culture's most famous bloodsucker. Until now, I had never watched a Hammer film in its entirety, though I'd seen many clips and did lots of reading about them. Obviously I'm seeing this one out of order, but I don't really feel like it matters too much.What Hammer is noticeable for, especially with their takes on the Universal Monsters was that they were in color, featured lots of blood, and also, lots of cleavage. They're a little tame by today's standards, but they're still pretty awesome. Also, something I love are the gothic aesthetics on displays with the sets, costumes, and overall art direction. The story here concerns Dracula being resurrected and using religious figures to try to capture the heart of a lovely young lass. The film gets off to a great start, from its fun and campy title to the opening scene in which a corpse is found stuffed in the belfry of a church The only problem with the opening scene is that unfortuantely it doesn't work with the rest of the story. Yeah, it's a great shock moment, and it sets the tone nicely, but it doesn't make sense in the context of what happens after. From there though, it takes a break from Dracula himself and focuses on the humans and Dracula's human puppets, but the man himself does come around from time to time, and after things really get cooking they culminate in a great climax that includes a staking gone wrong, a nice little chase, and a final showdown at Dracula's castle door. Here's the deal: this is a fun movie, and it is entertaining, but it's a tad slow, and there could have been more of Dracula. When he's on screen though, things are great. I did enjoy how this film tweaked the traditional story and character and did its own thing, because it at least came off as respectful and not too ridiculous. Plus, I have this odd thing for religious folk and vampires. They make a good combo. The music is good, the atmosphere and tone are suitably dark and gloomy, and Lee is just a delight as Dracula, and his interpretation is one of the best. The rest of the cast is okay, but not really all that memorable. Overall, this is a decent enough little horror film, and should be satisfying for most people, especially the ones who don't need to have an overload of gore like 21st century movies offer, and can appreciate the gothicness of it all.

William S (jp) wrote: Terrible film, but Lugosi is great as always, he plays the role of Dr. Vornoff with such sincerity, you'd think he were in a shakespeare play. It is quite a shame that after such a great career, he ended up having to star in dumb B-movies such as this.

Joel H (jp) wrote: Entertaining, good musical numbers but what I thought was an abrupt ending.

Julia C (ag) wrote: I LOVED THIS MOVIE really good i loved the end!

Sanity Assassin (nl) wrote: directed by edward dmytryk (the caine mutiny with bogart in the same year) and starring spencer tracy as a land owner and cattle rancher (no katharine in sight unusually) with 3 disrespectful sons and 1 respectful one. when matt devereaux (tracy) has to sign his land over to his 3 erstwhile sons they take advantage of him and slowly kill him. the rest of the film is about the remaining 4th son... but to say anymore would be to divulge too much. engrossing stuff

Steve D (us) wrote: A good comedy where the governator does not take himself seriously