La cravate

La cravate

A short mime adaptation of a Thomas Mann story about a Parisian urchin who makes her living selling human heads.

A short mime adaptation of a Thomas Mann story about a Parisian urchin who makes her living selling human heads. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul L (gb) wrote: I love a good redemption story! On top of that, the music in this movie is amazing! One of the best movies of 2014!

Jen G (br) wrote: So bad! Is the 15-20 minute rape scene necessary? heh, and the acting could have been so much better. Laughable...I guess....

Kylee C (it) wrote: was alright to watch on a cold a raining night

Eric H (ca) wrote: I love Stern and love Artie but don't waste your money on this movie. I saw it in the theater and should have walked out about 20 minutes in but stayed until the end. Artie can't deliver a line to save his life. Stick to the radio show Artie, that is what you do best. This sells because of Howard Stern. It has been commercialized like crazy because Artie Lange is a part of the Howard's show on Sirius Satellite Radio. He is not even that good on the show but is just my opinion. Cut to the movie, This is a bad movie! I would not mind if it was a mediocre movie but I'm actually returning it for a refund, that's how bad it was. Has no artistic value, was made for pure profits and to take advantage of Howard Stern Radio Show on Sirius - Free Advertizing.

F B (es) wrote: Great film and very though provoking

Christine D (fr) wrote: Cute just like anyother Christmas story. :-)

Yng W (es) wrote: the whole movie took place in a radio station. prob 90% was shot inside radio studio.great script and very very funny!

Shawn C (de) wrote: If you don't get the humour in this suck!

Zach Z (us) wrote: I love this movie for two reasons: It has nothing to do with the plot of the original with Van Damme, and there's actually a reason to put cyborg in the title.

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Matthew D (ru) wrote: A companion piece and counter-point to Gilliam's Brazil, the Brave New World to the earlier film's 1984. The director constructs another reality just one step away from our own, this one a tyranny of pleasure rather than the depriving of it; showing what our online sensory- and information overload, our pretentious faux-intellectual attention-demanding social media would look like given physical form. Perhaps more than any of his previous work The Zero Theorem meshes the human side in a quiet, satisfactory way (helped by a brilliant understatement from Waltz) with the philosophical points. So we get a film about a relatable person with a proper character arc as well as a film about Life, the Universe and... nothing?

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