La aldea maldita

La aldea maldita

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Kevin G (kr) wrote: This was an odd one for me. Great trailer for the film but ultimately the rest of it really disappointed me. Decent slow-burn quality and cinematography get lost in the story with very poor explanation. There are many questions left out on a ledge at the end of the film and in other cases that might be a positive thing. Not here unfortunately.

Lissette P (fr) wrote: Really enjoyed this movie...A non-bias opinion on our current government and how to tackle the huge divide between political parties through compromise, honest reflection, and looking out for the best interest of the nation over party allegiance. Plus it talks about the media and the negative impact it can play on us.

Vasco M (ru) wrote: My favourite of the reel. Gritty, dark and completely unexpected.

Chris M (it) wrote: It was a very creative and very great Pixar animated short. It had extraordinary animation, very cool visuals, really great music and a great storyline. It is the best animated short of the year so far. I've seen this short movie before "Monsters University." I highly recommend this movie to Pixar fans of all ages.

Mark P (ru) wrote: "Don't let your motherly nature interfere with your manhood."

Frederico S (fr) wrote: A must see! Before you start watching the show please watch the movies!

Justin C (ca) wrote: Much like the bank robbery in the movie, I felt as though I were being held captive and told I wasn't allowed to laugh for two hours.

Andrew S (es) wrote: Mad Dog and Glory is one of those movies that is very intriguing. It's not interesting because of the plot, however. Actually, the plot isn't anything special. The fascinating thing about this film is the characters, and the brilliant performances by the actors playing these characters. It's one of those character-studies that require close attention with viewing. I hope to revisit this film soon, because I'm sure it takes multiple to really understand. Robert De Niro plays Wayne, nicknamed Mad Dog, a police officer that's not satisfied with his job, or really anything in his life. After a holdup in a corner store, Wayne ends up saving the life of Frank Milo (Bill Murray), a mob boss who like Wayne, sometimes wishes he spent his life doing something else (he won't tell you that though). Frank, as advised by his therapist, offers Wayne a favor. Wayne is rewarded with a week of personal service from Glory (Uma Thurman), a woman who works for Frank. Wayne ends up having a connection Glory, which creates a problem between him and Frank. Mad Dog has a little bit of humor to it, enough that the actors can work off of it. Bill Murray does an especially good job. He's got the charm necessary for the role, along with this sense of unhappiness underneath. Not to mention that he was a believable mob boss. Who knew Bill Murray could play a gangster. Robert De Niro is also perfect in the title role. Like his other roles, this character is an average guy who is full of anger, locked down deep inside him. I don't think there's ever been an actor who's does a better job of that than De Niro. Check out Mad Dog and Glory. It's available to watch instantly on Netflix. Then, watch it again. I know I will be returning to it soon.

Jon H (mx) wrote: If today's Clint Eastwood went back in time and made Dirty Harry, it probably wouldn't be that different from this film. A geriatric Duke teams up with Dickie Attenborough to track down a kidnapped Chicago gangster (played by John Vernon, from who the film would've benefited from more screen time) who goes missing in London while fighting extradition. On the flip side of the same coin, it's still better than Wayne's other cop film, McQ. Tony (Baldrick) Robinson contributes a funny cameo as a bike messenger.

David F (ru) wrote: Slickly produced musical about an impecunious vendor of flowers who, on a bet, is made to pass for a high born woman. Some memorable tunes, very nice sets, and Audrey Hepburn.

J B (gb) wrote: While aware of its teen comedy clichs, "Barely Lethal" fails to reinvigorate or subvert them. The assassin narrative doesn't serve much purpose other than to position Hailee Steinfeld as the wide-eyed ingnue encountering the travails of adolescence (and while Steinfeld is certainly sincere and charismatic, she played this role to greater comic effect in "Pitch Perfect 2").

Joo Miguel R (fr) wrote: Real Steel was in a shocking way to me.. interesting but without a little dose of stupidity and family drama in the way. Curiously the fighting scenes beetween the robots are well acted with nice choreographies. The last one - the final and probably the most silly - is to much reminiscent of Rocky IV.. at least in my opinion. Nevertheless, the movie does have great scenes and the actors are very well suited for the roles.. We all now the end when the charater of Jackman meets is son.. but.. althought the predictable still manages to keep me wake up until the end.The Good: the fight scenes beetween the robotsThe Bad: the family (necessary) drama and a little stupidity in some partsThe Ugly: bull vs robot?! Did we reaaly need that?

Conrad K (ca) wrote: Ok, not as good as expected, could have web funnier, good characters. Best part was when the ref kept looking behind him

Alec B (gb) wrote: Arguably Lynch's most transgressive work but it's also one of his most uneven. The crazed performances and unforgettable imagery keep the movie together despite the weak ending and some unnecessarily disturbing content.

James R (br) wrote: This film seems to be an accurate depection of the attack on Pearl Harbor.Wonderful battle scenes can be seen in this film!