La búsqueda

La búsqueda

A family is taken hostage by a trio of criminals. The father is killed, and the daughter swears revenge.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:89 minutes
  • Release:1985
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:rape,   revenge,   hostage,  

A family is taken hostage by a trio of criminals. The father is killed, and the daughter swears revenge. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


La búsqueda torrent reviews

Jess S (fr) wrote: wanna see it in 3D now

Tyson P (us) wrote: nothing too special, dead space downfall was better, this ones not to bad though

Ashley T (jp) wrote: Watching this movie in class put me in a really good mood. It's such a beautiful movie with it's simple script and unique imagery of NYC. I loved this.

joie m (us) wrote: This is my kind of movie. Great, low-key acting. Disturbing themes. Sad love.

Brandon V (ca) wrote: It's been a while since I've seen it, but I recall it being rather weak. Noah Fleiss is a very attractive young man, but his performance here is lifeless and one-note. As is the story, for that matter. Scene after scene gets set up with real potential, and then nothing interesting happens. It's not a horrible movie, there's just not much to distinguish it from the rest of the independent coming-of-age genre.

Robert C (ca) wrote: If I come under fire for any of my reviews I will most certainly agree it will be because of niche comedies. All critics employ a certain bias at some point, if they deny it they are full of shit. This was in the hayday of comedies like this and I think the reason it was slammed so hard is because films like Happy Gilmore and such were coming out at this time. One interesting note is this story and screenplay is that it was among the first batches of scripts that now Mega-director Judd Apatow penned and it has some of his comedy sensibilities in it. I am a huge fan of his even though he disappoints me on just as regular of a basis. If theres ever a genre that paid critics miss the mark on its comedy. Most of them are too old to have a sense of humor to follow the progression of the genre. In my opinion not a bad film.

Jack A (ru) wrote: This film has a playful narrative, striking visuals, and anomalous characters.

Scott J (kr) wrote: Pretty standard haunted house fare.

Edward C (ru) wrote: Destroy All Monsters(1968)Directed By:Ishiro HondaMy ReviewI wasn't sure if I would enjoy this one too much,cause all of the other Godzilla films I've seen recently were disappointing to me. But then I put in my DVD for this one and from start to finish it felt like a fun nice, family monster movie. Just a little disappointing with all of the human scenes that are not so interesting which is what killed it for me in the films I saw before this one.When the film started it opened up nicely,you get a narration of the time and setting,are informed of the monsters location and just which monsters are there. It was pretty cool seeing all those Kaiju on screen. The monsters that appear in the film(some of which are cameos)are Godzilla (and son), Mothra, Rodan and Ghidorah... and even tosses in Anzilla, Baragon, Goro, Wendra, Spiga,Varan,and Kumonga-the spider. Their is a race of evil aliens known as Kilaaks,who are controlling the monsters and send Godzilla to New York whichj looked cool. I couldn't remember who they sent for the other monsters. I enjoyed seeing all the monsters whenever they would go to a destination and wreck the place. The suits do always look cool in these Kaiju movies.I'm not one for their soundtracks though just the original Godzilla theme. Everyone's favorite highlight of the film is when the monsters are finally freed of their control but the Kilaaks send Ghidra the three headed monster from outer space, but all of the monsters use their special attacks,it was loads of fun. I give Destroy All Monsters a three and a half out of five.

Ben S (fr) wrote: Kind of fun to watch in spots but also dated, no movie as slight as "Sex and the Single Girl" should have a runtime of 114 minutes.

Duncan K (br) wrote: I kind of enjoyed this because I was part of a highschool drumline at one point. However the story is a bit weak.

Linda M (es) wrote: Had to see this one due to the fact we built Pandora Peaks house. Not really worth it.