La crisis causó dos nuevas muertes

La crisis causó dos nuevas muertes


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La crisis causó dos nuevas muertes torrent reviews

Abhilasha M (ag) wrote: The movie has some really insane humor, kept me laughing throughout, with obscenities in just the right amount. The movie somewhat reminded me of Fright Night, and there wasn't really a story to the movie. Still, I couldn't stop laughing!

Leigh F (nl) wrote: gvgddrrj!lnjl? on Dec FCC kmmjhndn. bbbhhvfzxfghjhhggggyyyyyyy

Paul W (us) wrote: Fascinating insights into the work of a master photographer over a 7 decade career. As is pointed out in the film, you would never imagine the same cinematographer worked on "The Red Shoes" and "Rambo II". Fortunately for us, Jack Cardiff turns out to be an amiable raconteur as well as a brilliant cameraman - entertaining anecdotes about Humphrey Bogarts kidneys and Kirk Douglas's athletic ability are interspersed with clips from his most accomplished films and wonderfully geeky technical details of how he achieved them.

Jim M (fr) wrote: Average monster flick

Jack M (fr) wrote: Very much Almodovar. Once again, I'll up him half a star out of appreciation for his brand. I find his sentiments too fluffy and exaggerated for my taste.

Michael L (kr) wrote: hey! its another highly stylized action flick from the pang brothers. honestly, they should stick to horror as this wasnt very good. as with all pang brothers films, it looks graet but the story was crap. the pangs are like the poor man's wachowski brothers but more prolific

Jonathan S (nl) wrote: Splendid typical Flemish movie, located in Antwerp early '90s! Movie where u'll think about life! The story itself is quite simple... a Belgian guy and a Moroccan girl fall in love. And because of their parents, friends and neighbours wouldn't understand (or approve of) their love they have to hide it. You could say it's a modern "Romeo & Julia", but in a racial context...! Really must-see, even more if ur Belgian! xD

Raine L (ru) wrote: another of my paid for movies that you won't let me wasn't the best movie anyway, but it was ok for a coming of age story and I like that the girl from Twilight wrote it when she was just a teen.

stefano l (mx) wrote: A nearly serious thriller's parody, with some nice ideas and an unusual story development.

Sherief Z (it) wrote: Michael Haneke had established his own narrative style, back there in this film.

Frog B (es) wrote: This movie managed to actually touch me on a personal level, so this review will be rather biased. If you have looked through any of my other film reviews, you will know that I am quite keen on both martial arts and blaxploitation movies. While "Three the Hard Way" was dominately a blaxploitation film, it also featured martial arts performed by the legendary Jim Kelly. It was like the director tried to make this movie just for me. It featured Nazis, had great action sequences, and an awesome Funk soundtrack. So if you are like me and you like blaxploitation films, martial arts movies, and watching lots of Nazis get killed, this is the movie for you.

John M (mx) wrote: Sweet Movie isn't as much a traditional "movie" as a series of artistic ideas and images presented in cinematic form, and what is shown still has the power to shock, disgust, and challenge viewers over 40 years after its initial release.Copious amounts of male frontal nudity, prepubescent boys being treated to an explicitly seductive striptease, graphic depictions of urination, defecation, and vomiting, and various forms of transgressive sexuality too numerous to mention; all of which are interwoven with real nazi war footage from WWII and presented through the lens of European political allegory, and it becomes apparent why scores of film historians have analyzed and criticized every frame of Sweet Movie, and why it has been banned in so many countries. Physically and psychically taxing to the actors involved, Sweet Movie should be seen by any fan of subversive cinema or anyone interested in recalibrating their own moral compass.

Shawn R (us) wrote: Really an excellent movie! I woke up in the middle of the night and it was on. I couldn't stop watching i couldn't change the channel.

Matthew S (nl) wrote: Ahead of its time, but still a bit too hysterical. I don't think it works, but it is an interesting mistake of a movie.

bryan w (au) wrote: Only redeeming quality is Zooey