La dama boba

La dama boba

Comedy about a fool woman that in reality is clever and fools everybody.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:92 minutes
  • Release:2006
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on play,  

Comedy about a fool woman that in reality is clever and fools everybody. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Marina N (mx) wrote: Good German teen romcom with two really charming and engaging lead actors. However, apart from that and a few laughs, there is not much new or surprising.

Alisher A (ag) wrote: Admirable movie, amazing biographical story about really great woman, very touching (not a good word for autistic people), splendid picture and music! I bet you'll ask Google about Temple right after the movie. At least, I did it. :)

Chris K (ag) wrote: Old story, poor performance, but somehow pretty nice athmosphere and Owen Alabado as Clifford is just gorgeous - it just made me wanna watch it!

Bruno L (kr) wrote: A psychological movie that talk about all kinds of things. Really interesting adapted from Paulo Coelhos book and Sarah Michelle Gellar was excellent. Really good!

Noah N (fr) wrote: Like most horror movies 'The Ruins' (2008) is formulaic, with characters who are written for the audience to see them suffer in excruciatingly repulsive ways. Yet the acting is actually pretty decent and there are some nifty gore effects to keep horror fans rather engaged. But still, there are far better films out there.

Vince K (it) wrote: A glimpse into my future as the major Star Trek nerd I'm about to become (I'm attending the world's biggest convention the day after next). And I proudly welcome that title. These people are fucking awesome! Whenever I wear my future Captain Picard uniform to a Buffalo Wild Wings I know I won't be the only geek out there doing so. I know I won't look as fat as Commander Riker in his uniform, so I plan on wearing one out drinking, to concerts, movies, etc. The best thing about this movie wasn't the geeky fans, but the segment on Star Trek metal bands. Some of them are really killer; I wished I remembered their names so I could download their music. There's a Klingon metal band that is so awesome; and the singer is missing a hand, but they fucking rock! There was a Klingon karoekee bar in Portland that I was all excited about but it closed down shortly before I visited my friend Carl there in 2005. I was jokingly mean about Star Trek fans back then. But I have since changed my ways, and I think Star Trek fans are the #1 type of people I would like to have a drink with!

la tulipe n (jp) wrote: i really really like this move

Mr Movie R (fr) wrote: Not bad but not great.

Justin A (ru) wrote: The first time I saw this over ten years ago I didn't like it at all. After watching the Director's Cut recently, I have more mixed emotions about the film, but still don't care for it. The makeup is amazing and the monsters are great, but it just didn't work as a movie for me. I could see it being a much better book, as there seemed to be lots of characters with unexplored depth to them and intertwining stories, but it isn't presented very well and instead we just get a glossed over version of Clive Barker's story that is actually pretty generic (even if visually it can be nightmarishly creative).The prejudice, homosexual overtones and message were also a bit thick for my taste. I don't mind a movie with a message, but when it is this blunt it can be very off-putting. It made everything so melodramatic and since we're dealing with monsters it can come across as goofy and insensitive at times (even when I know that wasn't Clive Barker's intent).I don't think people that disliked the movie before will like it any more after seeing the more fleshed out (and better paced) director's cut. It's still the same movie, only a more tightly put together movie. It wasn't for me, but I'm sure it is for others. At the very least you won't feel cheated just by seeing all the awesome makeup effects.And those expecting a horror movie should probably be wary too. This is more fantasy, and if not for some violent, Clive Barker-esque scenes peppered throughout it could be mistaken as a PG-13 Tim Burton movie (the Danny Elfman score doesn't help) or an 80s fantasy movie like Return to Oz or Labyrinth. So watchers beware, this isn't really a horror movie under the skin.

Joetaeb D (gb) wrote: Disturbing and technically impressive, Altered states is a largely compelling sci-fi horror that pulls you in with it's trippy visual style and evocative sound mixing.

Ryan G (gb) wrote: Good triller and fits even more in today's era with worries of terrorism. One of Kurt Russell's better action movies.

Taylor H (ag) wrote: Paul Blart: Mall Cop is a comedy written by Steve Carr in 2009 about an everyday single father who is struggling to raise his daughter. This unlikely hero takes extreme measures to show that this mall is focused on the safety of its customers. Though very few workers at this mall are actually worried with their careers, Paul Blart continues to identify himself as a serious security guard. When the mall is taken over by a seemingly harmless colleague of his and a group of his colleague's helpers, Paul Blart quickly jumps into action. The moment he realizes that his once endearing colleague has taken his daughter and potential girlfriend hostage, Blart begins to show that he is the hero that he always believed he could be.. This comedy is intended to give the audience a laugh to remember. Similar to his previous movies, like Pitch Perfect, Steve Carr continuously creates jokes that revolve around Blart's weight and the fact that he needs sugar almost every hour. Apart from the insulting jokes, there is the question about language. Fortunately, parents are able to relax because the language is simply mild. There is only one curse word throughout the entire set; however, the movie does also use God's name in vain. These sets of words are used during one of the few violent scenes. These violent scenes go as far as using stuffed animals to hit, guns in hopes of shooting, and threats to scare the main characters into backing down. In addition to violent scenes, there are only a few scenes involving sexuality. During these suggestive scenes, Paul Blart is seen kissing his new girlfriend after saving her life for only a couple seconds, Blart is also briefly seen making googly eyes at the girl he finds beautiful, and one other scene that is slightly longer includes two girls fighting inside of a Victoria's Secret store. The fight within Victoria Secret does include a brief peek at one of the lady's involved in the fights bra, but nothing more is shown. Through all of the random scenes in Paul Blart: Mall Cop, Carr manages to convey the idea of never doubting yourself. Every character within this movie sees Blart as the odd man out until the day he saves the mall and gets the girl of his dreams. While viewing this movie myself I had quite a few laughs, but never truly appreciated the movie until I found the value of the message. Usually movies are less dramatic in selling the message to you, but the presentation was quite entertaining in the end. Overall, I would definitely recommend this movie for a family night in with the children, but not as a date night movie. I hope that everyone takes the same amount of laughs away as I did, and just remember to have a completely open mind while viewing this comedic movie.