Set in modern day Milan, this is a Chaplinesque odyssey through the world of work - every type of work, but primarily unskilled manual labor, seen through the eyes of a kind, middle-aged ...

This film is an affecting and timely story about a middle-aged, precariously employed jack-of-all-trades in Milan who doggedly tries to get by in an unfeeling city while trying to retain his dignity and his passions. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Waqar S (kr) wrote: Rubbish Movie. Total Waste of Time. Couple loves each other and just kept on roaming in 3 cities. There is nothing actually in this movie to watch. Movie sucked

Ron B (de) wrote: People should have the choice. I should have the choice.

Millie R (kr) wrote: Really rather entertaining and pretty funny! Great to watch after a tough day!

Galen M (gb) wrote: Great western. Great direction. Great acting. Great shootout! Loses half a star because it goes on just a bit long at the end.

Alexander G (us) wrote: Very much underrated action paced thriller movie. From the very beginnig the viewer is immersed in the dark anarchistic atmosphere surrounding an abandoned town in a stormy rainy weather which is under the threat of being flooded. The unstable dam is shown several times throughout the movie, adding much drama in the film.

Jesse O (es) wrote: Let's be honest, professional wrestlers who have tried to be actors haven't had the best of track records when it comes to actually being talented at it or appearing in quality movies. Just look at any of Hulk Hogan's films for proof of this. Steve Austin, John Cena, Randy Orton, among many other wrestles have tried their hand at acting and none of them have really been great or even that successful at it. I will admit that John Cena, in smaller roles has done surprisingly well, he's just not leading man material. There's one, very obvious, exception to the rule that wrestlers make shitty actors or appear in shitty movies. And that one man is The Rock. Rock is the the exception to the rule. He's both talented and he has appeared in quality movies. Almost all of them being in the action genre, but still. The Rock is a special kind of talent. He's super charismatic, likable and he has an imposing presence. Which brings us to Roddy Piper, may he rest in peace, whose biggest success as a wrestler came in the mid-to-late 80s thanks to the WWF, as it was known at the time. Piper "retired" in 1987 to embark in a career in films. That same year his first movie in a legit lead role came out, Hell Comes to Frogtown, a movie I haven't seen but I'm intrigued by. The year after that, however, came the movie that he would be most associated with and that is the movie I am reviewing right now. We'll get into how I felt about the movie later, but if you were curious as to how Roddy Piper fared as an actor, particularly when compared to the very low standard of wrestler-turned-actor. He's actually surprisingly good in this movie. He's obviously not a thespian nor does he attempt to be. And with a film like this, where it's so reliant of B-movie thrills, he's actually pretty much perfect in this type of cult movie. Piper, who was known as one of the best on the mic in the wrestling world in the 80s, does bring some of that energy from his wrestling work to the movie. Which is surprising because back in the 80s, wrestling interviews were unscripted. To go from an environment where he's given the freedom to say what he wants to one where he, in some cases, has to rigidly stick to the script and to do a good job at it was certainly impressive on his part. Again I point you to Hulk Hogan's terrible acting as proof of this. It also helps that the script is surprisingly strong, in spite of all the sci-fi silliness that's going on. And, honestly, I thought this movie, by and large, was really fucking good. I will admit, however, that the third act of the film lost me. Not that I found it hard to follow what was going on, it's almost impossible to be confused in a film such as this. The plot is fairly basic. Piper's character finds this sunglasses that lets him see the world as it really is. Subliminal messages are in everything, from billboards, to magazines, to television, in order to keep the masses complacent and submissive. This is a conspiracy theorist's wet dream. Not to mention the fact that the elite of the elite in this world are creatures from another planet who are slowly taking over earth before moving on to the next planet. Again, this is a conspiracy theorist's favorite movie. If you've ever heard of the lizard people, then the creatures in this movie are similar to that. Anyway, the movie deals with John, Piper's character, journey to show everybody the reality of the world that they're living in and how they're being manipulated by the powers that be. Simple story. He struggles to find people who believe him and after an epic fight, he is able to ensure the help of Keith David's character as they form a two-man army to go and kill as many of these creatures as they can. But let's go back to this fight scene between Keith and Piper. It might literally be the most absurd fight in the history of time. That's a bit of hyperbole, of course, but it's so fucking silly. And it is absolutely tremendous. John and Frank's disagreement boils down to, essentially, Frank refusing to put on the glasses at John's behest. And then they have one of the best and most entertaining fight scenes I have ever seen. And I don't mean best as in they even come close to matching the level of complexity and intensity, not to mention super editing, of the films like the Raid or Fury Road. It's just a good ol' fight between two badass men. And it's not a quick fistfight, it goes for a fairly long time, like maybe 5+ minutes. It's a fight that goes through several steps of 'finality' before either John or Frank throws another punch or another kick, and then they go back at it again. They reach a point where you think it's over and, once again, someone throws a punch and the fight starts up again. It's the fucking best and the highlight of the film. There's plenty of quotable lines here as well. Like I said, the third act sort of lost some of the luster, but it's still a really damn good and a movie from a bygone era that, surprisingly, held up reasonably well as some of the themes can be applied in modern times, even almost 30 years after its release. I can't complain much, I had a blast watching this movie and I would easily recommend it if you haven't seen it yet.

