La bani, la cap, la oase

La bani, la cap, la oase

Too soft and innocent for the job they do, HARPOON and THE BAPTIST are two money collectors that don't collect much, except for kicks and bruises. As they try in vain to fulfill their contracts, they get involved in a robbery and decide to go for a change in their lives: they will start collecting for themselves.

Too soft and innocent for the job they do, HARPOON and THE BAPTIST are two money collectors that don't collect much, except for kicks and bruises. As they try in vain to fulfill their ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Avid C (nl) wrote: Women in Trouble has bright colors and several captivating story lines. It's all about sex really, but isn't life about sex? Of course it is.The ideas presented in this movie are of the open-minded sort, which I adore, to the exception of the recurring fact that anybody in the sex industry should be trying to get out. Beyond that, you get taken in for a nice ride, with events that surprises you at time. It's a bit quirky, funny in passing, and never dull.The acting is good. However, it could have been better but that might be the fault of the scenario or the director. The rest is pretty much invisible, which makes for fine entertainment. The only negative would be that the whole could have been a little bit tighter, more researched.If you're looking for a bit of drama, a bit of sex, some laughs, and a jumble of scenes all about women that tie up together, then you should watch it.

007 W (us) wrote: No absolutely not, this is absolutely awful, this is one of the worst movies ever, I'm done, this movie has raped everyone

Ali K (jp) wrote: I have probably said this about a couple of movies before but without a doubt this is the best movie to show how sickening war is, this is the best war movie for non-action junkies. though executed quite dreadfully, performance was poor apart from Jang's and the atmosphere provided by music will fail to get it sucked into it as intended. It's still a must watch for the that terrible story (In a good way).

Tighe G (au) wrote: A fantastic look at the world of television and sitcoms today. Only Lynch could pull this off

Abi V (es) wrote: A lovely film about love and life.

Alex S (gb) wrote: The intriguing symbolism is the only thing that saved this movie from a complete disaster. It had enough to get a decent rating, but it was rather disappointing. Robert Altman seems to think that making his movies slow, long, and overdramatic is going to help, but it doesn't, as seen by this and Gosford Park.

Carlos I (ag) wrote: Pretty cool little spookhouse flick. Horrible acting, and the kills leave a bit to be desired, but the score is creepy as hell.

Patrick D (jp) wrote: An amazing spagetti western by a horror director.

James M (us) wrote: Occasionally amusing farce.

Michael H (br) wrote: A surprising film about the damage that inner rage can do to one's own life. A fine, little seen film with strong performances. This movie could be a rich source of material for audition and competition scenes for two actors.

Zhanyi J (au) wrote: I really enjoyed this movie. Impressive effects for 1933. Good crime thriller story.

Kyle E (nl) wrote: Let The Silence Fall By LiveWihtStyle

Matthew O (es) wrote: We all know that Pixar is known for making so many great films, and almost every one of them previous to this film have been phenomenal. Since THE INCREDIBLES did so well, you'd think possibilities for story and characters would be endless for Pixar now that they know what to do with human characters. So, they thought it would be a great idea to do a movie about cars. Wait, what?From the basis of that idea, it sounds terrible. We've seen the idea of vehicles come to life so many times before. Maybe they could do something with humans and do something creative with it because we all know that we manufactured cars. Oh, everything is a car in this world? Then how were these cars manufactured? How did they manage to build their own cities and towns... or anything? Why do they have eyes on their windshield instead of their headlights, wouldn't that make more sense? Why are some of the vehicles animals? Tractors as cows, a combine as a bull, Volkswagen Bugs as... bugs? You know, if you're going to make a movie about cars, you could at least make the jokes clever. There aren't even that many car jokes in this movie. Also, the whole movie didn't even need to have cars come to life anyway, you could make them anything and it wouldn't matter. The film is basically your typical story of a guy who learns the value of hard work after getting dragged down from the high point of his career. I've seen that story and these characters so many times already. The moral has been done to death, too. The moral is that you should enjoy the values that life gives you and there's a lot more to it than just winning. So, the idea of having cars come to life was completely pointless and it doesn't make any sense with the rest of the story. And this movie is very long for an animated movie, almost two hours! It's easily one of the most boring Pixar films I've ever seen. I didn't even care about it as a kid, and this movie was aimed at my demographic.I'm probably sounding like I hate this movie, but I really don't. I hear that this is what director John Lasseter always wanted to do, make a movie where cars come to life. I can respect that. I know a lot of people like this film and I can see why. It's very harmless, there's nothing offensive in it at all, and there aren't really any bad morals. The animation looks really nice. You can tell that they really wanted the cars to look good and move right. And the landscapes are beautiful to look at. But for my standpoint, I just found CARS kind of dumb. This movie is from Pixar, they are a lot smarter than this and they've proved they can do so much better. But I guess I'm just not the target audience. The demographic is mainly kids 10 & under, or people who are obsessed with cars. If you like the movie, great. I just could not get into it.Grade: C

Tim M (kr) wrote: Larry David is so annoying he has two first names. Stick to writing. Aside from him, the cast is great: Hader, Hamm, Hudson, Keaton, McBride, Mendes, Schreiber, and Smoove! Funny story, but not hilarious.