A philosophy teacher restless with the need to do something with his life meets a young woman suspected of driving an artist to his death. He finds the very simple Cecilia irritating but develops a sexual rapport with her. Obsessed with the need to own and tormented by her inability to respond to him, he becomes increasingly violent in a quest he can't name - a quest that slowly begins to undermine his certainties.

A philosophy teacher restless with the need to do something with his life meets a young woman suspected of driving an artist to his death. He finds the very simple Cecilia irritating but ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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L'ennui torrent reviews

Cynthia S (fr) wrote: I found this movie very enjoyable, clever, and well done...even though I seem to be in the minority. I think that Ezra Miller is a very fine young actor, and I absolutely love the quirky roles that he takes on. This one included...

Walter P (us) wrote: What appear to be a happy-go-lucky reunion of group of university friends during a weekend outing to a beach house turned out to be a tragic weekend for despicable group with a predilection for lying. Their first evening ends with a game of charades. Hmm.... charades. Soon a slow lie-fest developed: lies that grew pervasive and had deeper consequences as the plot unfolded. At first the lies verged on being the innocent white-lies that we would tend to discount because we all do it, but it became appearance that misrepresentation, withholding and deceit were the currencies at work. Sepideh lied to her male friend Ahmad that Elly was available but knew she was engaged. Elly lied to her fianc about details of her trip and told a different lie to her mother. Sepideh organized the beach house rental but lied to the group knowing the house wasn't available and proceeded with the group plan hoping to use her skills to deceive and lie would allow her to talk her way into delivering a last minute solution. In order to rent a completely broken down dive of a beach house at their arrival, Sepideh lied to the care taker of the beach house that Elly and Ahmad were newlyweds, of course, without their knowledge of the deception. One child nearly drowns - then Elly is found to have gone missing shortly afterwards. At this juncture the film morphs from a drama into a mystery. Once the searching is over for Elly they call family. True to form, after multiple hang-ups by two of them, they agree to finally stay on the phone line with her mother and dig for information about Elly and lie to her. Next, they call her fianc and tell a big lie to him. They COACHED their children on what to lie or act dumb about toward the soon to arrive fianc. He arrived at the beach house very distraught, while inside the group was VOTING on whether or not to lie to him about everything regarding Elly or to pick and choose by telling the truth about some things and to lie about others. Under the pressure of the situation the characters were unable to ensure the growing mess their lies had created. Brilliantly acted, the husbands and wives broke down into defensive tirades, self-pity burst forth, fingers were pointed, and accusations shrieked as lies were revealed, their consequences contemplated and people tried wiggling out of responsibility. In stark contrast to Sepideh, her mature and level headed husband was shocked, very frustrated and angry about her lies and where they had led. This group lied to get what they wanted, they lied to avoid conflict, they lied to save face, they lied to avoid punishment, and they lied to protect others from their own reactions. They lied because it gave them power and they lied because they were cowards. In the end their lies didn't yield what they wanted; instead, they had a horrible holiday, they never knew with certainty what happened to Elly and they were left feeling disappointed and suspicious. Entertaining, thoughtful and anxiety provoking.

QT C (gb) wrote: The story and narration was a bit boring, and maybe because I am not a fan of war movies either.

Juli N (au) wrote: Played it safe and used way too much restraint! By doing so they exiled the film to the dark abyss of missed opportunities!The film does have its moments! Just not enough of them!

Tony B (de) wrote: hmmmm. wat a disaster. angus sampson is one of the funniest ppl in australia, and in this, well, he was shit. so pointless, dumb, dont see it!!!

Cate H (ag) wrote: Predictible and non-original story of inspiration. But I just love Geoffrey Rush.

shelly b (au) wrote: Big disappointment...This is NOT the legend of the Jersey Devil, they took the creature and created their own brand new legend.

Neil O (us) wrote: French psychological thriller in the style of Chabrol or Hitchcock. The film gives the talented Sergi Lopez another chance to shine on screen while chilling the audience to the bone.

