L'opération Corned Beef

L'opération Corned Beef

Squale, an ace spy, is called back from South America to carry out a tough operation. Goal: dismantle an international arms traffic masterminded by an important French government official. ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:105 minutes
  • Release:1991
  • Language:French,Spanish,German,English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:paris france,   jealousy,   spy,  

Philippe Boulier, code name “Le Squale” is an agent in the French secret service. He is recalled from South America to help dismantle an arms trafficking network in France, “Operation Corned Beef”. Things start out simply enough – Boulier merely has to spy on the key suspect, the Colombian Zargas, at a consulate in Paris. Then Jean-Jacques enters the frame – a naïve company psychologist, whose mistress just happens to be Boulier’s fiancé… . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Elodie P (es) wrote: "127 hours" is a movie based on Aron Ralston's story, directed by Danny Boyle and released the 28 of january 2011 in the United States, the main character is James Franco acting Aron Ralston; a man who tries to escape a hudge hiking accident, and there's also Clmence Posy and Kate Mara performing two lost girls. The film tells the story about a hiker; Aron who decided without warning anyone, to go explore the 26 of april 2003, the Blue John Canyon in Utah. When he was there, he went throught the desert and met two lost hikers, passed time with her and then he continued his road alone. Not long afterwards, he went down on a canyon crack but he leaned on an unsteady rock, and it falled with Aron, trapping his arm against the wall. He passed 6 days and six night struggling trying to escape because he was thirsting, because of that he was having hallucination but he finally escaped from the trap, cutting himself his stuck arm with an multifonction knife and he found help going out of the crack. I personally think that James Franco had an incredibly realistic performance in this movie because,as the viewer, we can feel the anxiety, the despair and the relief at the end of the character, just by the facial expression of the actor and also the voice effect in stunning because, as the characters worsen, his screams get badder, and demoted, and we have the feels when he talk to himself with a crappy voice and I think that make the film highly believable just by the fact that it hits the viewer right in his deepest emotions. Plus the actor won 4 awards for the best dramatic actor. The film technique is also outstanding and gripping because at first, when Aron is happy and determined to go on a hike, we have many different panoramic views shot on location with many colors and different fast music, then when the hiker gets trapped, the lighting gets darker as his situation worsen, there is only close shots on his face to show his intense emotions and the very important detail is that we have a point a vue shot with a "bad quality" camera to mimic the use of Aron's camera, and we have more short shots of differents little details, such as a shot on an ants for example, and it make the scenes more tense because the viewer sees all the details of the situation. I think that this movie is really nice, just because the message, that I think is to warn people about what you are doing in case of an accident, is really powerfull because it make total sense for Aron Ralston; if he had warned a friend or family he probably didn't stayed that long in the canyon crack. I also like the general way of event simply because, it's based on a real story, so the survival details are extremly realistic and it make the profundly gripping. And in addition, it's not insignificant that this movie won 25 nominations, including 6 Oscars and 3 at the "Golden Globe" plus it is qualified the the movie at "American film institute". Generally I find this film absolutly fascinating (that's why I gave it 4,5 stars !) and I recomend it to people who like stressful movies and a little gory, but it's not like too much, and I personally thinks that if you didn't already saw it yet, you've been mising something ! I hope that you like my review and good movie viewing !!Plouchard Elodie

Chihoe H (au) wrote: I thought "Me and You and Everyone We Know" was eccentric enough but "The Future" had multiple layers of eccentricity, which worked and didn't work to the film's advantage. I was swaying back and forth from liking it to finding it pointless to pondering its themes to disliking the characters of "The Future."

Hong H (de) wrote: This movie uses sparse dialogue. The focus is mainly on facial expressions and actions. The movie appeals to me particularly because I often drown out dialogue. So maybe if you're the type of person whose focus is driven by dialogue, or whose personal narrative structure requires dialogue to deliver that kind of immediacy, the film will be different, perhaps challenging and refreshing at the same time. Anyhow, this movie, though based specifically for this character during a civil war period in Chad, is an emotional, somewhat suspenseful movie. It is accessible universally despite its specific and real type of scenario.Good movie. Watch it. Also, the "non-actors" are impressive, giving the movie a very real feeling.

Brian C (au) wrote: Not very often a movie starts out with so much promise and crashes so badly.In Search of Lovecraft fails where most Lovecraft movies fail, in the portrayal of the Old Ones. They even say that just seeing them will drive a person utterly insane because they are indescribable...yet in this, they are just boring nonsense.Aside from that (which admittedly all Lovecraft based movies suffer from) this starts off great. A really interesting old movie setting the stage, then meeting the main characters trying to make a documentary about the reality of Lovecraft's mythos. Then the witch shows up, the doors get stupid and sigh...

JeanLuc C (mx) wrote: Highly entertaining. It's a cliched cock-and-bull story, with hackneyed characters, silly Russian accents and no attempt at a realistic plotline - but somehow it's still gripping. It's fast-moving, never takes itself too seriously, and the fight sequences are absolutely mesmerizing - really gritty, bonecrunching, acrobatic stuff, with blood and chunks of flesh flying. I would never normally watch such movies, but it was showing on the hotel TV at 3 in the morning and I was absolutely glued to the screen.

Justin B (gb) wrote: Considering that I thought this was comedy God the first time I saw it, it's paled significantly. Loosely plotted but it has good intentions and there are some hilarious cameos. Jane Lynch steals the show.

MarcAndr M (ag) wrote: More disjointed than Smoke, Blue in The Face actually disappointed me despite some good cameos and an enjoyable performance by Keitel. Kind of an homage to Brooklyn, it has some charm, but lacks the script and the structure from Smoke, and is just not as funny as it intends to be.

Greg W (nl) wrote: awesome western and another review lost!!!!!!

Cody B (ag) wrote: The movie is good at times. The movie is sad but very well put together. Adam is great. This isn't a movie that he is would normally play well in my opinion but he proved me wrong once again. He is one of the few actors who I guess really can play any role.. the small things in this movie are what are good.

Johnny R (ag) wrote: while cars is good. It's easy to say it's my least favorite Disney pixar film. And definitely not one the of the best films