La dernière fugue

La dernière fugue

At Christmas emotions erupt over his care as he is in an advanced state of Parkinson's disease. Caught in the middle is his wife. His son and grandson decide to brighten up his life knowing that this can hasten his death.

Christmas approaches and the Lévesque family has once again gathered for their traditional celebration. But this time there is a mixture of emotions running through each person. The patriarch of the family suffers from a combination of Parkinson’s Disease and heart failure. His life reduced in every way, the end approaches and there are unhappy memories of his once violent and authoritarian past. But his wife, ten children and many grandchildren try to maintain a semblance of the Christmas season. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jerico T (us) wrote: This film serves as a reminder that first love in real life is immature, bittersweet and heart-wrenching.

Mark B (fr) wrote: This is essentially a feature length, live action version of the incompetent terrorists from Monkey Dust. Sadly, the jokes are spread very thin and are often more slapstick than satirical.

Nicole A (ca) wrote: I totally agree with you Steve. Question...the cop turns out to be the killer right???

amber d (jp) wrote: what is it about? cool

Josue G (it) wrote: Best family movie ever loved it lots of nostalgia!!

Jamie S (jp) wrote: Shit and all over the place......its like a music video with a nutter with a killer musical guitar with a drill on it! AVOID

saleh e (de) wrote: A great oldie! I don't know what it was about this film that I enjoyed so much, but I was hooked from start to finish. A really good performance from the actress playing the main character. It may be dated in looks, but the story is quite timeless

jay n (ca) wrote: Almost scene for scene redo of High Sierra with color added but missing Raoul Walsh's energizing touch. Palance and Shelley Winters are fine actors but Bogart and Ida Lupino they are not so the whole enterprise comes across as rather pointless.

Jill R (ru) wrote: I thought it would be good boy was I wrong I was excited about this film it looked funny it was a mess the comedic elements were awful I hated this film one of the mostUn funniest films I ever saw in A while Grade D-