La casa prohibida

La casa prohibida

Three sex workers and three pimps, wacky complications.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:1981
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
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Brendan N (mx) wrote: This is definitely right up there with some of the best films of the year. It isn't in the same league as something like Love, Manchester by the Sea or Moonlight but as an entertaining neo western thriller, this film had me glued to the screen. This film is visually stunning and the relentless storytelling never lets up, the ending is offbeat and gripping. Bridges steals the show as always but Pine and Foster have a connection that maintains the film away from the confronting action.

Spencer S (nl) wrote: Gus Holwerda tries to get us to think about the bigger picture, and the way the universe is built, but instead he brown noses Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss throughout this documentary. There have been better, more in-depth, and thoughtfully edited documentaries on this subject. Holwerda follows these two men around, and lets them speak about subjects precluding to atheism/agnosticism/humanism, so at first it seems to be about them touring the world speaking about their work, but it devolves from there. Soon we're interviewing different atheist personas, looking at bigger and more important subjects, and looking at a worldwide conference. These moments go by so quickly that it makes you wonder why they were included it at all. Holwerda also cuts away from speeches to show scenes of the actual travel, with moody musical accompaniment that isn't needed. I wanted to see more of the talks these men give, and them talking about touring the world. There were definitely some interesting ideas spouted and expanded upon, but the narrative didn't quite string along seamlessly, and that really created dissonance with the audience.

Paul D (it) wrote: A nice cast, but every actor seems miscast within their role, with perhaps Emily Blunt the most comfortable in her lightly comic performance. It's generally just a silly comedy that probably should never have got made.

Katie R (ag) wrote: I had to turn off this movie an hour in. Too weird and pointless.

Clara V (mx) wrote: It was okay.. I seen better musical movies. Beyonce was okay she is fit more for musicals than real acting.

Vanessa F (es) wrote: Excellent movie. i thought it was better than the 2nd one but there is a toss up between this one and the 1st one for which is the best.

Lady D (ru) wrote: A made for tv version of the story based on the real life Serial Killer John Wayne Gacy and as a result it's not a particularly well acted piece. It's a no thrills, straight forward telling of the horrific murders, but it at least tells the events of the remorseless Man.

Frances H (ca) wrote: Second of two remakes of the classic sci fi flick The Invasion of the Body Snatchers, this one less faithful to the original than the Donald Sutherland remake.

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Henry W (gb) wrote: Barbarella, Queen of the Galaxy, leaves you wishing for more in many ways. The narrative was certainly lacking and the sexually driven, tense, action moments leave a bad taste in your mouth. If it wasn't for the fantastic writing and amazing acting by Jane Fonda I feel this movie would fall very flat. These redeeming factors manage to actually pull this movie through the sloppily created world of scientific fantasy and actually create a fantastically memorable movie to remember and pull out at parties for the film lovers. The costume work was also fantastic and it helped that Jane was absolutely gorgeous throughout the film. It is certainly a spectacle and it most certainly has plenty plot holes. However, I thoroughly enjoyed the first half and the second half was only saved by the far and few jokes which were actually quite funny. Liked it and will be recommending it to the people that love campy films and are not too reserved sexually.

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Art S (us) wrote: Set in a New Mexican nowhereland, Robert Montgomery's weird noir casts himself in the lead as an alienated GI hunting down a war profiteer (with strange hearing aid) who killed his friend. He is assisted by Thomas Gomez as Pancho, Wanda Hendrix as Pila, and Art Smith as Retz, who take a liking to him for no apparent reason, because he is not a nice guy (and does not have nice motives). Perhaps you could say he is rehabilitated through his stay in the small town and his contact with these kind souls and this reaffirmation of community is what is needed for the post-war period when people felt jaded and burnt.