L'infermiera di notte

L'infermiera di notte

Gloria Guida stars in this Italian sex-comedy in which she plays a private nurse who is involved in a family struggle for the estate of the ailing old man she cares for.

Gloria Guida stars in this Italian sex-comedy in which she plays a private nurse who is involved in a family struggle for the estate of the ailing old man she cares for. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Filipe C (nl) wrote: Stewart has never been better. Assays has.

Rich L (mx) wrote: I was hoping for more from this one. It has a neat little hook-- An atheist is forced to put faithless morality to the test in order to save the life of the woman he loves, but the film never really delivers on an real philosophical level.

Reno D (au) wrote: Belle tentative.....si seulement ce film n'etait pas copi quasi intgralement d'une vieille oeuvre de John Carpenter intitul In the Mouth of Madness sa laurais p-e pu meme etre original. Serieux messemble ya moyen de faire un bon film d'horreur sans avoir besoin daller chercher le scenario dun ancien film avec Sam Neil en esperant ke personne s'en rendrais compte.

Mad M (es) wrote: Interesting and charming feel-good flick. Great performances.

Dillinger P (mx) wrote: I've always had a soft spot for Paul McGuigan, his films, although no where near perfect, always have a very polished and individual feel to them. He has his own style and his editing is slick and stylistic. This all rings true of Wicker Park, it is a very nice, very well shot and edited piece of work. Let down only by a couple of niggles that damage the piece somewhat. Wicker Park follows the story of Matthew, a young and budding photographer turned business man, it appears he has the world at his finger tips. close to engaged with his girlfriend, who also runs the company he works for. Just before Matthew is set to go on a business trip on behalf of his girlfriend, he believes he has luckily managed to stumble across an old flame, the one that got away, Lisa. In a moment of madness he goes on this wild hunt for her and ends up involved in a love sqaure with Alice, Luke and his wife. The story is intriguing in itself, and the helplessness of Matthews character, played well by Hartnett, is actually gripping to watch. You may not agree completely with his actions but you root for him in his search for his lost love. Which is made all the stronger when we stumble upon Alice, Rose Byrne, who happens to be dating one of Matts, long time friends Luke, played by Lillard. Diane Kruger does a fine job as Lisa as well, in fact their intertwining relationships are all heart felt and powerful. Its just it becomes a little to perposterous and falls into place by the 3rd act, in a way that just doesnt seem realistic. The inclusion of Matthews girlfriend is treated so half arsed that it almost feels like her being in the film is pointless, its also very unbelieveable how she only phones him once on this supposide trip away once and shes left only to annoy the audience by the final act. She brings nothing to the table as a weighty character and she could have easily been left out. Much is the final act, an edge of the seat time, it also spirals way out of control in order to spell things out that really dont need to be. It spells out the deciet of Alice well enough, then decides to go over board to the point of, look just about every point in the movie shes been hiding in the background... That sort of thing could have been easily missed to make the film a tighter and more focused piece. However the enjoyable acting and slick edit, mixed with impressive cinematography, lead for a flawed but wonderful wee film. That will tug on your heart strings and keep you interested throughout.

Heather M (it) wrote: This is a twisty story, but you can see the ending coming from the start.

David D (de) wrote: Too long of an introduction but then an interesting second half

Nino S (ag) wrote: I think it is one of the most underrated films of all time.

Gavin D (ru) wrote: Blood and Wine has a sort of 70's feel to it. The film is concerned mainly with the plot. The characters are individuals capable of anything, both good and bad, much like real people. The end is unsatisfying and unrealistic, a quality that does not match the rest of the film. We know that there is no way Stephen Dorff would have gotten away, nor J-Lo. It acts like they will though, and for this film's sake, I suppose I'll play along.

Skylar K (gb) wrote: Although the acting and some costume look nice on set,I can't help but find this movie to disturbing and mean spirited.

Logan M (us) wrote: Campy, but not in a good way.

Sean L (it) wrote: Sadly, the version of this I own is cut, and there's never been an official U.S. DVD or VHS release. Still, a most enjoyable film, and Van Cleef and Milian are always a joy to watch.

Benjamin W (au) wrote: Some of the most famous Keaton scenes are found in this film, which is pretty standard for the type of film that it is.

Neal M (nl) wrote: Pretty poor acting and special effects... not worth your time

Pravesh B (it) wrote: Exceptional performances make it a memorable film. Julian Schnabel is a special talent... he is so much in control here. Loved the way he uses camera. A biopic becomes episodic in nature but this one really works. Sean Penn & Johny Depp step in for cameos.