Mallory B (ca) wrote: I hear good things, and really, how can you go wrong with Lorenzo Music? I really want to find the first incarnation of the film...

Augustine H (kr) wrote: I really don't appreciate this kind of sappy depiction of self-indulgence which leads to nowhere but merely recounting the lost days. Despite spoofing masterpieces like Fellini's 8 1/2 and Ingmar Bergman's Wild Strawberries, I can still hardly get Woody's nostalgic sentiments.

Serge L (nl) wrote: Little film showing the progression of sexual desire over decades following two sad guys. Beautiful girls, but the film mostly sucks except for hilarious bouts. That film is so past millenium. meh.

Stan L (kr) wrote: so week. everything just happens withou a reason

Damien K (au) wrote: "Bette's so good when she's being bad!" True, but even her outstanding performance didn't help make this "brew of racial bigotry and latent incest" any more interesting.

Becca W (fr) wrote: A great romantic comedy with Powell and Loy.

Cole M (ca) wrote: Horrible, horrible, horrible. Proves that Farrell is a rubbish leading actor and Oliver Stone a rubbish director.

Ac M (it) wrote: This is one of my all time favorite movies. The Coen brothers wrote the excellent script and Joel Coen did a wonderful job directing.

Brandon W (de) wrote: Pixels is directed by Chris Columbus, and it stars Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Michelle Monaghan, Peter Dinklage, and Josh Gad in an action comedy about aliens coming to invade the world that takes a shape form of old video game classic creatures, and a group of class gamers are the only one to top them based on the strategic ways of the old games. I've reviewed almost all of Adam Sandler's movie career, so why not reviews his recent Happy Madison Productions that was in theaters. In all honesty, it's still not good, but there was actually potential there that could've been a fun movie. Some of the acting is fine, but some were just bad, even from Peter Dinklage who probably gave a performance that I didn't like, which I've never saw from him that way. The effects look really good, and are honestly the best part of the film. Some of the jokes actually get a laugh out of me, which is a lot knowing from his worst films, there are still tons of jokes that I didn't find funny, even groan at times. The characters are forgettable, but it's a bit better than some of his movies. The story could've been good, if it doesn't go on a generic way, and it gives out some story parts that don't make sense, or just confusing, which I never thought I see that from an Adam Sandler film. There were some fun moments, but those are far-in-between sadly and could've been more. Pixels is a bad film, but in terms of Adam Sandler films, this is way better, and the actors are way too talented to be in this movie.

William C (gb) wrote: Grade:High 7/10Role Models is a funny comedy and well acted by a funny cast whichmixes humour and a heart warming backing to create what I think is anunderrated film. A solid kind of good film this is worth a watch andwith laughter to match you whilst watching then it is even moreadvisable. Here below is why I think this film is a good one.The story as said is funny yet warm and although is mostly humour ofwhich can be sometimes very crude(mostly from Seann William Scott), itis still warm also and the ending as you may see is really quite happyand tender. It is fast comedy and things start straight away as youwill see, the story is very simple but it works well enough anyway andyou should laugh if at least not once, just go with the flow and havefun is all you need to like it, trust me it can be good.Paul Rudd in his ever comedic role is good in the main role withpreviously mentioned William Scott providing comedic cover in thesupporting if not not shared main role. I particularly found the youngactor Bobb'e J. Thompson who plays an orphan child as very funny andplays a cursing young boy who acts like he is 30 years old and aplayer. Elizabeth Banks brings rationality to the film and is justabout the only serious character but she doesn't do anything to ruinthe humour, it works along well.The script is the main part of the good humour used in this and ispartly written by Paul Rudd as well as some others who contribute andmake the script possibly the best thing about this entire film. Onepoint when the directing of David Wain comes in is when they play thispretend fight game and the entire shot must have been very difficult todirect as so much goes on, the scene itself is hilarious by the way,and+ the scene has some great costumes as does many parts of the filmso look out for them.It isn't the most solid comedy and not every joke is funny to be fair,most are I think but when they are not funny they are sometime inbetween funny jokes and so you laugh and then think "what was that" intwo seconds. The acting isn't awesome and although Paul Rudd isexperienced at this with such showings in Anchorman, he is the bestcomedic performer by far, William Scott is funny too though.I think most people who enjoy slightly crude humour will enjoy this andsome people will have big laughs. If you are looking for a way moresophisticated comedy then this isn't for you but the movie isn't allcomedy as I said it has a warm hearted feeling running through it andby the end(you will see what I mean),you feel the comedy has workedwell and it end's nicely.So overall a high 7/10 from me a solidly good film and a comedy I couldn'ttell you to watch more actually. I would say if you just watch thisthrough and in comedy mode if that makes any sense, then you will laughat this and find the script is very smartly done. Some will like, somewill not and I expect a rather mixed review on this.