La banda del Zorro

La banda del Zorro


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La banda del Zorro torrent reviews

Hunny S (us) wrote: if I remember, the way the trailer's set up is not, how it goes in the film..interesting till the end

Bob D (nl) wrote: This is a great kids move. We loved it!

PoTray P (mx) wrote: Week wait for

jose a (gb) wrote: para aquellos que le gusta las aventuras

Guido S (us) wrote: There are bad Nic Cage movies, then there is Bangkok Dangerous. He plays a hitman who starts to question his life after finding a woman which causes a lot of havoc. Could have been good, but nothing was that interesting. The characters weren't good, the action wasn't good, the story is cliche ridden and doesn't bring anything new to the table. It is pretty unremarkable and one of those films you'll likely forget a few days later.

Keenan S (gb) wrote: My first Wong Kar-Wai experience was with the flawed but enjoyable film, The Grandmaster. Even from that first experience, there was something so interesting and fascinating about the director and his methods, but I didn't come to truly know his name until I watched 2046 and I saw the true greatness of the director and why he is such a respected and beloved film-maker.What we have here with 2046 is a magnificent romantic drama and science-fiction/fantasy masterpiece that stands above many of its peers in its respective genres as it seamlessly blends the genres together, creating a beautiful, stylish, heartfelt, heart-breaking, sexy, and thoroughly engaging film about unrequited love and loneliness. It's a very soulful film that digs deep into the characters and their troubles, without ever becoming overwrought or insincere in its methods and depictions. It tackles the most fragile of human emotions, but also one of the strongest: the want and the need for love. It's not exactly a cheerful film, but it is rather a bittersweet film with beautiful moments, but it also has its moments of heartbreak and sadness, much like the nature of love itself.After working in Singapore for a number of years, writer/journalist Chow Mo-Wan has returned to Hong Kong to stay at a hotel where he had an affair with a woman named Su Li Zhen (His character's lover from the 2000 film, In The Mood For Love) - his most ideal woman whom he had to end an affair with years earlier. He learns the room - 2046 - where they conducted their affair in was also the room of her death, as she had been stabbed by her jealous boyfriend only the night before.He decides to stay in room 2047 until renovations are done, but decides to stay as he has made himself quite comfortable. But room 2046 develops a new significance to him as it becomes the place where multiple troubled women make it their residence over the course of the mid-to-late 1960's ranging from the hotel owner's daughter, Wang Jin Wen, to a showgirl, Bai Ling, while he also has flashbacks of another woman named Su Li Zhen whom he met in Singapore.The film has multiple arcs like Wang Jin Wen falling in love with a Japanese man, which her father is adamantly opposed to because of the Japanese occupation of China and struggles with her decision on whether or not to keep up the relationship. Bai Ling is a showgirl whom Chow falls for and begins a tumultuous relationship with and how her career flourishes and falls apart. In his flashbacks of the other woman named Su Li Zhen, she is a gambler known as the "Black Spider" who helps him raise money to get back to Hong Kong after draining his savings, but refuses to go with him, even though he has developed a crush on her.During these various events, he begins writing science-fiction stories incorporating these women into them, all involving the year 2046, where people in the future travel to to recapture lost memories and where nothing ever changes, which is why those who travel there never come back, except for a Japanese man named Tak, who falls in love with an android during the train ride to 2046. Chow's stories provide his escape from the real world, though he lives in the past with them, as he lets these women whom he grows to care for slip through his fingers because of his idealization of the first Su Li Zhen he knew years earlier.The story is very multi-faceted and multi-layered with a wealth of interesting characters to explore. Each character has a soul, even the very elusive ones, like the second Su Li Zhen. Chow is probably the most interesting character as he observes the troubled women he meets, struggles with letting go of the past, losing the woman he loved most, and buries himself in a science-fiction fantasy of his innermost desires and thoughts, and then coming to certain realizations about his own life. It's also a film about not taking the time to enjoy the present and see what is right in front of you, only to realize what you had too late. It's basically an all-encompassing story about the flaws of human nature trying to cope with the realities of life and what we lose in the process of hiding, escaping, and idealizing what can simply never be.It also does a great job at exploring the various levels of what it feels like to be in love: the good times, the bad times, the unrequited, the forbidden, the feelings of ecstasy, the lust of course, the heartbreak, the letting go, the pleasure, revealing one's inner self, idealizations of love, the sadness, and everything in between. I think that it really does explore all these elements, and quite well, too. It's an honest film that bravely tackles all these elements.The acting across the board is quite stellar, but then again, it'd better be good considering that this film amassed a great deal of talent like Tony Leung, Ziyi Zhang, Faye Wong, Gong Li, and more. Tony Leung as Chow was probably the best performance as the lovesick writer living too much in the past and not in the present, and he believably performs a wide variety of elements like love, regret, sadness, humor, and also empathy towards these women he meets, like helping Faye Wong's character, Wang Jin Wen, muster the courage to run off with her Japanese boyfriend, or helping out Ziyi Zhang's Bai Ling character even after their relationship has ended.That's not to say the other actors were slackers. Oh, hell no. In fact, I don't think I would be able to accurately sum up all the great performances because there are so many in this film, and especially as they are all so different from one another. The simplest way is to say that all of the acting is absolutely stellar. This is a great example of doing an ensemble film well.As this film is a multi-genre piece, there is a lot for a viewer to find here for entertainment. But in its simplest form, it is a phenomenal drama with the great support of romance, science-fiction, and fantasy deepening the quality of the film-making and storytelling elements. It's a very story-oriented film with rich characters and an unusual premise, bolstered by beautiful visuals and a superb soundtrack. There is never a dull moment or a lack of wonder to behold. There is always something, even if subtle, going on at all times and you will always be eager to dig to see what lies in it. I can't properly describe the wonder, the emotional elements, or anything else about this film - you must see it for yourself to behold it in all its glory.2046 has certainly cemented itself as one of the greatest love stories of our time, and certainly one of my personal favorites. If you like any of the genres this film is classified under, or if you love any great film regardless of genre, 2046 is a must-see because of its tremendous depth and emotional power. GO. WATCH. IT. NOW.

