La grande Barrière de Corail

La grande Barrière de Corail


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La grande Barrière de Corail torrent reviews

Jason M (ag) wrote: Unwatchable...Terrible knock-off of a recent hit horror movie...The plot is very good, but the movie is carried out extremely poorly...Acting and directing in this movie make it unwatchable...The actors are very stoic and do not bring the story to life. The entire movie seems like it's a series of 1-5 minute segments that have been put together to make a movie...Seriously, things chop off, you can't read the clues, actor turns from happy, to angry, to sad, to emotional, all in the blink of an eye...This movie really does not do the plot justice...Terrible, stay away from at all costs...

Rosemarie S (nl) wrote: I'm not sure what they were aiming for in this movie.. a soft core porn horror flick with rednecks and cannibal-vampire-werewolf-witch-lesbians? Umm okay... The hottest guy in the film dies in the first half hour, and the rest of the film proceeds downhill as well. The "story" is basically a revenge movie involving 4 hot chicks and 3 dumb rednecks who actually enjoy being tortured to death by the hotties. Like seriously, come on. If I was a vampire-werewolf-dyke-witch, would I really be pleasuring the asshole who just killed my lesbian lover(s) before eating his body parts in a sexually suggestive manner? I mean, come on. Could have been a lot better had they scrapped all the lesbian witch bullshit.

Des S (it) wrote: A new era for lovers of Magnum

Justin B (gb) wrote: Another slightly more competent Seagal pot boiler. This is one of the first where the stunt doubles and bad dubbing become really obvious but the action is there.

Jefferson L (br) wrote: recently revisited this flick. very powerful. highly recommend it.

Dan P (nl) wrote: tito, it could have been the start to a great movie career

Bart J (de) wrote: This is one of the later movies of Hal Hartley and tbh I thought it was a bit disappointing. I'm a fan of his earlier movies, like Trust and The Unbelievable Truth but this one was too artificial with characters who speak as if they're constantely reciting poetry

David D (nl) wrote: This movie changed my life

Matthew B (es) wrote: "Superman II" doesn't have the same potential as the first one, but it does feature some good acting as well as having some fun action. Some the special effects are good, while there are others that look dated. The music is okay, but I rather much hear John Williams than Ken Thorne. Richard Lester's direction is fine, but I wish if the movie was balance for being serious and fun than having the movie being taken over by its camp factors. So you can say that I like Richard Donner's cut of the movie than Lester's. Nevertheless, I enjoy this cut for what it is. So take it for what is worth.

Michelle F (mx) wrote: This is a wonderful film. Very touching.

Benjamin W (nl) wrote: An amusing piece that plays off of circumstances for a lot of great laughs. Of course, the action with the train and the river was pretty exciting as well . . .

Anna L (nl) wrote: Boy, I haven't laughed that much in a while.