La comédie humaine

La comédie humaine


The story revolves around a Spring, a hitman from mainland China who is on a mission in Hong Kong with his partner Setting Sun. However, Spring falls ill and comes under the care of a screenwriter by the name of Soya and they find themselves developing into a tight and everlasting friendship. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Adriano B (kr) wrote: Evil mastermind VS good guy: it would be a mediocre action-thriller flick if not for the former, portrayed by the "Black Prince" Hiroshi Tamaki: a son of a bitch like few, capable of taking an orphanage full of people loving him as hostages with poisonous gas and trying of blasting the nicest gal among them with a grenade. Yes, that kind of guy, the awesome one.

Clara V (ru) wrote: it should have been called a scarface knockoff!

Nico P (ru) wrote: I'm torn about this movie. On the one hand, I'd recommend it to everyone, hence the 4.5 stars -- this project is so unique, and to watch these individuals' lives unfold is gripping in unexpected ways. On the other hand, as several reviewers point out, you end up feeling that you haven't learned much other than minutia of these people's lives. It seems difficult, almost impossible, to follow more than a half-dozen people over the course of their entire lives and not glean any general life lessons. Sadly there are no such lessons to be found in this film.

Ed K (ru) wrote: Slow but thorough. The ending shot is pretty epic, and pretty.

Frederick M (ag) wrote: An excellent documentary about the many flaws of the US prison system. Even people who can prove with DNA evidence that they did not commit crimes have trouble getting released from prison. Once released, former prisoners are very seldom compensated for the part of their life that they lost. The most touching stories are from the men who were on death row and managed to prove their innocence with the help of the Innocence Project. The United States of America, the only "democracy" on Earth that executes their prisoners.

Francisco S (au) wrote: Funny but nothing new than the first movie. Good cast and good screenplay.

Grant S (gb) wrote: I assume that this was meant to be a comedy, as it starred Dennis Leary. Problem is, it isn't funny. Not much good as a drama either.Pretty contrived, predictable, unfunny and boring.

Muffin M (ag) wrote: I have this in a pack with: * The Mechanic (1972) * Mr Majestyk * 10 To Midnight * Murphy's Law (1986)

D M (es) wrote: What starts out as a typical 80s college-age kids comedy, quickly becomes a gory horror story. A waxwork opens in a neighborhood (zoning laws?) and some oh-so-cool college kids decide to pay the place a visit one night. Not all return so a police officer investigates. Not happy with the lack of progress in the investigation, a couple of the kids head back to museum to snoop around. Once one crosses the threshold of the display you enter its horrifying reality. Very good, all the elements I love in a film!

Patrick L (gb) wrote: I liked this film as well.

Rodney M (br) wrote: Very funny. movie. Enjoyed it.