La chance de ma vie

La chance de ma vie

Julien Monnier has a serious problem. Though he's a brilliant couples counselor, he can't keep a woman in his life for more than two weeks. Indeed, ever since his childhood, Julien jinxes every woman who falls in love with him. But it's not just any small jinx. It's the kind that sends you to the hospital several times a week, that destroys your professional life or that turns your friends into enemies. Julien is strictly speaking a true black cat for women. Joanna Sorini will soon learn this at her expense the day she meets him. A career that's just taking off, a love life that finally seems to be taking a good turn, all that may just change.

Ever since he can remember, Julien is bad luck to every woman he dates, with disastrous results. But just when he accepts he'll never find true love, he meets the beautiful, sexy Joanna. And much to her expense, he just can't help himself. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Valentina K (jp) wrote: A very fascinating film that shows the raw fear, confusion, and judgement that goes on in the modeling industry.

Kyle S (it) wrote: Brilliant all around with exceptional performances.

mahdi h (us) wrote: and that's just because of mary elizabeth winstead body. the movie sucks biggggggggggggggggggg

Christopher C (kr) wrote: A mixture of poor quality from the legend of Bloody Mary and The Ring (FAIL regarding the makeup of Mary ... A mix between Ringu and The Exorcist.) Worthy of a film of the 90s; graphically and intellectually, this film deserves to end his life collecting dust in a video club.

Adam G (mx) wrote: Again, Greenwald's style is amateurish at best, but the information he presents us with is pointed and hard to ignore.

Pamela O (jp) wrote: One of the most erotic and sensuous films I've ever seen. I loved it..<3

ChillinDylan G (jp) wrote: The most shocking movie I have ever seen - makes movies like Serbian Film and Salo look really, really tame. The animal killings are really rough - the turtle scene is as bad as it gets. Violent, graphic rape scenes. Give it credit for being the first real found footage film, and the story and set-up are interesting, as is the fact that they used actual tribesmen for the film. The apparent overall contrast of "civilized" vs "uncivilized" is pretty intriguing, though certainly over the top. Acting and dialogue is cringeworthy at times - especially the scenes cut back to "civilization". Definitely worth seeing once - and only once (though I've now seen it 3 times because others hadn't).Grade = 5/10

Ben L (nl) wrote: It is sad to be all alone in the world, thankfully I was not. My parents introduced me to this movie at a young age and it really is almost perfect. It's strage because a musical about a woman determined to marry her boss while battling white slavers sounds like absolute garbage. Yet the pieces seem to come together just fine. The story is a riotous race through the 1920s, and I love every minute of it. You really have to start by talking about the comedy in this film. Every other line seems to make me laugh out loud. Plus there is loads of good physical comedy. The songs are not only memorable, but they fit into the tone of the movie so well. They even use the music to accentuate the comedic moments from time to time. It seems like there aren't enough pure comedy musicals. Most musicals have some humor, but this one is almost more humor than music. Then there is the "terrif" cast! They really got some great actors including the superb Carol Channing who is delightful as the conscience of the film. I honestly couldn't imagine another actor filling any of these roles. Julie Andrews sings beautifully as you'd expect and the dancing everyone does (particularly in the elevator) is swell, just swell. While Thoroughly Modern Millie may not be the best musical of all time it is a very charming one that I love watching again and again.

Stuart R (ru) wrote: An overlong and pretty anemic depiction of the liberation of Paris. A few Hollywood cameos are smattered amongst the all-star European cast, but many of the action and crowd sequences are simply leftover stock footage. Mad magazine's spoof "Is Paris Boring" is right on the money.

Ian H (kr) wrote: Quite enjoyable film about a doctor, with a unknown past questioned by a jealous colleague, who has it all and gives it all: a social-conscience, compassion, love for humanity and an abiding friendship. Plenty of laughs together with serious moments and themes -- and some crazy far-out ones too.

Peter N (jp) wrote: We've seen similar horror thrillers handled much more gracefully, but it has a few high points.

Paul D (ru) wrote: The opening action shots are strong, but there is a plethora of over-acting throughout in what is a thoughtless action thriller.

Frances H (jp) wrote: Good, but not as good as the first one.

Paula P (nl) wrote: So bored I fell asleep