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L'impiegato torrent reviews

wedstarfish 8 (it) wrote: This movie was awful, it had no story at all, and just had slapstick violence all around.

James H (kr) wrote: Moneyball was a fantastic representation of one of the greatest underdog stories in sport history. It shows how baseball was reinvented and revolutionised despite the pundits disapproval. The performances were fantastic, Brad Pitt gave his best performance in a while and Jonah Hill gave possibly the best performance of his career in this serious role too. I think if Jonah Hill really wants to be remembered he should do more films like this one because it really showed off his range and versatility. The film is directed fantastically by Miller and I thought he captured the hardships of things like cutting players and the joy and jubilation of the fans brilliantly. This is probably one of the greatest sporting films ever actually. I feel like not enough people have seen it.

Adriana D (au) wrote: Soft romantic drama...

Anders A (gb) wrote: Funny korean explosive action-modernized western. Stylistic and intense, thus procreating a visual and broad-spectered adventure-ish quest for the treasure-map. Violence, shooting and killing delivered like in amouth worthy for an korean classic, thats for sure. A lot of effort is put behind, creating three very different characters in focus, in a some-kind-of salute towards Leones classic "The Good, the bad and the ugly". Entertaining and weird.

Adam A (ag) wrote: Best movie you have never heard of!!

Tracey c (it) wrote: A former British secret service agent falls for an American woman and becomes entangled in a web of espionage.

PatrickThomas G (br) wrote: A film maker who acquired independent funding to deliver this giant "fuck you" of a film. It includes necrophilia after decomposition.

Rob V (au) wrote: Classic DePalma. The man is a master craftsmen. Love his work

Richard D (us) wrote: Bergman's (sort of) swan song seems to be a fairly straightforward costume drama about a family in turn of the century Sweden, but has mysterious and intriguing depths to it. There's a streak of magical realism running through it ... ghosts appear and Alexander may cause death using some form of wish projection. There's a deep current in it about good and evil, and the failings of the Christian conception of these ideas to account for joy and pleasure. An immensely rewarding film.

Nicki M (nl) wrote: Have to admit to some eye rolling when this was put on for me to watch. Initially looked like a very old movie and borefest, but I quickly had to eat my words!Very thought provoking and engrossing thriller. Is 143 minutes long, yet doesn't drag. Goes off in many directions and keeps you guessing. Fantastic.

Trevor W (us) wrote: A film that succeeds in its portrayal of the message but fails in casting and action sequences.

Joe A (fr) wrote: Classic 50s sci-fi/horror maybe be silly compared to modern flicks of this kind but, it's nostalgic fun and today's films owe a lot to movies like this.

Rod H (ca) wrote: Good movie! Tearjerker. Emilia Clarke was great. Her face is so expressive.