La croisière

La croisière

The Mediterranean is not necessarily a long quiet river: this is what four women will discover when embarking on a dream cruise on the MSC Fantasia. Between lead poisonings, laughter, ...

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Fred S (ca) wrote: Every once in a while a film so unique in style and texture comes along that it must be noted and given it's due, Museum Hours is such a film. More than being 'about' any one subject, Museum Hours is an observational journey of life in two forms, the Kinetic and the Preserved where the viewer is floated between the two with such subtlety that it creates an uncanny, almost hypnotic, sensual melding between audience and medium. For example, one might find themselves interwoven in the present day rawness of an humble street flea market in bleak, wintry Vienna then melted without segue into the Kunsthistorisches Art Museum, part of a small tour group receiving an insightful lecture about Bruegel. In another moment one might be seamlessly transported into the monologues of Johann, the unassuming museum guard, as he weaves a verbal tapestry of memories of his past, his countless hours in observing those who are observing, and what he has come to learn and observe about the paintings and sculptures that surround him only to then be transported to a Vienna bar where once a week there is an 'immigrant night' that celebrates the music and dance of Vienna newcomers from other cultures. The story of the relationship between Johann and Anne, a Canadian who is abruptly thrust into a foreign city by necessity, while important to the flow and adhesion, is only a part of the film's tapestry, not the focus. The focus is observation...civilization, time, architecture, Human relationships, connection, death, art, real life, with a keen eye turned toward the less than affluent...the Bruegel peasants, the rag-tag present day urban flea market merchants and buyers (and merchandise!), the mature working woman who has to borrow money to travel to a foreign land to attend a dying cousin, the humble museum guard, the immigrants who drink, sing and dance in a present day Vienna bar.The only negative that I can point to is the somewhat affected acting of Mary Margaret O'Hara who works a tad too hard at 'seeming' natural and, pared with the low key subtlety of Bobby Sommer, sometimes sticks out like a plastic Orchid in a Dutch master still life. The beauty of this film is it's ability to blur the lines between life and art, past and present, reality and projection. And it is these deliciously blurred lines that give Museum Hours it's precise and stunning clarity.

Tikaki T (ag) wrote: I love this movie! But not that much...

Saurabh A (us) wrote: Amazing yet simple movie...

Chris M (gb) wrote: At best, it looks like one of the obscure, shoestring-budget action films that Quentin Tarantino might like.

Jacob B (fr) wrote: While slightly overlong, Knocked Up is still a film that's funny, heartwarming and surprisingly touching with charming performances from Seth Rogen and Katherine Heigl and tons of belly laughs to be had even if the script occasionally has a few loose ends here and there.

Matthew P (de) wrote: Honestly i had no idea what this movie was going to be when i sat down and watched it. Needless to say i was blown away by a sentimental and extremely well made movie. If you are a fan of the whole vibe of 70's rock and roll i couldnt recommend this enough.

Psypher P (mx) wrote: An array of irritating, unlikeable characters populating a plot that goes nowhere. No atmosphere, no scares, no drama; I honestly can't see what anyone was trying to accomplish with this other than to merely annoy.

