Federico is a child-killer running from the law. Wounded, he is taken in by a 12 year old girl named Simona. Their strange love affair is interrupted by Simona's depressed, oversexed mother...

Federico is a child-killer running from the law. Wounded, he is taken in by a 12 year old girl named Simona. Their strange love affair is interrupted by Simona's depressed, oversexed mother... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


L'immoralità torrent reviews

Aran R (gb) wrote: Although the plot seems boring ar times, the performances delivered at wortmth the time.

Phil H (nl) wrote: The hot ass sequel to the completely unknown street racer flick that was actually good fun is here! Yep once again its time to show how rice racers rule, don't believe me? well virtually every main car in this film is Japanese...until the final race of course but the protagonist drives the ever supreme Subaru. Hell they drop the mighty Mustang in favour of the unbeatable Subaru for the final show down (bricks can't race)...oh and no Merc's, BMW's or Audi's required thank you, sheesh!So straight away I noticed one thing, the main cast has been completely changed from the original, not really a good sign methinks. It also made it harder to recognise who people were at first...until I got their names. This time our young hero has won some kind of scholarship to a boy racer school where they teach...racing, but not boy racing. This place is called the 'Fast Lane Racing Academy' (indeed) and is run by two hard nosed old boys who don't take no shit from boy racers. All the youngsters in this academy are there to try and get on board a professional racing team but only the top two will make it...for some bizarre reason. Surely they are all good enough to get positions on various teams otherwise they wouldn't be there.How can I put this...its basically 'Top Gun' with cars. The class are the most stereotypical bunch of lantern jawed young pretty people this side of a Stephenie Meyer's novel. You have the dastardly yet slick haired Italian duo, the all American Texas cowboy, a British Lewis Hamilton lookalike and at the same time token black guy, a token hot ass blonde female driver (there's always gotta be a hot ass blonde in there somewhere), a German and a Japanese American. As said the two academy teachers are no nonsense gruff old timers whose job it is to whip these rookies into shape in all manner of cliched predictable ways. You can count on Corbin Bernsen for that, amazed they didn't get Skerritt.As you would expect most of the film consists of lots of training montages accompanied by rockin' soundtracks and lovely sunsets. As you might also expect there are the usual predictable issues along the way. Our protagonist can't get to grips with the course and is having trouble blending in...he's also getting bullied by the two Italians, there are accidents that knock certain students out of the running, girlfriend troubles, strong verbal scoldings from the teachers, rousing verbal speeches from the teachers, flirting, showing off, fighting, striding across the sun baked tarmac against blue skies in natty jumpsuits and the return of an old enemy.What can I say its all completely unoriginal and amazingly cheesy, we've seen this type of thing a shitzillion times before but it always seems to get rehashed over and over. On the other hand it does exactly what it says on the tin and gives you what you want, fast cars tearing around smooth tracks looking nice and shiny with plenty of throbbing engines and howling tyres. There is a nice selection of cars on show here and there but its mainly a Japanese affair as usual, fine with me being a Jap fan. The camera work is handled well giving all the cars good screen time from various angles, all stunts and driving sequences are real and the racing does get your heart thumping.Its a different angle from most other racing flicks these days as its not about street racing with modded cars. This film goes down the more straight laced professional route which is fresh but admittedly a bit dull at the same time. As I already said most of the film is training and its slightly uninteresting because its too predictable. They also use the same cars for all the training sequences (Toyota Celicas) which doesn't help the dullness factor. End of the day its the age old adage...if you like car porn or you're a petrolhead then you'll probably like this. If cars aren't your thing then obviously this isn't for you. Personally I quite liked it but it wasn't as fun as the first film. Both this franchise and 'Need for Speed' are giving 'The Fast and the Furious' a good run for its money in my view.'If any of you guys pull a Vin Diesel stunt like this again off the track you're outta here!'

Kurt B (de) wrote: Surprisingly involving coming-of-age story, despite its being just short of being a story.

John B (ag) wrote: Yeah, it was pretty bad. Seemed like it was intentional, but it was still pretty bad. One star is for the topless scenes and the other star is for Rutger Hauer.

Rebecca W (br) wrote: Such a great movie about taking chances & living ur life to the fullest. R.I.P. Jay Moriarty ??? ???

Saku N (jp) wrote: I loved it...and it threw me for a loop at the end....

Film C (gb) wrote: An inspirational story for women's rights and good on them, however this movie is just boring. Bob Hoskins is brilliant and the cast is brilliant but not my sort of movie!

Dora C (it) wrote: i love anything with dancing in it, so my rate only shows ho i DIDNT like this style they were doin here.everything else is just the clich (C) u should expect when watchin a dance-movie

Jeremy P (kr) wrote: Better the second time.

Elenita F (nl) wrote: Esos horribles efectos especiales pueden ser perdonados gracias a la candidez de sus personajes.

Tor M (ag) wrote: A visual piece with beautiful camera work. We get served some fantastic close-ups throughout the chopped up story that still manage to stay connected in a way. I really love this way of presening a story. It's weird, but not especially difficult to enjoy. The film is filled with many different animals and very few words.

Markus M (it) wrote: The film has a great cast which makes it entertaining, but the overall cheesy and cheap aesthetic keeps it from ever feeling epic and believable enough to actually be engaging. What serves the parody and the plot thus ends up depriving the film of a believable emotional core, which can be just as important in a comedy as it is in other more "serious" genres.7-/10

Nabanita S (it) wrote: A peculiar comedy about a group of empty-handed oxymoronic musicians who take on a ridiculous journey to find fame and fortune, this film established Kaurismaki as a director with a strange deadpan take on humor that can tickle the funny bones with the minimum of efforts.

Jeb E (de) wrote: A hard day's Reptilicus

cj o (it) wrote: Some people rate this movie very high, but it's just one of those movies to see because everyone else said to. It's decent. It had a good plot going, but the movie didn't have enough action, special effects, or emotional bonding. It was mostly a bunch of chit-chat in this less dramatic sci-fi Cast Away-esque film.

Ashley H (jp) wrote: Whirlpool is an intriguing film. It is about a woman secretly suffering from kleptomania is hypnotized in an effort to cure her condition. Gene Tierney and Jose Ferrer give excellent performances. The screenplay is well written. Otto Preminger did a great job directing this movie. I enjoyed watching this motion picture because of the drama and mystery.

Mad M (br) wrote: Good movie and enjoyable. Interesting characters and interactions, but some of the more dramatic opportunities are underperformed.

Jim H (it) wrote: I thought it was a good movie. Full of twists.