La ciudad perdida

La ciudad perdida


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La ciudad perdida torrent reviews

Zora L (mx) wrote: i can't wait for u for 1 year and 1 month, i can't wait for u until u turn 25, but i have waited for u all my life.

Shaleen G (de) wrote: I enjoyed this movie. Ii did not know Woody Allen had anything to do with because I cannot stand his movies but this was exception. This grumpy old man who thinks there is noting in life works his unintentional magic and saves the lives of others.

Collin R (jp) wrote: hilarious horror movie so in other words its awful

Brian C (gb) wrote: Really wnated to see, hoepfully it was good

Nicola W (fr) wrote: well this was disappointing. not will ferrell's funniest moment. I only liked it cos it was about football

Joshua L (it) wrote: i luv the lessons and sum of the visuals of this film but i dont think it was great

James R (ca) wrote: Wesley Snipes stars as a drug dealer in New York City.

Denise R (au) wrote: it was good, but a little boring at times.kind of drawn out too much. needs a little more action or something.

Benny B (ca) wrote: After the commercial and critical flop of 'Inferno', Argento returned to his 'giallo' staple with his most personal and overtly sexual film, 'Tenebre'. Its up there with 'The Bird with the Crystal Plumage' and 'Deep Red' as one of the best giallos ever made by Argento.

Eric F (au) wrote: "The Wild Child", which has recently been rereleased in a new print, is a story not unfamiliar to movie-goers. It's based on the true story of "The Wild Boy of Aveyron" - a young boy who was found in France in 1798 living in the forests. Many experts now assume that the child had autism, and thus the efforts to teach the child were largely unsuccessful. The story argues that man is civilized only through morality and language, and although the boy was never able to talk, he was considered a mild success only by making positive moral judgments. If you look in recent film history, one of the most recent examples of a retelling of the story is Michel Gondry's 2001 film "Human Nature", with Rhys Ifans playing the "wild child" in question.The wild child in this film is a charismatic 12-year-old boy played by Jean-Pierre Cargol. As a performer, he's utterly convincing getting across everything from fear to compassion without using any words. The doctor in the film, who takes the child to the National Institute of the Deaf and Dumb in Paris in order to make him "civilized", is played by the legendary director of the film himself, Francois Truffaut. Truffaut was one of the most noteworthy directors of the French New Wave, and "The Wild Child" can almost be taken as a companion piece to his other films like "The 400 Blows" and "Stolen Kisses".Dr. Itard, in an effort to humanize this child, gives him the name Victor after noticing the boy taking a sort of liking to it. Victor, although distant, is very clever and tricky. For instance, when he's asked to place the letters of the alphabet in order, he piles them in sorted stacks so it has nothing to do with pattern recognition but moreso placing each letter down in the order that they stood. Once these letters are scrambled, the boy goes back to placing the letters in the way he thought he'd mastered. Itard, no matter how "civilized" he may be, is often a step or two behind the resourceful child.The film moves along very much like the scenario I just mentioned. The doctor will come up with a plan to civilize the child, and the child will cooperate but not in exactly the way Itard had hoped. Rather than wanting to learn, Victor completes the tasks only for a drink of water, which he enjoys whilst staring out the window and reminiscing of his past. His distance and lack of interest in learning certainly illustrates the "autistic" argument.There's nothing wrong with "The Wild Child", other than that in 2008 is not exactly new ground. The story, as it is, is very minimalistic and small in scale, and at times my mind wandered as I felt I had seen/read this story before. That being said, however, it's worth seeing for good performances and some very beautiful black and white photography. I'm not sure it holds up completely, but it's still a good film.

Panda K (ru) wrote: I am sorry but the end just erased every trace of good thought I had made watching this movie. Totally regret it. Really stupid, there could have been a lot more interesting things done with the plot. I guess it was a straightforward american movie for the american public... and what is the conclusion supposed to be?!?!? Deprive your child of a mother so you can "protect" a stranger's one + get his mommy killed for a thanks.. wtf... the main character is not hard to hate when you see this. She comes off as a hypocrate and only oriented toward her carrier no matter the cost is ruining a bunch of lives for it.. pffff... no comment!

Richard S (us) wrote: Anther Road film with Crosby & Hope.

Justin S (ru) wrote: Ooo, Ukraine. I studied that country once in school.

Isabella T (it) wrote: For the record, I have to say that I find it amusing that an action movie involving a stripper/anti-hero as the main character (starring none other than the lovely Pamela Anderson) can have any real theatrical themes with "Casablanca". But, I digress. While Pam Anderson had a similar role in a television show with the exact same premise as "Barb Wire", this film really doesn't have anything going for it; the acting is either incredibly over the top, or in Pam Anderson's case, you really can't tell what they're doing with their role. None of her lines really lean on comedic camp or actual drama (though again, with this premise I can't take this movie seriously at all), so you can't tell what flavor this movie is.

Will L (nl) wrote: What could easily have gone the way of 'Blues Brothers 2000' thankfully leans more towards that of 'Anchorman 2'. It's essentially more of the same, but I definitely liked it. Don't expect it to be quite as funny as the first one, but you'll laugh. There are also a couple of cameos that cracked me up.

Ryan P (de) wrote: One of my favorite films! This movie is stylishly directed, incredibly shot, and smartly written.

Matt C (us) wrote: This is pretty much completely aimed at toddlers...the humour for the accompanying adult really isn't there,nothing wrong with that though. My 3 year old son was in hysterics at the the rodent and his acorn so clearly something here is working well. The story itself is good enough, animation pretty patchy but this is a good watch with your toddler for a cozy Sunday evening.