Brian B (au) wrote: While many action movies tend to suffer from being style over substance, this movie provides just enough depth to make us care for the two main characters in this movie. Also, the plot has a few other changes added to it which makes it seem more interesting and original than many other action films of the genre.After a young girl's family is murdered, she meets a hit man who takes her in and the two bond over their time together as they develop an odd friendship with each other.One thing good about it is that it doesn't consist entirely of non-stop repetitive action scenes. Large portions of the film are focused on establishing the chemistry and bonding of the 2 leads: Leon (Jean Reno) and Mathilda (Natalie Portman). At the beginning of the movie, Mathilda's whole family is murdered. Though she didn't like most of her family, the death of her 4-year old brother has a negative impact on her as he was the only one in her family who she cared about. Her bonding with Leon is an interesting plot point as he was one of the only people who she really cared about. The time they spend together made me grow an attachment to them.Because of this slightly risky choice, however, some people argued that Leon was a pedophile and Mathilda's character was too overly-sexualized. To some extent, I could see why someone would think that, but there are reasons for this. Mathilda came from a broken home where she had a burning hatred towards most of her family members. Leon was one of the only people that she cared for. Also, since she was 12, she was probably just starting to go through puberty and was just starting to discover her sexual feelings towards others. She even admitted to Leon that she was (or thought she was) falling in love with him. Despite her efforts to flirt with him, Leon thankfully refused her attempts and he chose to love her more as a father than to actually share a romance with her. I don't agree with these arguments that much and I think that the movie handled that plot point in the most appropriate way it could.Also, the acting is really great in this film. Most people usually mention how Natalie Portman gave a fantastic performance and I agree with that. It's hard to find a really good child actor in most films, but she was exceptional in her role. Even though I felt like she was a little annoying at times, those few scenes did not break all of the other scenes she was in where she was able to show different emotions very convincingly. She was able to go from a frightened young child to someone capable of killing so convincingly, it makes her relationship with Leon more realistic and plausible.Jean Reno gave an intense and solid performance too. None of his lines were ever cringeworthy and his face conveys a great myriad of numerous emotions and great sensitivity which in a way, made the action scenes slightly better. He did a good job in the movie, but I don't think that enough credit is going to Gary Oldman. Gary Oldman as Stansfield gave an exceptional role as the villain. He is able to look threatening just at the sight of him. Every time he's on screen, you feel a sense of uneasiness and a sense that something bad is about to happen. In one of the scenes when he confronts Mathilda in the bathroom, that scene is very tense not just because of the most obvious reason, but because his performance gives the scene quite an unnerving feel to it. All 3 of them expertly carried the movie and I can't think of any other actors or actresses who would better fit their roles.Unfortunately, however, like many other action movies I've seen, I felt that one viewing was enough for me. At its core, it is a pretty genuine action movie and I felt like it didn't provide enough that made me want to revisit it for future viewings since I was already aware of what happened in it. My reason for this has a lot to do with the fact that I wasn't too engaged by its action scenes. "Mad Max: Fury Road" has extremely absorbing action so I wanted to revisit that one after I watched it, but I can't say the same about this one. Is this point subjective? Yes, but I can't help the fact that I feel this way.In conclusion, this was a very great movie. I do feel like one viewing is enough for me, but that's not to say that it's a bad movie by any means. It contains original and interesting plot points, characters which I cared for, and outstanding acting performances for the 3 main leads. It is a great movie, and I'm glad that I checked it out. I can understand why so many people like this film.


Aj V (ca) wrote: So so so boring, I caught this on TV last night, and I couldn't even understand what Penn was saying or what they were supposed to be doing in the movie. The story is ridiculous and I'm like it's supposed to be a romance or what? It was too boring for me to care, so I switched channels before the end. Stay away from this movie, it's just horrendous.

Dan W (it) wrote: Roku box strong recommendation. Tight story, great cinematography of New Mexico landscapes, and that 70's feeling. Joe Don Baker is so nasty here!

Jose A (ca) wrote: I tried but i'm too sober.

SpyGuy G (au) wrote: I love this movie a lot but I just can not get over two characters that could of been way way better: Dixon and steps.

Jonathan C (au) wrote: Inspirational underdog story that is as boring and predictable as it is famous. Didn't like it.

Lorraine J (jp) wrote: I saw this so long ago, when I was but a teen. Made me want to go to Greece. Doubt I'd have the same lifestyle though as these beautiful people did.

Tri M (au) wrote: It was a good watch, voicing out sexual harassment which many people are often scared to do. I liked how it was the same race that was "accusing and being accused" because we know how it would go if it was one race against the other. As much as we would like to believe in the judicial system, in this day and time however sometimes we can't run away from racial/gender stereotypes. I guess we will never know who was right after all, but at least this movie does give rise to the awareness of sexual harassment and that no one should just keep quiet about it.