La 21, Barracas

La 21, Barracas


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Robert B (it) wrote: Safety Not Guaranteed is a feel good movie with light comedy and indie charm. The plot and acting, while not outstanding, are fine for what it is. The film moves along at a decent pace and comes to an end quickly enough. If viewed with modest expectations, Safety Not Guaranteed is fine for an evening's entertainment. Time travel fans should be warned that this is not a movie about time travel, really at all.

Tony A (nl) wrote: This movie was about what you would expect from a low budget church flick. Full of heartwarming moments and emotional appeals, it gets the job done. Would be an excellent movie to show at a church or youth group gathering.

Mohd S (de) wrote: Arghhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Adarshjeet l (us) wrote: One of the best movie.

Private U (au) wrote: This was cute and funny! Not the most fabulous movie ever, but it was really adorable and I had a good time watching it. :)

Greg W (br) wrote: year s/b 1953 4 this love triangler

Ryan M (br) wrote: Way better than the Rotten Tomato score. Cool parkour action with some young vibrant leads.