La Cucina

La Cucina

A small group of amateur cooks and kitchen guests discover exactly why some refer to the kitchen as the "heart of the house".

La Cucina is a brief slice of life that is set in present day Los Angeles, on a hot summer evening in a West Hollywood apartment building. Three women, friends whose flats adjoin, prepare for dinner: Lily, single, 30, awaits Michael, an older man she is falling for; Shelly, pregnant; and, Jude, self-possessed, preparing dinner for her lover, a film director who';s working late. How important in a relationship are honesty, trust, and food? Is there a recipe for happiness? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Anaideia E (fr) wrote: The movie is really cool but some passages are really weird, disturbing and useless

Tina A (mx) wrote: It had some funny moments but overall it was a let down.Plus of course I hated the ending!!

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Kester E (au) wrote: Funny and emotional.

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manee b (fr) wrote: i want to see thsi movie

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DA Z (gb) wrote: A somewhat cliche plot is overcome with an A+ cast and mostly hilarious script.

Romeo H (kr) wrote: It may stumble upon familiar territory but Palo Alto's atmospheric tone really holds the film together, not to mention being beautifully shot, having an elegant soundtrack, and well-acted by it's refreshing new cast.

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