L'onorevole con l'amante sotto il letto

L'onorevole con l'amante sotto il letto

An unemployed teacher asks for help from her lover, an MP, and finds out that he is married.

An unemployed teacher asks for help from her lover, an MP, and finds out that he is married. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


L'onorevole con l'amante sotto il letto torrent reviews

Shane P (ag) wrote: i really love the story hope that mario maurer can read my message for him mwahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh......

John M (fr) wrote: Wow! This is bad. I kept it on just to see if it could get worse. And, guess what, it did! It's like any Cinemax (Skinemax!) soft core porn show, with all the bad acting and zero plot. But, none of the sex!

Justin T (us) wrote: I bought this film, because the DVD case looked pretty slick. Had nice graphics on it and was promoting the fighters on the front. What a big mistake, this movie was fucking HORRIBLE! It was badly directed, badly acted and so close to porn that it makes Ron Jeremy look like a better quality actor. BJ Penn, GSP, Rampage, Herring, Silva and others were great though! Rampage's fight scene was the funniest part..5 out of 5 stars

Jeff B (kr) wrote: I didn't really like this until the twist developed, but the ending is one of those typical rom-com moments you will either love or hate - and I happen to love them. Monica Potter is like a cute crossing of Juliette Lewis and Julia Roberts.

G Brandon H (ag) wrote: What the film lacks in plot it makes up for in infectious style. This is alot of fun to watch.

Kris W (au) wrote: 'Suppose you picked up this morning's newspaper and your life was a front page headline... And everything they said was accurate... But none of it was true.' Sally Field and Paul Newman, who was nominated for an Oscar, are both very good, as is the supporting cast of Bob Balaban (Seinfeld) and Wilfred Brimley, but as a story its kind of confusing and slow...

Will W (kr) wrote: Suuuuper cheesy, but for a low budget sword and sorcery movie, this was fun! The plot was generic but the characters made the story more interesting. I am very into late 70s/early 80s fantasy e.g., Ralph Bakshi's 1978 LOTR film, fantasy artwork by the Brothers Hildebrandt, early D&D, etc. I think this movie is very much a product of that time , so it feels dated. But, that's why I liked it , if that makes any sense. Not a film for the casual viewer. But, if you're into that corny late 70s fantasy vibe (am I the only one?) , you should check It out.

Bob W (fr) wrote: Radioactive children of the future meant to survive an inevitable nuclear holocaust.

D M (jp) wrote: The only Bond film I've seen before viewing this was some Pierce brosnan one, so I don't have a lot of experience with the series. That being said, these works are ingrained enough in society, through imitation and parody, that I knew what to expect. Here, 007 is portrayed by Sean Connery as a retired MI6 secret agent who is brought back into the fold after witnessing some strange occurrences at an expensive spa. This leads to him uncovering a plot in which an evil mastermind has stolen to US nuclear weapons and is threatening the world with them. Some cool stunts, witty banter and beautiful women (namely Kim Basinger and Barbara Carrera) fill the screen. The film is a bit of a parody of the Bond series as Connery breaks the 4th wall and winks knowingly to the camera (and Mr Bean makes an appearance).

Gavin P (mx) wrote: A pretty formulaic mystery/thriller , with a fair bit of the Sixth Sense about it. Nothing too surprising happens and it doesn't take too long to figure out what's going on. Decent work from Bacon, but nothing too scary or riveting.

Kevin F (us) wrote: Cool Movie... =] !!!