La Bête Humaine

La Bête Humaine

In this classic adaptation of Emile Zola's novel, a tortured train engineer falls in love with a troubled married women who has helped her husband commit a murder. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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La Bête Humaine torrent reviews

Shae S (ca) wrote: (3.5/5) Some really cool lighting and camera effects.

Julie L (nl) wrote: i love movies with bon jovi.

Kristin R (au) wrote: So cheesy but cute! Quite a few moments that made me smile! A kids movie, but great all the same.

Peter S (es) wrote: This is, so far, not only the worst musical I've ever seen, but even the worst movie. I'm sorry, but Lars von trier and Bjrk do not know how to make an effective musical. I do believe that 6 fantasy musical numbers, bad ones, used as an escape from all the troubles Bjrk is facing through the overly long, misguided poor excuse of a film this is is not a musical. That's a drama with some singing. Her voice sounds incredibly underdeveloped, everyone else sounds like they're singing for the first time, the cinematography is laughable and the only other movie that I can say is repetitive as this one is the room (2003). My main complaint is when you're watching a musical, you escape into a fantasy world where all conflicts are resolved at the end, or at least ends happily enough and you can't stop tapping your feet, or at the very least, the plot is compelling, the music is excellent, and if it does end tragically, they deserve it, like in Sweeney Todd. This film has none of that. This film is Bjrk falling into worse and worse traps, while using her own bad music to escape. It's like a musical version of shawshank. Oh yeah, spoiler alert though: most musicals don't end with the protagonist getting hung. Except by that point, you're ready for the movie to be over with that you really couldn't care if she did or didn't get hung. I would not recommend this movie to my worst enemy

william m (ag) wrote: An engaging thriller with an unconventional resolution.

Adam P (es) wrote: " What I lack in brute strength, I TOTALLY make up for in speed and agility!"Brilliance.

Jack G (es) wrote: Great music, okay acting, fantastic feel for a time and place in underground (but also BIG) American culture. As an old-school hip hop fan this has some really dope shit.

Purity F (us) wrote: I could only watch this brutal film in sections, sometimes with a day or two in between. At the end, I felt physically ill. What an amazing feat of film making. I would have eliminated the visual of bells at the end, and perhaps shortened the viewing time for the chapter intro landscapes, but changed nothing else. The casting was genius, and the script heart-wrenching. I could not watch this a second time. The characters become so real, the narrative becomes part of your own. Lars von Trier is unbelievably talented. In my view, he's in the same league as Fellini, Antonioni and Bergman.

Robert I (es) wrote: I would totally party with Kogo Shuko. Best movie Scott Wolf ever made. One of my favorite sci-fi action films... wait, its based on a video game? Never heard of it.

Timm S (es) wrote: Just Sit Back And Enjoy The Ride. What A Life It Would Be To Rob Banks & Ride Waves...I Actually Considered It At One Point...And Then I Grew Up, Got A Proper Hair Cut, Got A Job...Settled Down. But After 100+ Times?? Watching This, I Still Love The Soundtrack & The Spiritual Questions Around Surfing It Raises.

Denise C (au) wrote: Visually beautiful, with finely nuanced performances from Browning, Cooper and Stevens.