La cuccagna

La cuccagna

Rossella (Donatella Turri), a beautiful young girl that lives in a family of popular class, looks for a job every day but soon discovers that the "greasy pole", which is the economic miracle, is only an illusion, and the world is far more ruthless than she could believe. But fate brings together Giuliano (Luigi Tenco), the only man who did not ask for anything and who - like her - is not inclined to compromise. After attempting suicide together, they make the choice to live each day without obsession over work.

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Daniela T (nl) wrote: Five Stars for a Great and Wonderful movie!!

Cristina G (jp) wrote: I am Filipino and I cannot believe that people would pay theater admission to watch this movie. The acting is not what "movie" goers should pay for. I would suggest to wait for DVD rental instead. I was disappointed, but not surprised. I've never been impressed by Filipino actors/actresses.

Brian R (de) wrote: Desearia jamas haberla visto, un desperdicio de tiempo

Christina T (au) wrote: A big Brit Marling fan here. Everything was just right.4 stars.

Peter C (us) wrote: Cannot honestly believe how typical Sarah Michelle Gellar acted - melodramatic, spoiled princess that's no different from her Buffy days. The storyline is all over the place and doesn't really bring home the central theme until the last few minutes. Oh, does it really bring anything germane with her dad's cancer in the story? If you want "May-Dec" romance type movie, try Prime instead.

DeMarkus H (nl) wrote: Nice - I love movies like this - the cast alone was worth watching it - it's like a mini version of Ghost Ship

Oscar G (kr) wrote: La belleza retratada con precisin, adems de una excelente historia, hacen de este filme una maravilla y un clsico de inicios de los aos noventa. Otro acierto interpretativo del dueto Robert Duvall y Lukas Haas.

Judge L (ru) wrote: I remember seeing this back when it first came out on VHS. I always felt like it was trying so hard to make the Jim Dodge character into another Ferris Bueller. Well seeing that it is a John Hughes' film one can see how his character is written this way. By no means is this flick on par with 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off' but it has it's own fun qualities. One of those being Jennifer Connelly.

Tessa (br) wrote: I love my family! LOL

Joetaeb D (mx) wrote: John Carptenter's humble debut in filming is uneven, but is a clever and oddly entertaining parody of 2001: A space odyssey. Will be a little better for those who didn't like 2001.

Timothy K (ca) wrote: DEMENTIA 13 is Roger Corman's response to PSYCHO. Directed by a young Coppola, DEMENTIA 13 isn't well made. Though the storyline is interesting and the deaths are brutal, the films intentions are clear. It's another PSYCHO spinoff with no guts, intrigue nor style.

Akramul i (nl) wrote: It's got amazing set, catchy songs and entertaining dialogue! And nothing else.

The Movie G (us) wrote: Boring. It is stupid no good. The Purge is a movie that is tiny bit slow about 10 to 15 Mins of this movie is just people in the dark waiting to kill the villains, and the plot of it is bad and dumb.I give it a 30%.