La Cosecha

La Cosecha

When the law isn't on their side, these migrant workers must do much more than pick apples to keep the American dream alive.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:17 minutes
  • Release:2010
  • Language:English
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When the law isn't on their side, these migrant workers must do much more than pick apples to keep the American dream alive. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lanky Man P (mx) wrote: With a film title like that, what are you gonna expect? Hopefully expect the awesomeness that you'll get.

Tyler V (de) wrote: Can't believe I didn't recognize badass John Boyega (Moses) in The Force Awakens. My bad, John Boyega.

Manu G (nl) wrote: Innocence isn't lost. It's taken.Good Film! This film is very well played by all actors, including the young girls, directed beautifully and using both impressive scenery and great costumes. Eva Green played a complex character, easy to sympathize with at times, easy to loathe at others. She carried this film almost to perfection. While the beginning of the film is effective due to its period authenticity and performances, the story itself is somewhat sleight. I realize that the opening hour and a half or so is needed to allow for the stellar final twenty minutes, but maybe the danger could have been alluded to earlier. Every emotion and feeling is conveyed by expert story telling, such as the mood of the scene and the body language of actresses. They draw viewers into their world, and into their feelings. One can easily tell Miss G's attraction, confusion and panic; Di's jealousy and Fiamma's emotional change throughout the film. Such an empathy inducing film is rarely seen nowadays. The cinematography by John Mathieson finds both the haunting beauty of the isolated St. Mathilde's School and the splendid panoramas of nature add immeasurably to the film as does the musical score by Javier Navarette - a score that combines Anglican hymns with gentle piano music. This is a triumph for all concerned and bodes well for the career of Jordan Scott. That being said, Jordan Scott you are a genius! Needless to say, I'm looking forward to see more of your work. Within the confines of a strict, all-girls English boarding school (circa 1930s), a clique students participate on the swim team not only to pass the time, but to be close to their swimming instructor, the enigmatic, yet charismatic, Miss G (Eva Green). While Miss G originally encourages their idolization and crack (crush) on her, the teachers attention is quickly focused on the arrival of an exotic and beautiful Spanish foreign pupil, Fiamma (Mara Valverde). As the new girl rebuffs her classmates, and further rejects Miss Gs interest, her teammates begin to grow jealous of Miss Gs fascination with Fiamma, and resent the latters distain of their instructor, accumulating in the inexplicable disappearance of Fiamma.

Julian G (es) wrote: I really want to see this one. Partly because I'm a re-enactor, and partly because I'm a stunt extra in it!

Ken T (br) wrote: They really should ahve stopped at the first one...This one was just flat out stupid.

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Leon B (it) wrote: Review:What a terrible, pointless movie! I'm usually a fan of Michael Douglas films but this one just didn't make any sense to me. He plays a wealthy trophy hunter called Madec, who goes to the Mojave desert to hunt. He hires an experienced young tracker, Ben (Jeremy Irvine) and while they are walking around to find there prey, Madec let's of a shot which kills someone. Madec then starts to panic and he offers the tracker loads of money to keep quiet because he is in the process of closing a big deal and he doesn't want anything to damage his reputation. Whilst deciding what to do with the body, Ben tries to make a distress call to his headquarters which makes Madec angry and he goes to extreme measures to embarrass the boy. He makes him walk through the desert in his shorts, with no water or food and he uses him as a hunting tool by continuously shooting at him. This is were the storyline really didn't make any sense to me. If he wanted him dead, he had loads of chances to shoot him. If he didn't want to shoot him, he could have just left him in the desert to die. I really didn't see the point of the whole movie because Douglas started to get angry because the boy was finding caves with food, water and clothes. So my question remains, why didn't he just kill him. The ending was completely ridiculous because Madec could have easily hired a hitman to kill Ben with all of his wealth. Anyway, I'm not going to pick out all of the sketchy parts of the script because this film is really not worth the time and effort. For a Michael Douglas movie, the box office takings were also appalling and I personally thought that the performances were also pretty bad so it's really has to go down as a bad day at the office. Disappointing!Round-Up:Michael Douglas, 71, has been at the top of the movie game for some time, so it's surprising when he stars in a low budget, straight to DVD movie, which he hasn't done in some time. He recently starred in Ant-Man, which happens to be the highest grossed movie that he has ever been in, with a whopping $410million at the box office, before it's DVD release. Basic Instinct, Fatal Attraction and Disclosure are also big money earners for Douglas and I doubt that you will be surprised to know that this movie is his lowest grossed movie of all time. He's only made around 45 movies in his career which have grossed over $3Billion at the box office and he's due to star alongside Orlando Bloom, John Malkovich, Toni Collette and Noomi Rapace in Unlocked, so he can put this terrible movie behind him. This is the first English speaking movie from director Jean-Baptiste Leonitti. Although I been slating film, I think it's a combination of things that made it a disaster, so I won't totally put the blame on him. After reading the script, I'm surprised that Michael Douglas went ahead with the project because the whole thing needed a rewrite.Budget: N/AWorldwide Gross: $282,000I recommend this movie to people who are into their thrillers starring Michael Douglas and Jeremy Irvine. 2/10

Shane D (de) wrote: Ralph Bakshi took a lot of shit for this movie, but it was obviously given to him by people who only saw what they wanted to see. The problem is, people are always so quick to cry racist before they actually know what's going on. This and Heavy Traffic are perfect satires of what was going on at the time.

Tiny T (it) wrote: A fantastic horror flick. It's nice when a director comes along every now and then and reminds us what you can do with a small budget if you just have imagination.

Ian C (us) wrote: Apart from getting a serious twitch off Michelle Monaghan avoid this piece of sh*t. The normally excellent Dafoe and the watchable Dorff can't even save this piece of pig spunk.