Life smiles at Dino Fabrizzi,a cool forty-two-year old Italian. Not only is he the most successful salesman at The Maserati dealership in Nice but he has had a steady (and hot) relationship...

Life smiles at Dino Fabrizzi,a cool forty-two-year old Italian. Not only is he the most successful salesman at The Maserati dealership in Nice but he has had a steady (and hot) relationship... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Viet Phuong N (ca) wrote: Quite involving for a documentary but not so entertaining (for audience not familiar with gaming like me) as a documentary about gaming and the different lives of gamers. A higher dose of drama (the dead-or-alive kind of drama for competition film) might be useful.

William F (au) wrote: may be the greatest movie ever...won't describe

Mahalet D (ca) wrote: it was interesting/fun to watch

Grandma D (ag) wrote: Randy Spelling! Moahah, haven't seen him on the screen since Sunset Beach. Now, that was a good show. And Jason Priestley, another good good soap actor from Beverly Hills 90210(No I don't mean Dylan played by Luke Perry, so chill). So completely bang on target, pal.

Katelyn B (fr) wrote: This movie drags sooo much, but the end is well worth it, I think. Such a creepy movie. Anything that has to do with masked child killers and a cabin in the woods... creeeeepy. Like I said, it does drag in the beginning, and takes a while for the movie to get going, but once it did get going, it became a nice thriller. I pretty much had it figured out, but it wasn't extremely predictable. Overall, I enjoyed it. And I enjoyed Billy Zane. Mhmm. Haha

Superdave K (fr) wrote: Rotten Tomatoes is mixing 2 movies on one page.The comedy with josh hartnet is one movie, and the apocalyptic movie with Alex Carter. These are two very different movies with the same title!

les t (de) wrote: You have been Warned. Don't watch this mess. Nothing going on here. I am surprised this was ever released in a cinema. Very dull and no since of direction. Not recommended at all.

alyson r (fr) wrote: winnie is a lovely bear and he is careing too.

Ryan C (it) wrote: The acting was fairly bad, but had lots of laughs and was original and a plain story which added to the movie

Eric H (es) wrote: Takeshi Kitano is always good in everything I have seen him in. I like how he mixes the most mundane and ordinary moments in life with the stark violence of mobsters. A bit slow at times but still engaging.

Daniel B (ru) wrote: A bit dull and boring. I know it is based on a true story and all that, but i'm afraid it did not do much for me at all

Iowa B (jp) wrote: Fantiasy and duality have always played a major role in David Lynch's films and while you can say the same thing about many other directors and films, in David Lynch's films they seem to have a far more complex role. Lost Highway is no exception tot he rule. At its core, this film is a neo noir with a surreal twist abd few horror touches. The story, in itself, is rather simple and, if you're paying attention, you can put the pieces together pretty fast. Really, it's not rocket science, I can promise you this.What makes the film fascinating is not the "why's", but the "how"'s. What stands out is the organic way in which the fantasy layer is depicted. In "Lost Highway", fantasy is not only consisting in simple decorative elements, but goes hand in hand with reality, forming what will be the final whole. While the story, as I said before, isn't much, quite on the contrary, it is rather ordinary, the way Lynch chooses to develop it is really something. To some, it may seem random, but it isn't. It is actually very meticulously constructed and Lynch uses a wide range of methods in doing so. The fantasy elements talk about the protagonist, but also talk about the real story. The escapade is treated like a different layer of reality by avoiding the array of cinematic cliches being used to work with multi-layered narratives."Lost Highway" works very well like a combination between music and painting. Music, because it has a particular way of progression and painting because surreal extras are being used to hint real events. The rhythm and progression are visible in "the Pete Dayton story" especially, in the way it goes from neo-noir to the surreal beyond, only to revisit familiar frames and places, by the end.This part, the Pete Dayton one, that is, is also very well constructed organically. In the first scenes, there is almost a sense of birth, even the wound on Peter's head to that. While the film deals with to different stories that don't fully match, when put side by side, it never feels abrupt, quite on the contrary, "Lost Highway" flows and a better way to understand it, perhaps, is to follow its tracks.This being said, I am giving this 4 out of 5, because there are still some things that could have been better executed.

Seth H (kr) wrote: This western is often contrived and hurt by very poor execution, especially at the crux of the movie. Brosnan does well, though; and the movie is beautifully gritty.

Penny S (gb) wrote: wow I am in love with you this trailer is off the chain I definitely want to see this movie I love her she's awesome