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  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:101 minutes
  • Release:1946
  • Language:French
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on novel,  

Muichkine, a young Russian prince, returns home to St. Petersburg from a mental institution, determined to spread decency and kindness in the harsh and cruel world. He becomes betrothed to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Justin L (gb) wrote: Tim Ritter's 16MM debut (shot in North Palm Beach, Florida) is a sloppy mess, but it's a low-budget attention getter nonetheless. Mike Strauber (John Brace) is a successful married man who once suffered from a nervous breakdown, and now is going insane after discovering his sexy wife (Mary Fanaro) has been cheating on him. Mike leaves the house, picks up a busty redheaded hitchhiker and heads to a campground for the night, where the two play a twisted version of Truth or Dare by campfire. He dares her to pull out her eye with a corkscrew...and she does!! Then she makes him cut off his finger, slash open his chest and rip out his tongue before disappearing. He's found and rushed off to "Sunnyville Mental Institution" where he is eventually released due to "overcrowding". He heads back home to kill his ex-wife, but is captured again and rushed back to SMI where gory Truth or Dare games are played with other patients. All of the TorD game participants turn out to be delusions of Mike's deranged mind, an odd metaphor for insanity in general, I guess, and a means for lots of self-mutilation. By the films end a head is blown off with a grenade, arms and legs are hacked off, a face is slashed up, a baby in a stroller is run over, a little kid is chewed up in a drive-by chainsawing, an old woman is clubbed on the head, Mike takes a semi-automatic rifle to three unlucky people waiting at a bus stop and much more. It's really just a bunch of violent nonsense, but it's pretty entertaining and the gore FX are fine.

Glenn V (es) wrote: Alot of terror, but little story. The only thing original about this is the viewpoint of the ghost hunters. All the rest has been done over and over again. The only thing that wasn't done here is building the house on a ancient indian burial ground. Sure, it scared me, but not in the way I would want to be scared. There is no real tension, just alot of screaming and a quick succession of jump scares.

Brandon B (ru) wrote: The Story is a wee bit confusing however if you can wrap your mind around it, The film is decent. I found it to be rather unique comparing to most other Gangster styled movies, the acting is fairly well done, however a bigger cast would have been a big improvement.

Lucky B (gb) wrote: Actually not bad. I enjoyed some of the scenes I watched.

Eric N (ag) wrote: Super good South Korean movie. Will make you cry.

Kate S (es) wrote: this movie is ok...if you like mob movies. i was looking forward to this cause i love Hyde (the actor/musician playing Kei) and vampires. this movie has little to do with vampires so if you're gonna check it out for the vampire action....don't and look for The Vampire Effect. course if you like Gackt then you'll probably wanna check it out.

samuel j (ca) wrote: its very brutal. but it makes for a good time to just sit down with a beer and chill.

Sterling T (ca) wrote: Repugnant! Holy crap fest, this is one of the worst films I have ever seen. I wasn't offended or grossed out by the content. It was the execution of the material that sickened me, the acting, camerawork, + script were all so crass. Herman Yau could be one of the worst directors in history. When you make something this shitty there should be a law that prohibits you from ever working again. But then again Wes Craven wouldn't have had the chance to make Nightmare on Elm Street + Scream because of Last House on the Left.

Jason E (nl) wrote: there is no way this is worse then the new street fighter movie

