La fleur de l'âge

La fleur de l'âge

Gaspard, famous television presenter, is starting the decline of his career. Along with dealing with his aging, must lodge Hubert, his elderly and rebellious father. Hubert hates all attendants hired for him until Zana enters their lives.

Gaspard Dassonville may be 63 but he stubbornly refuses to show his age. A well-known television producer, he amuses himself with women who are half his age, and life has never felt so good. Then, one day, his age catches up with him with a vengeance, when he is forced to take care of his elderly father Hubert. An indomitable oldster, Hubert soon manages to unsettle his son’s illusory youth, but things take an unexpected turn when a care assistant with a colorful imagination comes between them... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Holli H (mx) wrote: Cute and good movie ?? ??

Steve H (nl) wrote: Silver Tongues is a film that captures your attention from the start and does not release it till the very end! Dark, tense and very ironic, it is one of the most original plots I have ever seen on screen.The story follows a man and a woman as they go around testing the human condition and making people question themselves, their beliefs, and those they profess to know. The road of destruction that they carve causes the audience to wonder where they will turn next and what fate they will fall victim to. The acting is amazing and the story is constantly keeping you guessing what will happen next even though it is impossible to even start finding out what the next move is. I highly recommend it!

Anthony K (ca) wrote: I will admit that the subtleties of Bruce Lee era Kung Fu are somewhat lost on me. I wouldn't consider myself a student of martial arts cinema either. That said, this reimagining of the classic Checn Zhen character feels a tad short on imagination."Legend of the Fist" tells the story of a character first portrayed by Lee in "Fist of Fury" and was supposedly created as an homage to the Kung Fu master himself. While I won't pretend I've seen "Fist of Fury" yet, it's hard to imagine that this overly verbose, expensive-looking mess of a film comes close to Lee's golden age. Set in lavish 1920s Shanghai, the story follows Zhen (Donnie Lee) - believed dead as a WWI casualty - as he rises from nightclub manager to costumed vigilante fighting the spread of Japanese imperialism. While the film serves as a decent history lesson for those who don't know the specifics of the Second Sino-Japanese War, it also allows itself to get bogged down in slanted politics that demonize the Japanese to a monstrously pulpy extent. Colonel Chikaraishi Takeshi (Kohata Ryu) is so maniacally evil in his conquest to take over China, he is one mustache twirl away from Snidley Whiplash.The backdrop of 1920s China is also lavishly created, but is filmed with such little finesse that every set feels like the facade it is. After a while, the locations become repetitive and without much of Chen Zhen's promissory Japanese asskicking to liven it up, the film sags. In an action movie, this is one of the worst possible sins.Whether or not you like this movie will depend entirely on your love of Donnie Lee, who while not in finest form, does his best to parrot Bruce Lee's iconic charm and stoicism. It is a good diversion for a rainy afternoon, but at two hours of 20's Chinese politics, repetition and little flair, Netflix has better to offer.

Megan S (nl) wrote: Beautiful and intense. There is no hand-holding as far as the plot is concerned, so be ready to give this film your full attention (which can be tough at times with some of the brutally real imagery).

Kara H (it) wrote: Not holding my attention.

John J (ca) wrote: An American Nikita. Bale is by far the best actor in movies right now. This movie got no love. It is one of the best ever made.

Ton Q (jp) wrote: (Note: I saw both part I and part II, not the shortened American version)Taking one of the most popular battles in the wars amongst the Three Kingdoms, John Woo adds a bit of humor to each character, also amplifying how he, or others, stereotypically views them (taken directly from the book "Romance of the Three Kingdoms"), all nicely fitted with epic battles and drama. Red Cliff, although long at about five hours, never seemed to let up on the story, drama, or action, and the length only adds to it. Red Cliff is sure to please most audiences, and especially fans of the era or book.

Allison D (gb) wrote: scary..and weird...c it!!

Sma A (nl) wrote: This has some hot scenes in it. Not too bad of a film.

Jed G (ca) wrote: Childhood nostalgia!

Sam Patty H (br) wrote: Kaya'nya vampire romantis make a comeback tahun ini. Selain versi film dari seri novel Twilight, ada juga seri novel Southern Vampires karya Charlaine Harris yang diangkat oleh creator Six Feet Under, Alan Ball, jadi seri HBO, True Blood. Ceritanya, berkat darah sintetis "made in Japan" yang bernama True Blood, vampir-vampir sekarang hidup terang-terangan (so to speak) di antara manusia. Mereka pengen dihormati - bukan sebagai obyek mitos/dongeng2an lagi, dan ada yang mendapat perlakukan "diskriminatif" dan menuntut kesamaan hak dengan manusia.Setting lokasinya sendiri cuma di suatu kota kecil di Lousiana di mana ada tokoh sentralnya yang bernama Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin - dengan aksen Selatan a la Rogue). Dia punya kemampuan membaca pikiran manusia (bukan vampir). Makanya dia langsung tertarik ama sosok vampir Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer), yang misterius dan tentunya ga' bisa dibaca pikirannya.Serinya gabungan antara misteri/thriller dengan drama romantis (ditambah bumbu humor), gw jadi keinget ama Twin Peaks....!!!

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Marah R (jp) wrote: Interesting story of self revelation and independence that gets audiences wondering if they are living their life the way they want to.

Blais E (gb) wrote: Ralph Bakshi's earthy, gritty, grimy animated urban comedy/drama, kind of like his earlier "Fritz the Cat" with humans. Taboo-breaking, disturbing, & frequently disgusting, and if you're a fan of the great Bakshi's work, you definitely won't be disappointed! Definitely NOT for children, the squeamish, the overly impressionable, or those without a sense of humor!

Bridget E (mx) wrote: For anyone who loves zombies, UFO's, aliens, werwolves and vampires... you'll dig. Take it for what it is. A ridiculous mash of comedy with some really great casting.

Kevin R (jp) wrote: If a man guards a book year after year, what is more important, the man or the book? Cord enters a fight tournament hoping to be selected as the savior of civilization; and despite winning the tournament, Cord is not sent to obtain a sacred book believed to have the power to save the world from destruction. Cord decides to set out on his own mission to obtain the book without the support of his villagers. He will seek the aid of several locals he encounters on his journey. "Tie two birds together and despite having four wings they cannot fly." Richard Moore delivers Circle of Iron in his lone directorial project (he also worked on the 1982 Annie film). The storyline for this picture was interesting and co-written by Bruce Lee and James Coburn. The settings were brilliant and well delivered and the action sequences were okay but not great. The acting was about average and the cast includes Christopher Lee, David Carradine, Eli Wallach, Roddy McDowall, and Anthony De Longis. "My skills are not there to impress you." The cast of this film grabbed my attention and made me have to sit down and watch this picture. I can tell you the casting director did not do the film justice by selecting Jeff Cooper to play the main character. This film lacked the pizzazz and style of such films as Beast Master, Willow, or the Conan pictures that presented similar content and settings. Overall, this is an average movie that may be worth viewing once if you are a fan of David Carradine or the genre. "If you won't melt it off, cut it off!" Grade: C