Paul B (gb) wrote: love it...but as i'm a Mariah fan I am being biased

Cody L (ag) wrote: fun slasher with a cool concept. the identity of the killer actually surprised me and Tara Reid had a great chase scene. the final girl and the actress who played her sucked beyond belief though.

Guylherme L (kr) wrote: Voc com certeza j deve ter ouvido falar de Len: The Professional (1994), aclamado filme de Luc Besson, alguma vez na sua vida. Se no, voc j deve ter visto alguma citao do filme com a cara da Mathilda (Natalie Portman na sua verso antes do Shippuden) ou algum postzinho dela com suas roupas extravagantes ou fumando um cigarrinho enquanto descanda aps sofrer os abusos de seus pais. Porm, The Professional muito mais do que um filme cult adorado pelos indies, hipsters e seres esquisitos que habitam os confins do Tumblr de planto. um filme que fala sobre abuso infantil, fala sobre a solido e fala sobre uma relao afetiva duvidosa, para uns apenas paternal e para as fgirls ou para os punheteiros amorosa, entre uma garota de 12 anos (totalmente sexualizada no filme) e seu "mentor", ou chame ele do que voc quiser, Len (Jean Reno, em timo papel mesmo demonstrando um cara calado e meio ingnuo, em certos pontos), o cara que d o nome ao filme e que por acaso um assassino profissional que segue firme as suas regras. Len aparentemente est na faixa dos 40 anos e vive sua vida montona e tranquila como ningum. Ele acorda cedo, faz seus exerccios matinais, bebe seus copos de leite (aparentemente ele no bebe outra coisa que no seja leite), cuida da sua plantinha e quando necessrio sai para comprar mais caixas de leite. Porm, tudo muda quando seu vizinho assassinado pelo oficial da narcticos Stansfield (Gary Oldman, sempre timo o meu Garyzinho) e a filha dele, que nutre uma amizade com Len, decide se vingar pela morte do seu irmo, um inocente menino de 4 anos que foi assassinado apenas por estar l. A partir da, Mathilda convence Len de ensin-la a matar e tenta dar um pouco de cor para a vida do assassino, mesmo que esse relutante sobre trazer a garota para seu perigoso mundo. Agora, me desculpem, mas se voc por acaso shippa Mathilda e Len eu tenho que te dar um certificado de doento da porra, porque quem romantiza lolita pra mim no mnimo tem uns probleminhas bem srios pra serem tratados. Mesmo com o filme hipersexualizando a menina e tornando ela mais "adulta", a criana est l a todo momento, uma criana atormentada pelos traumas familiares e que desconta tudo no cigarro. O mnimo que se pode considerar de uma relao amorosa entre os dois protagonistas do longa pra mim platnica, com Mathilda vendo em Lon a figura do Heri. Para mim, o ponto alto do filme saber dosar entre ambos os personagens, construindo sua relao de dependncia com maestria, mas no me desce esse papo de relao amorosa entre os dois. O Profissional um timo filme de ao, daqueles que no so apenas tiros e superficiais. Vale a pena dar uma conferida, antes que seja morto por um atirador em treinamento.

Madeline M (es) wrote: This has the same histrionic costume drama vibe as La Reine Margot but I liked it much more, probably because it feels less self-indulgent (although it's still about as self-indulgent as, like, There Will Be Blood) and more self-skeptical. It helps that Isabelle Adjani's performance is in such a different style from everyone else's - it drives home the feeling of isolation and alienation. And the art is really great, of course.

James Y (gb) wrote: wow, i cant believe that i saw this one, ONLY SEE THIS ONE IF YOU ARE AN ED WOOD FAN. it plays like a public service announcement more then a movie or even a film.

Kevin R (gb) wrote: He is searching for himself.John Murdoch wakes up with a knife in his hand, a dead prostitute at his feet, and a strange scientist in his face telling him to run. He discovers a strange world that is dark all of the time, people seem to change daily, and strange beings are crawling across the countryside and hunting him down. He also has a detective after him due to murder. Can John find his wife and find a way out of this strange land?"It seems you've discovered your unpleasant nature."Alex Proyas, director of The Crow; I, Robot; Garage Days; Knowing; and the upcoming Gods of Egypt, delivers Dark City. The storyline for this picture is entertaining and fun to watch unfold. I adored the settings, character, and overall premise. The acting is also first rate and the cast includes Rufus Sewell, Kiefer Sutherland, William Holden, Jennifer Connelly, and Melissa George."You feeling any urges I should know about?"I came across this on HBOGO and decided to watch it again for the first time in a long time. This is a very interesting movie that was worth a viewing but isn't as good as similar films in the genre (this actually reminded me In the Mouth of Madness). This isn't perfect, but it is worth a viewing."You have lost your memory."Grade: C+