Eric B (ag) wrote: The cult following of "Turkish Delight" is somewhat puzzling -- beyond the intrigue of seeing Rutger Hauer and Paul Verhoeven at the start of their careers, it's not an especially worthwhile film.The romance-meets-disease plot is practically formula, if you recall pop trends of early-'70s cinema. It's just complicated with a dizzying number of quirky, vulgar details. Hauer stars as Erik Vonk, a handsome sculptor who's apparently an irresistible lover. He enters the film as a depraved, callous womanizer who seduces his prey and brutally discards them like used condoms. He even fantasizes about committing murder.Then the story flashes back two years, and we discover why he's so twisted. In happier days, he hitched a ride with a redhead named Olga (Monique Van De Ven, in her acting debut) and instantly found a kindred spirit. They became a wild-child couple, full of rash mood swings and abrasive, non-conformist behavior. Olga's family disapproved of Erik, but this only made the two closer. They married, split up and finally reunited. But tragedy cut short their hard-won happiness. The trouble is, we never really care because the two are so relentlessly coarse and juvenile.The plot outline is simple enough, but the parade of distasteful images which Verhoeven manages to squeeze into the film is just flabbergasting. Let's see...there's masturbation, rape, spewed vomit, a prosthetic breast, a penis caught in a zipper, insect larvae, scat talk, sculpted maggots, pubic clippings, pornographic drawings, rotting food, a jeep hitting a seagull, a dog defecating, another dog licking up amniotic liquid, a bloody car accident, a dying man's dripping bowels, a toilet bowl of discolored feces, a horse's eye found in dinner stew and a female lead who can scarcely get through a scene without flashing underwear or an intimate body part. Did I forget anything? Oh, right -- revolting table manners. Incredible. On the other hand, there are two brilliantly original images: an automobile-sex scene where squirting wiper fluid signals Erik's orgasm, and a bedroom scene where a woman discovers she can naturally rock her baby carriage just by holding its handle during intercourse. There's also a wonderful sand sculpture of an oversized nude woman. Is that enough to compensate? Factor in a memorable soundtrack with the perfect aura of swanky sleaze (harmonica by Toots Thielemans), and perhaps the scales come close to balancing out.

Stella W (br) wrote: Pre-Code Dietrich is as good as it gets.She's got a child in this one, but the movie doesn't suffer or become saccharine because of it. Going from destitute to the toast of Paris in a very short time is hard to buy, but other than that this is life, this is the real stuff. Von Sternberg was a genius.

Grant S (ag) wrote: The story behind one of the most iconic war images, and the consequences thereof. The photo of six men - five Marines and one Navy Corpsman - raising the US flag over Mount Surabachi during the Battle of Iwo Jima in WW2 is one of war's most memorable, stirring, famous and iconic images. We see the aftermath of the flag raising - how three of those men went back to the US as heroes and were used to promote war bond sales. Most of all, we see how they react and cope (or don't cope) with the fame and hero status. Through flashbacks we also see the lead-up to the flag raising, especially the bitter, bloody fighting on Iwo Jima, and the fighting afterwards, which was equally bloody.Incredibly powerful movie-making by Clint Eastwood. Based on the book by James Bradley, son of the Navy Corpsman in the photo, this an accurate, gritty depiction of war at its most gruesome. Probably even more graphic than Saving Private Ryan in its depiction of the sheer brutality and wastefulness of life and limb of war. On that note, Stephen Spielberg is an executive producer of this movie, and you can see his hand in the special effects scenes. Fantastic CGI, especially in rendering the huge armada of ships and vast amount of planes involved in the Battle of Iwo Jima.Far more than just an action movie though. At its heart is the meaning of heroism, and how people who don't regard themselves as heroes react to being treated as heroes. Quite an emotional journey as we see the three individuals cope, or not, with the fame, fame some of them regard as undeserved. Also emotional in that they remember all their friends who died on Iwo Jima, friends who, to them, were the true heroes of the battle.Ryan Phillippe, Jesse Bradford and Adam Beach put in solid performances in the three main roles. Good support from a host of actors: Barry Pepper, Jaime Bell, John Slattery, Paul Walker, Neal McDonough, among others. Cast also includes, in a minor role, Stark Sands, later to find fame in the Iraq War mini-series Generation Kill.

Jason N (ag) wrote: A good sequel to a great movie. Unfortunately the franchising of the series already started, with the explosions and high body count. A good horror sequel is pretty rare and this is one of them.