La furia del Hombre Lobo

La furia del Hombre Lobo

A man has had a werewolf curse cast upon him. If he doesn't get rid of it, he turns into a killer werewolf when the moon is full.

A man has had a werewolf curse cast upon him. If he doesn't get rid of it, he turns into a killer werewolf when the moon is full. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tyler S (de) wrote: Bateman was really good here. It shows the guy has awesome versitality, starring in movies like this. He can play any type of emotion, serious, menacing, or funny. I thought his performance was right on, but I just thought the plot was silly and really made no sense. I understand how they tried to tie the story together at the end, but I saw that coming a mile away. Bateman is a 40 something adult who enters the national spelling bee, with unknown intentions to the audience. It is funny to see how he interacts with young youths, and finds loopholes to stay in the tournament. That being said, there was not enough here to make this movie a solid recommendation for me. Bateman's versatility isn't enough here to overcome a plot that just didn't do it for me.

Kimberly T (es) wrote: Terrible acting.. but still couldn't stop watching

Boris M (kr) wrote: Great concept. Great execution.

Paul K (fr) wrote: A good movie. A difficult story, full of teenage innocence and amorality, and adult confusion too. The story seemed real to me, and made me very uncomfortable. The Guardian called this 'a subtle wise and worrying film'. I think I will be chewing on it for a while.

Chris Q (au) wrote: The world needs more Jack Nicholson

Allan P (fr) wrote: This beautifully shot, and leisurely paced film follows Alexandre, a famous Greek author, as juggles his past, and the uncertainties of his future; and as he saunters from reality to fantasy.

Chris W (fr) wrote: i'm a sucker for nostalgic coming of age pieces

Derek J (es) wrote: sets, costumes and sounds set this 30s era gangster tale. terrific performances by all especially slater channeling nicholson. but we get a cliffnotes version of his and frien- ds' rise to power, his love life.. still a good solid movie.

Rudy A (jp) wrote: I expected more from a comic genius like Mel Brooks. The mix between his sense of humor and the sad reality of poverty proved to be a misfire, especially when watching this in 2011. Mel Brooks fan should pass this mess.

Greg L (nl) wrote: This movie terrified me as a kid but not anymore. It is cheesy and not scary.

Jos M (br) wrote: Secuela de Herbie, pelcula de la Disney de los 70's llena de encanto y humor.

Stuart K (kr) wrote: Sam Peckinpah returned from the out-and-out violence of Straw Dogs (1971) with this surprisingly gentle (while it lasts) modern-day Western set in and around the old American tradition of rodeos. It has aging rodeo pro Junior Bonner (Steve McQueen) returning to his home town of Prescott, Arizona for the July 4th Frontier Days. There he discovers his family home has been sold by his property developer brother Curly (Joe Don Baker), his father Ace (Robert Preston) is in hospital, and dreams of silver prospecting in Australia, whilst his mother Elvira (Ida Lupino) has resigned herself to her husbands fantasies, family quarrelling and more erupts during the rodeo festivites. It's a well made drama by Sam Peckinpah, and it does make for a quiet contrast to his more violent offerings, McQueen is brilliant as the aging rodeo star, uncertain of his future but still clinging on to what he knows he's good at, and the rodeo sequences are well filmed, putting Peckinpah's trademark slo-mo photography to good use!!

Jonathan P (us) wrote: As far as 50s horror/sci-fi goes It! The Terror From Beyond Space is one of the few gems. Supposedly the inspiration for the movie Aliens, It! is short in its runtime and straight to the point. It! terrorizes the astronauts as they try to kill it and make their way back to earth. The acting as usual is stale and forced and the monster is as fake as ever but It! is able to provide a few thrills along the way (something most of these movies lack). It! isn't award winning by any stretch of the imagination but due to its significance as an inspiration to the far superior Alien as well as the fact that it isn't half bad it would be one of the few 50s drive-in flicks I would recommend.

Ian S (it) wrote: tough Marine sergeant Stryker trains recruits bitter and tough, leading his contemporaries to question his behavior and his men to dislike him for his harsh training methods. Using stock footage from the actual battle itself

Brian H (br) wrote: Not as great as the first, not even that watchable...

Matt R (ag) wrote: A well-acted AIDs drama and a rousing courtroom procedural.

Nadja A (ru) wrote: Ganz okay. A nice twist in the end.

Baurushan J (ca) wrote: This movie shows us about the legendary master Ip Man growing up. Yu-Hang To stars as the titular character, replacing Donnie Yen in the first two movies. Growing up with his adopted brother Ip Tin-chi and having lessons with Ng Chung-sok Ip Man goes to Hong Kong to develop a new form of martial arts under Leung Bik. Coming back home, Ip Man falls in love with Cheung Wing-shing leaving Lee Mei-wai to marry Ip Tin-chi but when he is arrested for murdering Lee's godfather, Ip Man must fight to prove his innocence and find the traitor behind this case. It turns out that the traitor was Tin-chi because he was working as a special agent. So in the end, he kills himself, Ip Man is proven innocent and he runs away with Wing-shing leading to the first movie. This movie has its moments but it's dull and has lost its essence of action and atmosphere that the first two movies had which is why it fails to be as equally as good as the first two movies. The Legend Is Born: Ip Man as the movie calls itself gets a weak 9/10.

Michael L (br) wrote: Very enjoyable character-driven western.