La gente che sta bene

La gente che sta bene

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Shawn M (de) wrote: Great Idea, but there was so much wrong with this movie... Edward and Corey were the main actors I wanted to see and they have a total of 15 minute screen time and Edwards scenes are repeated? eh.. had to much hype to see this and while I still think it was watchable, it was so poorly done, while following these other unknown average actors around the whole film.

Rudy M (es) wrote: '30 minutes or less' is an action comedy that doesn't pretend to be more than that. I like that. There's plenty of action in this movie and more often than not it's funny, with a few big misses here and there.The story is veil-thin, of course. Jesse Eisenberg plays Nick, a mundane pizza delivery driver, who gets tangled up in the ridiculous web of two wannabe criminals (Danny McBride and Nick Swardson). Nick asks his former best friend Chet (Aziz Ansari) for help, even though their relationship has just strained.I'd seen this movie in a theatre a few years back and I thought overall it was funny. Re-watching now, I cringed a few times when the characters uttered some really, REALLY bad jokes. Fortunately this stuff stops after about 8 or 9 minutes.After that it's a lighthearted action comedy which doesn't take itself too seriously, thank the lord. There are some funny moments, some funny references and eventually a story that ties up loose ends. What more could I expect from a movie like this?Pros: Funny, well-paced, lightheartedCons: Some overt immaturityVerdict: This was enjoyable

Dan W (de) wrote: An amateur lead steals the show.

Golia K (us) wrote: "Son: How do you become something you're not?Father: What do you want to become?Son: What I'm not.Father: What are you now?Son: I'm nothing."

Karen W (au) wrote: Good fun to watch....Harry is just so lovable...and with good folks like the Hendersons, Harry can stay champ of hide and seek forever!!! If you don't like this movie at all, you are not a fun person!!!

Wes S (gb) wrote: The first Star Trek movie is pretty in-line with the show- tho as a result, it feels like a extended, more expensive episode. There isn't too much to the story, but there are some good parts, and some good tho paced-out dialog. The film's biggest problem is the endless artistic pandering, as there are so many endless scenes of scenery and pretty music that slow the plot down and makes you a bit impatient. Otherwise, it's a beautiful film with some great effects.

Grant S (ag) wrote: Good, but not great. Interesting examination of the American criminal justice system. However, the conclusion is too neat and convenient and, worst of all, director Norman Jewison obviously seemed to think this was a comedy-drama. With such a weighty subject and plot, there is far too much fluff - silly detours and sub-plots that add nothing to the story, just detract from it.Performances are so-so. Al Pacino is solid, but his final scene is unnecessarily over-the-top. Many of the supporting performances are cringeworthy, though that might be the writer and director's faults. John Forsythe is quite unconvincing as Al Pacino's nemesis. Jeffrey Tambor is irritatingly over-the-top in his role. Craig T Nelson is ridiculous as the prosecutor. Jack Warden is too weird.The only decent supporting performances come from Christine Lahti and Lee Strasbourg (the famed acting teacher).

Michael A (ag) wrote: It's hard to like a movie where the "villian" is just a misunderstood loner and the douchebags are the "heroes" of the film.

John B (es) wrote: Although a carbon copy of Heaven Can Wait, Jordan is a far superior film. The characters are loveable and you truly want to see a reconciliation of matters from the heavens. Beatty would of course ruin the story in his remake of Heaven Can Wait which liberally steals from Jordan.

Valentina K (it) wrote: Why don't people make films like this anymore? A likable, relatable lead character and a story that's not so cut-and-dry, not so grotesque and attention-seeking - is that too much to ask? Just a lovely film.

Noor K (ag) wrote: Disney has done a great job in making Tarzan. In my opinion it is alot better than frozen , it has a very good storyline with a great bunch of characters and the concept of a boy being raised by gorillas. it's just amazing!And the death of Kerchak is one of the top heartbreaking scenes of disney movies , it is really touching and even now it makes the grown-ups cry like Mufasa's death.

Alex T (kr) wrote: An enjoyable, at times silly, but very funny political satire - Ferrell, Sudeikis and Galfianakis are super.