In this biting and disturbing coming-of-age tale from writer-director Michael Cuesta, life is bittersweet along the L.I.E., also known as the Long Island Expressway, as suburban teen Howie Blitzer learns all too clearly. In the space of a week, he loses nearly everything and everyone he knows and is left to navigate his adolescence virtually unsupervised.

A 15-year-old Long Island boy loses everything and everyone he knows, soon becoming involved in a relationship with a much older man. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Evan L (de) wrote: When I walked into Philomena, I expected a lovely film. After it's numerous Academy Award nominations, I thought it would be very good. Well, Philomena is a magical, lovely and utterly brilliant film that I enjoyed every second of. The overall acting is exceptional! Steve Coogan is great as his character and the entire supporting cast worked very well. The main thing about the acting that I must compliment is Judi Dench. Oh wow, she was wonderful! Her performance was spot-on and I only gained more love for this incredible actress. The story in this film is excellent. It blends a mystery with phenomenal writing, very witty moments and an overall superb experience. It is based on a true story, which makes this film all the more believable. It was extremely well directed and shot, with some beautiful cinematography. The film had a very fast pace and a huge heart.OVERALL: Philomena is definitely one of my favourite films that was released in 2013. It blends drama with witty comedic moments in a brilliant screenplay. It deserves all of the nominations it has.RATING: 9.5/10

Nick A (de) wrote: A movie made by people with too much money and not enough ideas. The movie is about exactly the same thing, so the audience is not estranged. Sure it has its moments here and there, but overall I was sadly disappointed.

Bill B (de) wrote: Gave this a look based on the cover and the fact that I hadn't really watched any horror recently.I'm amazingly tired of the whole inbreeding in the woods hillbilly horror schtick, and this film did absolutely ::nothing:: to change that. There's a few bits of creepy visuals and the ideas may be unsettling, but it is basically a story you've seen dozens of times before.Rental? Maybe? I'd almost lean towards a pass, to be honest.

Milena S (ca) wrote: Interesting movie with a creative idea. It felt a little boring and confusing at the start, but later took a sharp turn and kept me interested. Most of the movie was torture, so if you like torture movies you will love this. The end was horrifying, and you can have your own take on it's meaning. Other than a few holes in logic, there aren't many flaws I can think of.

Ryan C (ru) wrote: Not everybody will like it, but I sure as hell did

Justin P (gb) wrote: um dos melhores de todos os tempos.

Allison K (ca) wrote: It's so hard to rate films that are clearly made for their time (and I think at *lot* of current films are going to have this problem whee they feel super dated). I'm sure Kaboom (Araki's newest film) will feel just as dated in 10 years, and I *loved* it while watching it. Also, I'm ten years too old for this film, and I didn't manage to retain my teenage spirit as well as Araki. If I watched this in 1997, I would have been amazed at seeing something so different. Or I would have hated it. It doesn't feel as out there now, but it still is a reminder of how far films have to go on LGBT issues. It probably deserves a half a star less with me just saying I don't know. It entertained me for an hour and a half. I liked seeing characters that weren't the standard heteronormative characters. It's also nice to see more realistic teenagers. There's plenty of out there stuff in the film though, which is also completely enjoyable if you are 'with' the film from the beginning. I don't think many adults now would see much in it at all, but I can also see how this film (along with the rest of the trilogy, though I think Totally Fucked Up is currently my least favorite) could become obsessions to outsider teens of the time. There is, of course, the random pleasure of seeing relative unknowns, at the time, pop up at a much younger ages well. This isn't something that I think I'll watch multiple times, as an adult, even as a guilty pleasure. But it is something I think I might slip to my brother when he's 17 or so. Certain films know their audience, and are also revolutionary at the time, and this might be one of them. The jury is still out on if this trilogy will survive its dated aspects, but at the moment I think it might, within its age group at least (thanks to the internet, since they're impossible to find otherwise).

Alexander C (es) wrote: You can inhale that card, get a room and a date already!

Dillon L (nl) wrote: a lot better then people give it credit for but compared to the first two it's not very good

JamesMasaki R (kr) wrote: If you think Douglas Sirk only did great with melodramas, you're missing out. "Has Anbody Seen My Gal", which the title is very misleading on the actual plot, Sirk shows he can do comedy just as well. Actually quite hilarious and fun here. Charles Coburn is excellent as the billionaire who changes his identity to find the family of his old lost love. Rock Hudson is his dreamy cool self, but the scene stealer is little Roberta played by Gigi Perreau. She probably got the funniest lines in the movie. But the whole movie is not just about gags and laughs. Some heavy moral issues and lifelong regrets move the story along to a sentimental ending.

David H (mx) wrote: Excellent film with first-rate performances all around (including the best star cameo in recent film history).The negative reviews here are trite and off the point.A gem.

Martin F (es) wrote: An almost perfect film except for the slightly anachronistic '80s hair & make-up, a bit too glaringly obvious in the digital print now doing the rounds. Awesome cast of the cream of the Dublin stage, one of the few times the incredible talents of Donal McCann was captured effectively on film.

Josh B (fr) wrote: This is a wonderful movie that I love. I saw it for the first time after it first came out in 1992 and when it was on Showtime the other day I just had to watch it.