La delegazione

La delegazione


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Jeremy T (ca) wrote: Untold story, told with pace and excitement. Highly recommended.

daniel m (ca) wrote: Jesus Shuttlesworth played by real life hoop star ray allen feels pressure from everywhere on where to go to collage. When you are #1 prospect you get agents, hoes, $, coaches , family all in your face trying to influence you. In this spike lee film the hoop star's dad (denzel Washington) is released for a short time and promised more freedom if he can get Jesus to go where the warden prefers. Ya dig washington or b-ball , must watch :)

Luc L (ag) wrote: Extremely boring film.

Anna Q (mx) wrote: I was kind of obsessed with this for a time.

rur B (jp) wrote: The best movie Spike Lee has ever made!!!

dan b (es) wrote: For those who ever wonder what if Lord of the Flies took place at a summer camp during the 80s. I know you're thinking Simpsons did it, but this flick did it first.

Martin B (us) wrote: America is ruined after nuclear war and the land is ruled by evil Amazons.Man must rise up and put woman in her place, sort of. Sleazy mix of planet of the apes-esque qualities and B-Conan trademarks.All women look like Lita Ford or something from the series "V" Men either straight from Falcon Crest or the Helix video "Rock you"Strange, sleazy and drowning in awful contemporary rock or DX7 music, but nevertheless worth seeing

Michael A (kr) wrote: Kid Blue est une serie B sous estimee ou Dennis Hopper s'apercoit qu'etre un brigand est passe de mode dans ce western revisionniste, un poil sarcastique et tendre.

Jacqueline S (br) wrote: loved the newer version with matthew lillard

Filipe C (ca) wrote: There are good moments but it's hard to appreciate a comedy that is so often flat and tonally boring.