La gran fiesta

La gran fiesta

In 1942, in San Juan, Puerto Rico, a casino is organizing a farewell party for its patrons, since it's about to be turned into a US military base. The guests drink, seduce and gossip, but some also plot against eachother. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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PY C (ca) wrote: I can understand both the son and the mother's opinion and I just thought it's such a good and heartwarming movie.

Brian C (fr) wrote: So much wrong with this movie. 1. It is the same as every other disaster movie2. Has the old codger that figures it all out and no one believes it3. Doomsday4. Government ops5. Bad CGI creaturePaint by numbers.

H Fernando A (fr) wrote: toda pasin tiene un precio: la soledad. de esto va esta pelcula que me parece interesante en su gnero, drama. todo en grises, fro y confusin, como la vida de cada uno de los personajes que intentan sobrevivir y buscar un sentido que llene sus vidas. bastante llevadera, si pueden, vanla.

Lisa C (mx) wrote: This was great. Love the insight of such a unique figure in our literary history...

Amy F (de) wrote: This was the first movie to try and put hip hop dance and ballet dance together to make something beautiful. This was also the movie to cross racial lines and bring together a white woman and a black guy to try and make their love strong to last.

Kate M (gb) wrote: Very corny, cliche and cheesy, but does ok as a superhero / celebrity movie. I really didn't like the story, as it all just seemed to flow for the sake of the movie, not realistic enough.

Phil H (nl) wrote: The second skydiving action flick released in 94 and again its not exactly a brilliant film but fairs somewhat better than 'Drop Zone' in my opinion.Charlie Sheen is cast after the possibility of Cruise was lost so obviously instead of a huge blockbuster this is more of an average run of the mill actioner, its not too bad to be honest as Sheen was always best in silly action fests and doesn't disappoint here with his funny quick quips and slightly classic James Dean Hollywood appearance.Abit of class is added with Kinski and Gandolfini plus an interesting plot that does keep you guessing for awhile yet not too long but its actually good fun watching Sheen blunder his way through the mystery with some decent stunts and fist fighting. The most impressive stunt being a car dumped out the back of a plane with Sheen in the drivers seat, clearly not the star but its a fun sequence and better than watching skydivers mince around in the air with 'Drop Zone'.Watch out for the ending in this as its a real duffer with some nasty bluescreen going on, allot of bluescreen used in this film but the ending just looked the worst..for a simple shot.

Paul S (nl) wrote: Started off cheesy and lame then got better and then ended silly. I have 2 arguements with this film. 1. Everyone spoke very good english for Hungarians 2. You never knew why the blood was able to restore her youth.

Randy T (de) wrote: Acually, they're Dolls, not Puppets. I suppose that Attack of the Doll People just didn't sound as scary(?).

Jim Y (jp) wrote: Damn good movie, even though the love story is sappy and too Hollywood. Fantastic special effects during the carrier take-off.

Dave J (mx) wrote: Monday, May 26, 2014 (1941) 49th Parallel SUSPENSE THRILLER/ ADVENTURE/ ESPIONAGE/ WAR Frustrating movie which much of the suspense centers on the 8 Nazis capture with small parts from Leslie Howard and Lawrence Olivier. Takes place during WWII, after a German submarine U-boat was located in the Hudson Bay, Canada it then gets shot down from a Canadian war plane causing many to die. However, 8 German soldiers managed to escape, including the lieutenant calling himself Hirth, played by Eric Portman. And it is during then, they start to exploit Canadian hospitality life by pretending to be civil whenever they want only until it has met there ulterior motives and assume they have the right to take a life whenever they want, as their main objective was to escape to the American border. This set up almost reminds me about what a terrorist would do, and as a result I can only watch the first half, and finally was able to finish watching it after at least a half year later since it's a rather aggravating watch which depicts some Canadian citizens as gullible and nave with no sense of danger who only attack only after they're attacked first. It's obvious, the movie's trying to sensationalize the Nazis point-of-view with Canada's or any other First world country with sane views, and that can be annoying since it drags the film as a whole. 2 out of 4 stars

Leels L (br) wrote: What was filmed of this movie was really good - if only it was finished! :(

Ellie L (gb) wrote: no substance... no real purpose... not much of a story. make a film about porn? at least give it some sort of purpose... nothing but superficial, unfocused issues.

Jake A (br) wrote: By no means the best work that the Coen brothers have been involved in but still a treat and has plenty going for it despite the plot moving along with some conveniences. The cast is solid, stylistically and visually it looks great, the score is solid and evokes the period in which the film is set, the action is well played out with some brutal violence and though the plot has flaws it is still ultimately entertaining and never dull.

Jenna G (es) wrote: I know it's a made for TV movie and it REALLY feels like one, which HBO movies usually don't. The cast/performances are really good, especially Kerry Washington. Still an interesting and important story.