La buena vida

La buena vida

Fourteen year old Tristan has two ultimate ambitions in his life. Firstly, to become a successful writer and secondly, to lose his virginity while his parents are away on vacation.

Fourteen year old Tristan has two ultimate ambitions in his life. Firstly, to become a successful writer and secondly, to lose his virginity while his parents are away on vacation. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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L vin K (ca) wrote: Welcome to a madcap roller coaster ride through a world that most Indian Netizens are not very familiar with, the India that we've kind of forgotten exists, the badlands of UP and its small villages, their on-going caste wars, con-men and utter lawlessness. Using the colourful, invective laced language that characterises the region, it proceeds to poke fun at the madness that passes for everyday life in most such places. And it simultaneously makes us laugh and think, to feel for characters so nicely etched that we cheer even when they're breaking the law. it's a slow start with a little shaky introduction, one that leaves us baffled, I mean... what just happened!? Then, the great duo comes in, and my my, what a performance by both! Special credit goes to Arshad Warsi for getting back his Munnabhai dialect. For a change, even Balan shone bright! As for the direction of the first half, it's good, but a person tends to get bored at times. I know I did. The whole plot isn't clear till about 40 minutes into the movie. Not a really convincing interval, but well... first part's over! And then comes the second. The movie suddenly picks up the pace and you find yourself engaged! A love triangle builds up amongst Shah, Warsi and Balan (Quote, Warsi: "Vah! Tera Ishq Ishq Hai, Mera Ishq sex."). The excitement grows and the one-liners ("Chutiyam Sulphate", "Chuttad Dhone Se Pehle Tancha Chalana Seekhte Hai")... and the way they're said, it's just BRILLIANT! Kudos to Abhihskek for a brilliant debut, and kudos to Vishal Bhardwaj for being the genius he is, the one-liners and music are amazing! For a change, good cinematography and good editing do their job as well. And that's why it rocks - because all basics are perfect

carlos c (ag) wrote: a little real for me

Kirstin N (es) wrote: This is a really horrible movie. I feel like I lost 2 hours of my life that I can't get back.

Judge L (fr) wrote: Should have turned this off right after I saw the BC license plate on the car when it is suppose to be taking place in the US..Props Fail..DP Fail..Director Fail..Editor Fail.....was a sign of things to come. If you see this on Netflix...skip it!

khurram m (de) wrote: a fine example of contemporary Indian cinema. this movie has absolutely touched my heart

Amanda H (it) wrote: this movie is AWSOME!!!! I love it!

Martyn O (kr) wrote: Underrated creepy tale which deserves more attention, yes it lacks a big named cast but better than a lot of modern movies.

Spencer B (ca) wrote: This movie is a big, sad, scare-the-masses train wreck that, while being an incredibly twisted view of American teenaged life, still manages to entertain, mostly because of how bad it is.The dialogue was written by somebody Uwe Boll picked up off the street. The actors are Uwe's usual stock, and are nice and crappy. Together, they manage to make the most dramatic moments absolutely ridiculous, which, considering this is Boll, is definitely a good thing.Now, understand, there is some really messed up crap going down in this movie, but it tries to be so serious that it ultimately comes off as laughable. My friend put it best: Uwe Boll isn't suggesting that this COULD happen in YOUR town, he's suggesting that THIS IS EVERY SINGLE TOWN IN AMERICA. Because, you know, being German and all, he knows America.This movie is a farce wearing the disguise of a darker, deeper, more serious film. The combined ineptitude of the actors and the script, along with Boll's general style, it becomes nothing short of a ridiculous quote GOLD MINE.It's cheesy and nasty and pretentious. And you have to laugh at it. Because if you don't laugh, you'll cry.

Claudette A (nl) wrote: A bit of a fun story about a teen falling pregnant & her ambitions fall out the window. As she tries to get her life on track, her husbands tries to destroys her with his stupidity.

Sam M (jp) wrote: Very funny and deserves a rewatch considering the pace of the film.

Janika Maria B (us) wrote: This is the hand saying: NEXT

Rob S (ag) wrote: Knowing this film was written by Tarantino, it was a no-brainer that it would be violent and rich in dialogue. It also seemed like a strange title since Tarantino has never directed a romance story, and this movie is only devoted to the titular romance at certain moments. Rather than focusing on the actual romance, this film primarily focuses on the aftermath of Clarence's decision to "rescue" Alabama from her pimp. What I mean by this is that the movie is driven by the fact that people are after Clarence once he steals some cocaine as well as by Clarence's sense of freedom by sitting on a fortune as long as he sells the coke. The romance is something that compliments this story.When the romance is actually given attention in the film it proves to be interesting. Clarence learns that Alabama is a prostitute who his boss had hired to show Clarence a good time on his birthday, and this makes no difference to his feelings for Alabama. She is touched that he genuinely had a good time with her - the greatest time he has had with a girl in his whole life. Sex is not the deciding factor here; Clarence loves Alabama for who she is, what she loves, her comforting presence. Perhaps this is the meaning of the title - the romance is formed regardless of the situation of how the two met. The two are together throughout the movie, but it is a shame that most of the film focuses on the crime Clarence becomes involved in rather than the dynamics of this relationship.This movie is made up of a stellar cast, and it is a shame that a good amount of recognizable names are only in the film very briefly. Though Tarantino only wrote this film we see a lot of faces found in films which he directed: Brad Pitt, Samuel L Jackson, Christopher Walken, and Chris Penn. Christian Slater as Clarence is a perfect fit for the role though he is not a well-known actor. He adds great personality to Clarence who is a true Tarantino character, defined by his taste in pop culture, as well as just a touch of craziness to make his desperation believable.Perhaps it is because this film is directed by Tony Scott and not Tarantino, but True Romance is a decent story which lacks Tarantino-level energy, especially in its action sequences. True Romance is a fun experience if you keep in mind it is a screenplay by Tarantino in his early days.3.0/4.0

Eric O (br) wrote: carney does it again