Mel W (us) wrote: It IS a good flick. It's good because it DOESN'T transcend the surroundings to win audiences' heart!!! If every flick did that, they wouldn't be near as good. You like to hear yourself talk. Sharon Stone and Ellen were great together telling a touching story! She didn't (or more appropriately her character) DIDN'T go out and get laid because her character was in love with Ellen's. Pretty fundamental here, you think??! Holy cow..... Be sure to quote the obvious....

Ukhti (ag) wrote: Visually captivating, this film was a joy to watch! It actually makes me reminisce when I lived in Hawai'i. Can I go back, please?

David S (ca) wrote: Trademark Mike Leigh, following a working-class family of Brits through a few days of their trials. There's a little more navel-gazing than usual in this one, but the scene between mother and daughter toward the end of the film justifies quite a bit of what's come before.

Cassandra M (fr) wrote: The eighties produced a lot of horror films that were clearly made just for people to rent on Friday nights to ignore while they had a few beers and a laugh with their mates. While most of these films were instantly forgettable, some were actually quite good and unfortunately have been forgotten along with the forgettable ones. Pin is one such film. While the movie isn't a horror classic, and it takes essential elements from a range of sources, most notably Psycho; it still represents a good success in the psychological horror sub-genre. So, if you like your films to be dark and moody; you can go wrong here! Based on a best seller by Andrew Neiderman, Pin blends the story of a young boy growing up with murderous schizophrenia to horrifying effect. The plot follows a brother and sister, Leon and Ursula, whose father uses ventriloquism and an anatomical dummy as a learning tool for his children. What he doesn't count on, however, is Leon taking this act too seriously and believing that the dummy really is alive. A childish idea that leads to a very dark future for Leon.While the film lacks any real potent bite, it blends it's elements together with a good plot pace well enough to ensure that the film always offers compelling viewing and although the action gets a little predictable at times, we always want to carry on watching to see what happens. The dummy itself is the centrepiece of the film and director Sandor Stern has managed to create a malevolent atmosphere around it. The thing looks creepy anyway, but when combined with it's put-on voice; I can imagine it giving some more easily scared viewers nightmares. Ventriloquism is a hobby that has always lent itself well to horror movies; from the dummy tale in 'Dead of Night', to this film and more; you can always count on a creepy movie if one of it's core subjects is the act of someone lending their voice to a plastic doll. The acting in the film is typically eighties; but it's not all that bad considering the type of movie that this is. On the whole; Pin is a nice atmospheric chiller that deserves more attention, so if you get the chance to see it; I highly recommend that you do!

Jeremy S (mx) wrote: a let down from the first one and the whole social issue was kind of lame to me

Mark D (ca) wrote: Very good Giallo, which stars 3 Bond girls. Excellent and inventive killer i would highly recommend for fans of the sub-genre, as this is one of the better additions to the genre. Also a excellent score from Morricone.

Chrisanne S (de) wrote: PG. Not bad for 60's screwball.

Marsha H (nl) wrote: One of my favourites... Original and unlikely story. Charming.

Walter M (fr) wrote: [font=Century Gothic]"Hearts and Minds" is a documentary about the Vietnam war, made slightly after the United States removed its forces from the country and a year before the fall of Saigon. It is an effectively searing attack on the war starting with the fallacies of rabid anti-communism which was a disguise for imperalistic hubris in aiding the French, thus missing the opportunity to aid Ho Chi Minh after World War II when it had the chance. After that, it was a downhill ride to the racism of the combat troops towards the Vietnamese people. [/font][font=Century Gothic][/font] [font=Century Gothic]"Hearts and Minds" is a very informative documentary, even though I was very familiar with most of the talking heads.(For example, I was familiar with what Clark Clifford, Daniel Ellsberg and William Westmoreland had to say but had not seen footage of the great senator, J. William Fulbright before.) Where this documentary separates itself from others is the unforgettable imagery of the ground-level view of the war. The movie talks to Vietnamese civilians who are not often heard from.(And compare their views to those of the American bomber pilots...) [/font][font=Century Gothic][/font] [font=Century Gothic]One last thought: compare "Communism" and "Vietnam" to "Terrorism" and "Iraq."[/font]